The Gamits at the Marquis

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Come check out the Gamits with the Street Team! Pick up some swag and get your pretty faces into one of our galleries. ""Parts" was completed in July at Fogal's Black In Bluhm studio in Denver. Released in Sep/Oct 2010, this album is the next step forward for a band who may not have played together for a while, but must have been listening. The foundation of melodic rock is still the same, but this time the album takes on more of an edge. Vocally, the album is a departure from Fogal's sticky sweet tone of the past, and walks toward a gruffness reminiscent of Blake from Jawbreaker or Eric from Dillinger Four. Musically, all the hooks are there, but they still leave room for texture through time changes and hard rock beats. The album is woven together through lyrics that take the listener inside multiple personalities and tortured souls, past and present, suicidal and celebrating all at the same time. PARTS is the logical next step for a band that every Gamits fan loves and everyone else hasn't heard yet." Get your tickets here.