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Call to Arms Brewing, Founded by Former Avery Workers, Will Open on Tennyson Street

5 years ago by Jonathan Shikes
Three former Avery Brewing employees who left earlier this year to form their own venture, Call to Arms Brewing, have signed a lease at 4526 Tennyson Street in the Berkeley neighborhood. The brewery will be located in the back half of an 8,253-square-foot building/development called John's Garage, which used to...

Call to Arms Brewing Opens With Its Own Twist on Beer Culture

4 years ago by Jonathan Shikes
“From the beginning, this has always been about challenging ourselves,” says Chris Bell, co-owner of Call to Arms Brewing, which opened late last week in the back half of a refurbished building at 4526 Tennyson Street, in the hot Berkeley neighborhood. And challenged themselves is exactly what Bell, Jesse Brookstein...

Call to Arms Brewing Rallies Three Other Local Artisan Food Producers for CSA

3 years ago by Mark Antonation
Community supported agriculture (or CSA) memberships can be a crapshoot when it comes to variety and quality for the price. Diehard locavores will usually persevere out of loyalty to local farms, even if weekly produce boxes become a boring slog through filler vegetables in between major harvests. But a few local...

Call to Arms and Cannonball Creek brewing Peace & Assist -- not cease-and-desist

5 years ago by Jonathan Shikes
"You talk to any brewery, old or new, and they will tell you a story about how another brewery helped them out," says Chris Bell. "Everyone helps each other along. We want to celebrate that and celebrate what makes this industry great." That's the idea behind a collaborative brewing effort...

Beer Calendar: Cold Winds Are Blowing Pumpkin Beers and Barrel-Aged Brews

22 days ago by Jonathan Shikes
Denver's best craft beer happenings in the coming weeks.

Restaurant Roll Call: Every Opening and Closing in October 2019

12 days ago by Mark Antonation
Our roundup of the bar and restaurant opening and closings in October 2019.

Police Killing Called Justified Despite Toddlers in Car

21 days ago by Michael Roberts
No gun was found in the car after police bullets flew.

14er Brewing Finds a Niche With Convenience Store-Sized Michelada Cans

16 days ago by Jonathan Shikes
A Denver craft brewery dives into the canned michelada market.

Holidaily Brewing Welcomes Gluten-Free Food Trucks

28 days ago by Kristen Kuchar
Regular customers of this Golden brewery decided to start their own food trucks so other gluten-free customers could have food to go with the beer.

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