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Denver Election Results: Hancock-Giellis Runoff, Right to Survive Dies

3 months ago by Michael Roberts
Five Denver City Council races will be decided in a runoff election, too.

Argo has roots in Aurora's ill-fated Science Fiction Land

The movie Argo, which stars Ben Affleck as a mustached CIA agent named Tony Mendez, tells the little-known, mostly true story of how Mendez rescued six American embassy workers hiding in Iran; the workers had evaded capture by Islamist militants, who held 52 of their co-workers hostage for 444 days...

The symbolism in Argo's wisecracking script is impossible to miss

7 years ago by Karina Longworth
Perhaps more than any other male American star of his generation, Ben Affleck understands the narrative advantage of having Hollywood on your side. The Good Will Hunting co-screenwriter and co-star won an Oscar at age 25 in large part because he and collaborator Matt Damon, as struggling actors who created...

Argo is as hot as Science Fiction Land might have been

Ben Affleck's Argo surprised some film critics by taking home the Best Drama and Best Director awards at the Golden Globes last Sunday. The movie tells the little-known, mostly true 1970s story of how CIA agent Tony Mendez rescued six American embassy workers hiding from the Islamist militants who had...

Argo's fake movie started out real, and was supposed to include a theme park in...Aurora?

7 years ago by Melanie Asmar
Science Fiction Land could have been huge. Proposed in 1979, the idea was to build a huge theme park in Aurora with a holographic zoo and a 1,000-lane bowling alley attended by robots. The park was to also serve as the set of a $50 million sci-fi flick called Lord...

Stupid Audience Tricks: Seeing Dave, Part Two

12 years ago by Sean Cronin
My wife and I have been told to arrive between 2 and 3 to get our tickets to see the Late Show with David Letterman. We arrive at a quarter to two just to be on the safe side, and people are already lining up. We're one of the first...

Wheels of Misfortune

17 years ago by Harrison Fletcher
They arrive before the sun, traveling from Longmont and beyond to the corner of Champa Street and Park Avenue West. The small man carrying two plastic grocery sacks stuffed with clothes. The adolescent boy wearing a pressed white shirt and perfectly parted hair. The old woman huddling inside a plaid...


26 years ago by Michael Roberts
Ted Hawkins The Next Hundred Years (DGC) You would be perfectly justified in assuming that any good reviews given this album would be inspired less by the music than by the personal life of Ted Hawkins, a street performer who has spent most of the past several decades subsisting on...

Letters to the Editor

Swingtime in the Rockies Bonds on the run: Regarding Bill Gallo's "A Swing and a Myth," in the October 18 issue -- I have a short list of grievances. "Barry bin Ladin" is right. Shame on you for trying to defend a human being as detestable as Barry Bonds. It...

The Look of Lounge

24 years ago by Brad Jones
"When we started out, our major goal was to do a regular night at the Holiday Inn," says the Gambler, drummer for Denver's Ruby My Dear. "That would be the pinnacle of success for us." "And if we really made it," pianist Simon Cushing adds, "a night at the Brown...

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