Barolo Grill is flying high

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Chef Darrel Truett of Barolo Grill, 3030 East Sixth Avenue.
Like its signature dish, Barolo Grill seemed a dead duck a year ago. But instead, it evolved. Just weeks later, executive chef Brian Laird announced his departure from Barolo, and Darrel Truett, a seven-year veteran of the kitchen staff, stepped up to take his place. This past summer, when owner Blair Taylor took his staff on its annual trip to Italy, he used the time to give the interior an update, keeping the red-and-gold color scheme, the light linens and the softly glowing lights, but getting rid of the '90s-era wall hangings and artwork in favor of a cleaner, more classic feel. Continue reading Laura Shunk's review of Barolo Grill.

Photos by Mark Manger.