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Up From the Underworld

16 years ago by Jason Bracelin
The sight of six makeup-clad Norwegian satanists on the Ozzfest main stage this summer was a great sign for metal, if not the makers of Max Factor. During recent outings, metal's biggest event of the year has been plagued by rote rap-rockers like Crazy Town, Papa Roach and Linkin Park,...

Denver’s Fifteen Best Día de los Muertos Celebrations

1 year ago by Susan Froyd
Celebrate your ancestors through art, athleticism and dance this Día de los Muertos.

Underworld Gives Away Free CDs to Fans at Denver Concert

13 years ago by Michael Roberts
We don’t hear many stories about prominent artists going the extra mile for fans – particularly if it means a hit to their wallet. But Underworld is currently doing so by giving away a copy of its just-released CD, Oblivion With Bells, to each ticket buyer who attended a troubled...

Mortimer Leech Raises Hell for Wonderbound's Wicked Bayou

2 years ago by Andy Thomas
Mortimer Leech, frontman of the band Widow's Bane, is collaborating with the dance troupe Wonderbound.

Of Feather and Bone Finds Inspiration in Atrocity

3 years ago by Andy Thomas
As long as mankind continues to devolve, the members of Denver’s Of Feather and Bone will find inspiration in humanity’s atrocities.

The 21 Best Events in Denver, May 22 Through May 28

3 years ago by Westword Staff
The 21 best events in Denver the week of May 22-28.

Will the FCC Sink Pirate Radio in Colorado?

3 years ago by Chris Walker
For the last two months, the FCC has been attacking pirate radio stations in this state.

The Epic Life and Tragic Death of Matt Bellinger

3 years ago by Jason Heller
Writing the bare facts about my friend Matt’s death, I’m struck by how limiting the cold tone of journalism can be: “Denver musician Gary Matthew Bellinger — who went by Matt — died Thursday, September 7, at the age of 40.

Acid Trip: Denver's Secret LSD Labs Fueled the Psychedelic Revolution

3 years ago by Chris Walker
Fifty years after the Summer of Love, it’s still a little-known fact that Denver had been home to two major LSD laboratories. Even though the operations were short-lived, they created significant repercussions — not just legally for their operators, but for the psychedelic movement as a whole.

Is Live Music at Ultra Music Festival Dead?

4 years ago by Angel Melendez
Currently, 18 of the first 30 songs listed on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart are electronic music, hip-hop, or contain some element of either. This year, the 19th edition of Ultra Music Festival was a reflection of that. The main stage, headlined by the biggest names in EDM — DJ...

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.