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Aztec Priest Blesses Alexandre Orion's Vandalized Mural on Cherry Creek Path

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Lindsey Bartlett
Brazilian muralist Alexandre Orion came back to Denver to fix vandalism on his dual-mural set "Paramount" along the Cherry Creek bike path. With help from renowned artist and Denver native Patrick McGregor, Orion finished the fix on his piece and even had time to paint a collaboration on the wall of Taqueria Contreras, a panaderia in Westwood, and go snowboarding for the first time. The indigenous priest of Aztec Dance Denver Mitohtiliztli blessed the mural and the artists, as well as Mary Valdez of Denver Arts & Venues and cohort Michael Chavez, both of whom work to make murals like this possible. Onlookers received blessings with white sage as well. "Don't pass up a blessing in this life," the priest told them. All photos by Lindsey Bartlett.