Something Underground/Xiren

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The heart of Something Underground has its roots buried deep in family soil. The front men, Seth and Josh Larson, draw their thick-as-blood harmonies from rich family traditions of singing as a way of bringing people together. Their on-stage brotherly antics entertain and invite audiences to join in the family fun. Their soul is felt with every confident wide-open lyric belted by both Seth and Josh, which has led some to liken their sound to a cross between Simon and Garfunkel and Led Zeppelin. With the addition of Trevor Mariotti on drums, Something Underground delivers high-energy rock & roll with the raw intensity that only this power trio can bring.

Something Underground’s sense of harmony isn’t just an on-stage force. They’ve carried their message of universal harmony from the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado to the enchanted Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia where they performed for landmine victims. Even though Denver’s Westword has awarded them the “Best Pop Band” honors, the trio constructs their contagious message with the tools they pull from rock, funk, blues, reggae and folk music styles. Constantly working with other artists from all genres of music, the band continues to strengthen their own sound and ensure that it resonates into the future of Something Underground.