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Top twelve Broncos fans you've probably met

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The Hater puts himself out there as a huge Broncos fan, but he cant stop talking about how badly the team is going to do this Sunday and every Sunday. He never gets tired of pointing out how the front office messed up the draft, how the coaches blew up the play-calling, how the Broncos have NO running game, no passing game, no defense and no special teams. In fact, the Hater is so down on the Broncos that you wonder why he even bothers.
As the Broncos head toward their February 2 date with the Seattle Seahawks, football fanatics are coming out of the woodwork. You'll see them all -- from those who honestly bleed orange and blue to those who are just pretending. Here's our rundown (illustrated by Noah Van Sciver) of the twelve most common types of Broncos fans.