Ranchers Bid Big for Bison at City of Denver's Annual Auction

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Brandon Marshall
The 33rd annual bison auction took place at Genesee Bison Ranch on March 2, 2018.
Thirty-four bison were auctioned off at Genesee Bison Ranch on March 2, 2018. The City of Denver, which acquired Genesee Park in 1912, home to large herds, has held the auction every year since 1985. The priciest bison weighed 578 pounds and sold for $2,000; ranchers from as far away as North Dakota came to bid. This year's auction brought in $65,700, the most in the event's history. "Funds from the sale will help offset costs for veterinary services and hay over the winter and assist Denver Parks and Recreation in maintaining the herds and conserving pasture resources," according to the Parks and Recreation department. All photos by Brandon Marshall.