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The Midwestern Saloon

Bar Food

100 Favorite Dishes: Juicy Lucy at the Midwestern Saloon

3 years ago by Linnea Covington
No. 44: The Juicy Lucy at the Midwestern Saloon With plenty of imported foods and international cuisines coming to Denver, you may wonder why someone would open a restaurant dedicated to Midwestern fare. Such is the case at the aptly named Midwestern Saloon in Berkeley, and if you need a...

Exploring Denver's Tenderloin District for a Midwestern Pork Sandwich

4 years ago by Mark Antonation
There’s been a growing call in recent years to stop using the word “ethnic,” especially in food writing. The basic argument is that the word has come to mean anything non-white or to imply that food from other cultures should be cheap and served from hole-in-the-wall joints with little regard...

The Midwestwern Saloon Opens Tonight on Tennyson

4 years ago by Mark Antonation
The Berkeley neighborhood is about to get a taste of the Midwest in the appropriately named Midwestern Saloon, which opens to the public tonight at 5 p.m. The Midwestern is the creation of Andrea and Dan DeShano, industry veterans who grabbed the vacant spot at 4961 Tennyson Street after the...

Denver's Finest Neighborhood Bar Mascots

5 months ago by Sarah McGill
Wisconsin badgers, intimidating pooches, inebriated waterfowl and burger-toting farm lads are among Denver's finest.

The Seven Best Events on the Culinary Calendar This Weekend

10 months ago by Amy Antonation
Celebrate ten years of Root Down, grab a Chicago turkey sandwich at Blackbelly, and get in early on a month of stouts, all this weekend in Denver.

The Best Denver Bar Food and Where to Find It

9 months ago by Sarah McGill
When out for rounds of drinks, cravings sometimes hit. Here's where to find famous fried foods and Denver originals.

Syrup Founder Opens Midwest-Style Supper Club in Uptown

1 year ago by Mark Antonation
The owner of three Syrup breakfast restaurants gives 17th Avenue a taste of his Midwestern roots.

Burgers Are Big Business in Denver: Our Ten Meatiest Stories of the Past Six Months

3 years ago by Westword Staff
Burgers are big business in Denver, from longtime favorites that have defined the bar-food scene over the last several decades to newcomers with beefy reputations in other cities. Here are our top hamburger stories over the past six months, along with links to our original coverage. The only thing better...

Reader: People in Colorado Hate Everyone Not From Colorado, Along With Their Food

2 years ago by Westword Staff
The nation celebrated National Cheese Curd Day last Sunday, but every day is apparently now Cheese Curd Day in Denver, with happy patrons invading the new Wally's Wisconsin Tavern and any other bar that serves cheese curds.

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