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10 Weirdest Crime Stories of August 2011

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The arrest of the Dougherty gang was just as wild as the crime spree that precipitated the trio's cross-country sprint.

It involved a car chase, a flipped car and the shooting of Lee Grace Dougherty, the proud redneck and ex-stripper whose skanky bikini photos have become Internet sensations. (8/11/11). From "Lee Grace Dougherty shot after car flip in wild roundup of the Dougherty gang."
Not every month warrants a list ranking the "ten weirdest crime stories," but last month certainly did. From the wild and crazy Dougherty Gang to the allegedly murderous cross-dresser who goes by the moniker Ms. Puppy to a Broncos kicker's crazy night to an Aurora cop drunkenly speeding through Wyoming, here's the rundown of weird Colorado crimes from the dog days of summer.

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