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3 Best Breast Enlargement Pills/Creams Tried, Reviewed, and Rated in 2021 Based on Results

Suppose you want to enlarge your breasts naturally. In that case, you should first understand that this is actually possible, and you do not have to undergo a surgical operation that can cause irreparable harm to your health.

Moreover, surgery is expensive and requires a huge amount of nerve, strength, emotion, and anxiety. Needless to say, you will go through a number of painful postoperative sensations and side effects.

The fact that traditional medicine does not consider natural supplements as a way to change the size of your bust does not mean that there is no medical explanation for this.

On the contrary!

In this review, we will provide you with all the essential facts about the best estrogen breast enlargement pills and creams that can increase your breasts' size and improve their shape and make them firmer.

How is it possible to enlarge your breasts with pills or creams?

Of course, it would be great if it really worked for you. The products described in this article will soon become much more popular than they are now because thousands of women worldwide have tried products such as Total Curve(The Two-Step Daily Breast Enlargement Therapy System) and have left their feedback.

So, in this review, we have collected the most important things to know about natural breast enlargement pills and creams. You can learn these facts on your own, but we’ve made it easier for you by really delving into the topic.


#1. Total Curve (9/10)

Prices: $69.95 – 1 month supply, $179.95 – 3 month supply, $299.95 (save 30%) – 6 month supply. Official site:

Only this formula contains Volufiline, which enhances the effect of natural components in its composition. By increasing the bioavailability of all ingredients, they begin to work in a complex more efficiently than separately.

All this is designed for the active growth of new fat cells in your breast, which affects its appearance.

Each of us wants to have beautiful, large, firm breasts. Unfortunately, the amount of estrogen in the female body decreases with aging and after childbirth.

Therefore, we recommend using Total Curve in the form of pills and cream.

What Total Curve supplement contains:

Ethel Seed Extract fills your body with isoflavones, which, together with tarragon, form new fatty tissue for breast growth

Turner extract has a direct effect on the ovaries to stimulate the secretion of tarragon

Buckwheat flower extract helps to regenerate tissue faster

Hop flower extract stimulates the growth of glandular tissue

Watercress contains essential vitamins to develop breast tissue cells

Yam root powder is a source of diosgenin, which helps in the secretion of sex hormones

The extract of black cohosh is important to maintain the level of natural estrogen

What Total Curve cream contains:

Aloe and mango extracts help to synthesize collagen naturally to give your breasts elasticity and firmness

Kelp extract helps to regenerate tissue much faster to ensure rapid growth naturally

Bearberry extract helps fight ultraviolet radiation harmful to breast growth

Caffeine and ascorbic acid stimulate the metabolism

Visit and save $119 today

Results from using the Total Curve system

You will discover changes in the shape and firmness of your breasts after long-term use of the pills and cream. The lifting effect is an important part of the process.

Who needs large breasts without a firm shape?

Total Curve promotes growth and firmness simultaneously. This is achieved by balancing the ingredients and applying a cream thoroughly and evenly with massage movements.

The main benefit of the formula is the formation of new fat cells (adipocytes) that fill your breasts. You can increase the volume of adipose tissue by 640% in two months.

All this makes the Total Curve system effective and, most importantly, safe. The composition uses exclusively natural ingredients that stimulate the growth of fat cells in the breasts.

Frequently asked questions about Total Curve

Will the hormonal change produce more body hair?

Total Curve stimulates the body to release the number of hormones necessary to grow fat cells in the breasts. If you do not have a predisposition to the growth of unwanted body hair, then taking Total Curve will not change this.

Can the formula affect metabolic processes and cause weight gain?

No, because the natural supplement does not contain hormonal or steroid components.

How long will you use the system for the best results, and how long will the results last?

You are not required to use the pills and cream every day. You may even take a week-long break from your routine. In this case, you are advised to use the system as often as possible.

6-7 months is typically enough to increase your breasts by 1-3 cup sizes, and the result remains with you for a long time. If you notice that you have a stop or rollback in the results, it is recommended to resume the use of the complex.

Main advantages of Total Curve and market leadership:

Two-stage system of effective lifting and breast enlargement

The all-natural formulation including estrogen stimulants

67-day money-back guarantee

Real laboratory tests and confirms facts of improving breast shape.

Save up to $119 on the official Total Curve purchase

#2. Naturaful (7/10)

Prices: $59.95 – 1 pack, $49/pack – 3 packs, $33/pack – 6 packs. Official site:

How do the cream and patches work?

In addition to applying a cream that contains natural ingredients, Naturaful offers special patches to help the ingredients be efficiently absorbed for quick results.

The product's website describes in detail how the complex works (cream and patches). What Naturaful offers is radically different from any natural breast enlargement product. This is their own patented development, which has a clinical rationale.

The balanced complex of ingredients

Unlike Total Curve, which contains 16 different ingredients, Naturaful contains only the most important components(MEXICAN WILD YAM, DONG QUAI, BLESSED THISTLE, ANGELICA) concentration to promote breast growth, firmness, and elasticity.

Thistle helps in the synthesis of elastin, which is responsible for the elasticity of tissues, making them ready for growth

Wild Yam helps with the secretion of sex hormones with diosgenin

Angelica creates the right hormones in the body to stimulate breast growth

What results can you expect with Naturaful?

Your breasts will grow up to two sizes within half a year of regular use. Moreover, Naturaful helps to combat sagging breasts that occur with age or after breastfeeding.

The complex of cream and patches increases the elasticity of tissues and makes your breasts firm, restoring their youthful shape.

Today there are no analogs to Naturaful, as it is a truly effective system for natural breast enlargement, which has been on the market for many years and has its own fan base.

The main driver here is product reviews on forums, marketplaces, and review sites. In most cases, women talk about their successful experience using the product for both breast lift and enlargement.

Keep in mind that you can achieve permanent results after the long-term use of the best cream and patches. But for maximum effect, it is recommended to continue using this complex periodically to maintain the breast's elasticity and size.

Save 20$ on the Naturaful official order(code: SAVE$20)

Frequently asked questions about Naturaful breast enlargement cream

Is it safe to use the cream during menopause?

Menopause is a hormonal fluctuation, so using Naturaful during these fluctuations may not be as effective and may result in longer usage times.

How long does the result last after using the formula?

Your hormonal balance will affect your results. If you have a noticeable deficiency in estrogen, this may lead to changes in the results. Naturaful cannot guarantee long-term effects because the general condition of the breast (e.g., shape, size, elasticity) is determined by the lifestyle you choose after using the complex. If it doesn't harm your hormones, the results will last.

Naturaful cream has the following advantages:

All-natural formula and two-tier system of use (cream and patches)

Complex action: strengthens and enlarges the breasts and works for a wide variety of physiques

The patches contain natural oils, active magnets, and adhesives

Production of hormones to support the functioning of the mammary glands

Money-back guarantee

#3. Brestrogen Cream (6/10)

Prices: $74.97 – 1 month supply, $149.94 (39% off) – 2 months, $224.91– 4 months. Official site:

This cream is one of the market leaders. It is completely natural and has been proven to improve breast size, shape, and elasticity. It has a thin, light structure that allows it to be easily absorbed and take effect.

What are its benefits

The estrogenic compounds and isoflavonoid regulates hormonal levels

It helps to strengthen breast tissue to improve its elasticity and firmness

The cream contains the extract Kudzu Mirifica, a natural aphrodisiac that acts like estrogen. It helps build up glandular tissue and increases the number of fat cells in the breasts.

How does it work?

The main action of the formula comes from Pueraria Mirifica. It includes Dezoksimiroestrol, Miroestrol, Izoflavanoidy and Kumezan.

Thanks to these components, stimulation, and expansion of the breasts’ fatty tissues occur, and the milk ducts are strengthened. This leads to a significant improvement in the breasts' shape, elasticity and firmness, and, finally, size.

When can you expect to see results?

You can see the first results within a couple of weeks after the first application if your body is young. This is because younger people typically have a stronger metabolism than older people. In general, results differ from woman to woman and depend on a variety of physiological factors.

But on average, women notice breast growth after a couple of months of using Brestrogen, and after half a year, they will be able to enjoy the improved appearance and elasticity of the breasts.

Brestrogen not only has a lifting effect, but it is also possible to increase the breast volume by one to three sizes due to the increase in the number of fat cells in the breast.

Frequently asked questions about Brestrogen Cream

Could taking this product cause an estrogen overdose in the body?

Brestrogen’s main active ingredient, Mirific Kudzu, is not a hormone but acts like an estrogen in the breast tissue. This means that you cannot experience a hormonal overdose.

Are there any contraindications for using the formula?

Brestrogen is not recommended for girls under 21 during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This is because the estrogen level in the body is already at a maximum during these periods, so it is redundant to induce any stimulation of the production of this hormone.

How should the cream be applied?

It is recommended to apply it two times a day: once in the morning after showering and once in the evening before bedtime. Apply a small amount of the cream onto your breasts and massage evenly for 60 seconds. You will see how it is quickly absorbed into the skin and leaves no trace behind.

What if the product does not work for me?

If you are unsatisfied, the seller will return the money to you. This should give you optimism. You either get results or spend nothing.

How much bigger can breasts get?

The results vary greatly, with some girls claiming breast augmentation of two or more sizes. At the same time, the breasts become more elastic, and you can get rid of sagging breasts by strengthening their tissues and filling them with new fat cells to maintain the desired shape.

The main question is: does this really work?

These products are based on estrogen, which is an essential component for supporting the fat cells inside the breast.

You got it right: pills and creams for breast enlargement (and they work together) like Total Curve(the best on the market in 2021) can naturally stimulate estrogen production in the body.

Tablets and creams contain essential trace elements that allow you to build new tissues and cells that can affect the breast's shape, size, and elasticity.

Complexes for breast enhancement include estrogen and essential amino acids and vitamins for the creation of healthy cells.

Main advantages of using natural breast enlargement supplements:

The body begins to produce hormones intensively

You see visual changes in the shape and size of the breasts

Conclusions: it’s all about the breast enhancement results

All of the products described above work approximately the same way. If you come across brands on the market that is not recommended in this review, use them at your own peril.

Three breast enlargement products(pills and creams) have been proven(Total Curve, Naturaful, Brestrogen), and their use is recommended by specialists and women who have already tried them.

We are talking about the best breast enlargement pills, creams, patches. Natural systems stimulate the production of fat cells in the breast, making it possible to change its shape, give it elasticity, and create noticeable firmness.

The resulting breast growth is due to the natural secretion of estrogen, the hormone that is intensively secreted during breastfeeding or pregnancy. This effect can be synthesized naturally. Breasts typically enlarge during pregnancy due to an increase in estrogen.

Clinical trials of Total Curve have shown incredible results for different types of women of different ages.

If you want to enlarge your breasts naturally and without surgical intervention, use natural supplements like creams, patches, or pills.

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