Sailor Jerry Presents: Pierced Arrows

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Pierced Arrows includes the husband-and-wife team of Fred and Toody Cole, who helmed the pioneering Portland garage-rock band Dead Moon for two decades before closing up shop in 2006. The group's 2008 debut full-length, Straight To The Heart, isn't a far cry from Dead Moon's haphazardly hurled rock 'n' roll. (It's far more raw and erratic than the most recent crop of retro pretenders—which makes sense, seeing as how Fred Cole is a survivor of the '60s garage-rock scene.) Pierced Arrows' follow-up album, Descending Shadows—released by Vice Records in February—is another immaculately damaged slab of gruff-and-tough, nail-chewing bleakness; tracks such as "This Is The Day" and "Paranoia" capture the band in all of its grainy, sloppy glory. Website