2012 Mile High Murder

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In early May 2012, Denver police began investigating the death of a woman on South Bryant Street as a homicide. Since then, the DPD has launched a manhunt for Pedro Rios Lopez, who's accused of murdering his estranged wife, Berta Rios Lopez, and leaving her body to be found by her two pre-teen daughters. Read more: Pedro Rios Lopez subject of manhunt in brutal stabbing of estranged wife Berta.
On May 17, 2009, the Latest Word launched Mile High Murder, an archive devoted to the most serious Denver-area crimes. On MHM's third anniversary, we've culled interactive graphics from crime scene locations or videos connected to the 49 cases that wound up in this repository this past year. While some are well-known, many more are obscure -- but they're all tragic. Look below to see where they happened and click the links to get more info.

This list by Michael Roberts originally appeared on our Latest Word news blog.