Burgers Across America

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Seattle Weekly
Source: Seattle
Where: BBQ Smash Burger, Uneeda Burger
Seattle's Uneeda Burger is located in the old Uneeda Auto Repair shop and offers up a variety of burgers crafted of all-natural Painted Hills Beef - or for the more discerning palate, Whidbey Island Crescent Harbor 100% Wagyu (Kobe) grass-fed beef. This one here's the BBQ Smash, a delicious concoction of charred onions, bacon, cheddar and bbq sauce.Read more on Seattle Weekly: Do You Uneeda Burger
In a special Village Voice Media collaborative project for Memorial Day Weekend, we're taking a look at some of the most epic, juicy burgers in this gallery of coast-to-coast burger porn. So, from Village Voice Media's thirteen papers, from OC Weekly to the Miami New Times, we present: burgers across America.