Ministry at the Ogden

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The Street Team will be passing out swag bags and documenting history with photos at Ministry's Ogden Theatre stop of the DeFiBriLlaTouR 2012. "With 16 million records sold worldwide, six Grammy nominations under his belt and kudos from industrial bands that have followed in his wake, including Nine Inch Nails, Slipknot and Korn to name a few, [frontman] Jourgensen has earned the right and garnered the credibility to judge the quality of his own material. Coming five chaotic years and one near-death experience after the release of the bands 'The Last Sucker,' 'Relapse' is less a dramatic comeback than a climactic return. Unapologetic, confrontational and catchy as an influenza epidemic, the album compiles Ministry's strongest sentiments, riffs and refrains and reconfigures them in a way that is utterly brutal, yet undeniably thought provoking. 'Relapse' incorporates elements of thrash, crossover metal, groove metal, angular prog rock, psychedelia and even classic rock." Tickets here.