25 Worst People of 2012

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25. Edgard Dubon

Edgard Dubon was prepared for the caper of a lifetime. At 3:30 a.m. in Darien, Connecticut, he dove into a large charity bin used by people to drop off unwanted clothes for the poor. If he was lucky, he would walk away from his epic heist with a complete wardrobe of plus-sized floral dresses. Perhaps even a Connecticut Huskies T-shirt!

Sadly, Dubon neglected to properly chart his getaway. Once inside the bin, he found himself unable to climb back out. He tried calling the charity for assistance, but no one answered the phone. Nor could he call a friend, since assholes who rip off charities tend to be short in this department. That left him one option: 911.

Despite being overcome by laughter and mockery, fire crews managed to use bolt cutters to rescue the dimwitted bandit. Dubon was charged with larceny and criminal mischief.

Violent creeps, pedophiles and morons, here are 25 people who made our worst list this year. By Pete Kotz.