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Denver Comic Con Has Always Popped With Pop Culture

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Danielle Lirette
Denver Comic Con just announced it has a new name: Denver Pop Culture Con. While a lawsuit prompted the timing, the change fits a gathering that now also includes films, novels, TV shows and gaming. As Christina Angel, eight-year convention director for Pop Culture Classroom, the nonprofit that runs the event, explains: "We’ve been thinking about this for years now, and how the show has expanded into so many more areas than just comics. Therefore, 'comic con' was not — and perhaps never was — an accurate descriptor of what we actually do at the con. ... It would be naïve to say that legal battles over the name didn’t affect our decision to do this sooner than later, but the name change has been part of a larger organizational plan for a long time." Here are some of our favorite pop-culture sights at the past few Denver Comic Cons.