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Best CBD Oil for Anxiety & Depression: Top 5 Brands of 2021

CBD Oil for Anxiety

CBD is essentially a kind of cannabinoid. You'd be able to find it in both marijuana and hemp plants, and it's claimed that it has a host of benefits. The best feature of CBD is that using it doesn't get you high or intoxicated in any way.

Choosing the right methods to treat your anxiety can be challenging at the best of times. However, CBD oils for anxiety & depression are not one of those types of medication that can cause dependency or addiction among users.

Though mental illnesses like anxiety and depression are difficult to cure, there are several medications available to try and control them. However, these medications can have side effects and take time to take effect as well.

Moreover, even those aren't shown to have very promising results in curing anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems. CBD, on the other hand, has little to no side effects and can give you the required effects if you use it in the right dosages.

In the following sections, we've elaborated on the benefits of using CBD for anxiety, how you can use it, and reviews of our best products as well.

5 Best CBD Oil for Anxiety and Depression [Full Review]

1. FAB CBD Oil - High-Quality and Editor’s Pick

2. Cheef Botanicals - Best Value

3. CBDistillery - Wide Variety

4. NuLeaf Naturals - Most Potent Full Spectrum

5. Joy Organics - Best THC-Free

#1. FAB CBD Oil - High-Quality and Editor’s Pick

Brand Overview

Has a wide variety of flavors and potencies

Is made from pure, organic hemp

Is tested thoroughly in independent laboratories

Is very effective at treating anxiety

Is CO2-extracted and suited to vegan and gluten-free diets

Is priced between $0.08 – $0.17 per mg

FAB CBD is easily one of the best CBD manufacturers in the market today. The brand is even voted as #1 best CBD oil for anxiety by Washingtonian. CBD products are more widely accepted now than they were before which has led to increased competition among top CBD product brands.

However, FABCBD has held its own for years and outdone its competition time and time again. They make sure all their products are continually tested and safe for consumption.

A particularly impressive feature of this brand is that it has a variety of flavors for users to choose from. This ensures that there's a little something for everybody and all tastes are catered to.

FAB CBD maintains their reputation by seeking out customer feedback and taking their preferences into account. You can count on their representatives to adeptly handle all your queries and suggestions, should you find the need to reach out to them.

They have a good combination of both strong and subtle flavors to suit the needs of beginners and seasoned CBD users alike.

Source of Hemp – Colorado, U.S.A

Type of extract – Full-spectrum CBD extract

Flavors –






Ingredients Used –

Natural flavoring

Full-spectrum CBD extract

Hemp-derived THC (less than 0.3%)

Organic hemp

Terpene from industrial hemp

Fractionated coconut oil

Lab Testing – ProVerde Labs

Shipping Policy – Free shipping across the U.S. on all orders valued above $89

Refund and Return Policy – 30-day money-back guarantee subject to customer satisfaction

Website – This brand has a simple layout and user-friendly website. Just about anyone can log on to their website, browse through their products and make a purchase in a few minutes. All their company details are mentioned on the website as well.

=> Visit the Official Website of FABCBD for the Best Discount

#2. Cheef Botanicals - Best Value

Brand Overview

Contains all-natural ingredients and no additives, scents, or flavors

Is one of the best CBD oils to treat depression

Is made using the highest quality CO2 extracted oil

Is a powerful full-spectrum CBD oil

Cheef Botanicals was founded in California by a small but skilled group of fitness enthusiasts. Since it produces only organic, non-GMO, gluten, and lactose-free products, it's no surprise that its popularity is increasing day-by-day.

Moreover, this company is quite stringent with the rules regarding their production and manufacturing processes. Only the best techniques and ingredients are used in making Cheef Botanicals products. All of their products are made using hemp sourced directly from the best organic farms in Colorado.

The experts who work on these farms constantly monitor the growth of the hemp plants and harvest only the best varieties of them. They ensure that the extracts are of the highest quality and safe for consumption.

Their claims on quality, potency, etc. of their products are reviewed by both their in-house labs and independent third-party testers.

Considering they have over two decades of solid experience in the wellness industry, Cheef Botanicals has more than earned their place on this list of top CD oils for anxiety and depression. This company uses only the latest developments in technology to produce top-notch products.

Source of Hemp – Colorado, U.S.A

Type of extract – Full-spectrum CBD extract (THC-free)

Flavors –

None (natural)

Ingredients Used –

Full-spectrum CBD extract

Pure, organic hemp seed oil

Lab Testing – CannaSafe Labs

Shipping Policy – Free shipping across the U.S. with no minimum order value applicable

Refund and Return Policy – 30-day money-back guarantee subject to customer satisfaction

Website – Informative website that furnishes users with all relevant facts about their products. Easy for beginners to use with it's a fun and simple layout.

=> Visit the Official Website of Cheef Botanicals for the Best Discount

#3. CBDistillery -Wide Variety & Best Refund Policy

Brand Overview

It uses only GMO-free organic hemp

It’s made using CO2 extraction technology

Has various types of CBD oil

Has products that are reasonably-priced and easily accessible

CBDistillery is one of the best examples of a brand that values customer service as much as it values production. They take the opinions and preferences of their customers into account to create the highest-quality CBD products in the market.

This company is very consistent with how consistent their product quality is. They’re able to maintain their quality as they control every step of the production, filtering, and manufacturing processes.

Third-party labs test all of their products and report whether they're as potent, pure, and safe for consumption as CBDistillery claims.

Source of Hemp – Colorado, U.S.A

Type of extract –

Full-spectrum CBD extract

THC-free Isolates

Broad-spectrum CBD extract

Flavors –

THC-free Isolates – Flavorless

Full-spectrum CBD extracts – Natural flavoring

Ingredients Used –

CBD Isolates

Fractionated coconut oil

CBD from hemp extract

Full-spectrum CBD oil

Fractionated coconut oil

Full-spectrum CBD hemp extract

Lab Testing –

Botanacor Services – CBD isolates

ProVerde Labs – Full-spectrum CBD

Shipping Policy – Free shipping across the U.S. no minimum order value

Refund and Return Policy – 60-day money-back guarantee valid only on first-time purchases made online. The company strongly encourages all users to try their products for at least two weeks before they put in a return or refund request.

Website – The website is very easy to browse and can be navigated through with considerable ease. The layout is quite simple and appealing.

=> Visit the Official Website of CBDistillery for the Best Discount

#4. NuLeaf Naturals - Most Potent Full Spectrum

Brand Overview

It has various options regarding product size and CBD concentration

It contains the highest-quality full-spectrum CBD extracts

It’s very easy to determine dosage requirements with these products

NuLeaf Naturals was one of the first brands to venture into the world of CBD-based products. This brand only produces CBD oil tinctures, no other CBD products.

This company was established in the year 2014 when the use of CBD was approved by the FDA. From then on, they decided to conduct adequate research on finding the best techniques to produce quality CBD products.

They ensure that their hemp is grown on farms that are free of any pesticides, insecticides, and other chemical-infested solvents. Also, their CBD is completely non-GMO. These claims have been verified by external testers and the results are available online.

Their sophisticated methods of production and advanced research have allowed them to be one of the leading CBD oil producers in the U.S. today for treating the anxiety. They use genetic engineering to ensure their CBD strains are especially powerful.

Source of Hemp – Colorado, U.S.A

Type of extract – Full-spectrum CBD extract

Flavors –

None (Natural)

Ingredients Used –

Organic hemp oil

Lab Testing – ProVerde Labs

Shipping Policy – Free shipping across the U.S. in 2-3 business days and express shipping in 1-2 days

Refund and Return Policy – 30-day money-back guarantee on new, unused, and sealed products, the shipping cost of which is to be paid by customers

Website – The website has all industry-related information and updates which will benefit new and experienced CBD users alike.

=> Visit the Official Website of NuLeaf Naturals for the Best Discount

#5. Joy Organics - Best THC-Free

Brand Overview

It has one of the largest varieties of broad-spectrum CBD products available today

It uses the most advanced nanotechnology for quality products

It has many options for CBD potencies, flavors, etc. to choose from

Is priced between $0.08 - $0.13 per mg

This brand sells a wide range of CBD blends, all of which are completely THC-free. They have both broad-spectrum, and CBD isolates available in stores.

The expert who created this brand firmly believed in the soothing, healing properties of CBD. She truly believed that CBD had helped her find relief from anxiety and chronic pain.

To share her passion for CBD products with the world, she created Joy Organics which is easily one of the most reputed brands in the CBD industry today.

Joy and her husband, Todd Smith, are very particular about the THC content in their products. They make sure that all of their products are completely THC-free as they want CBD to be accessible to users of all medical backgrounds.

This company uses only good quality industrial hemp that’s grown on expertly supervised organic farms. This hemp is processed through advanced techniques that remove all traces of THC from it. The removal of THC results in the CBD having soothing effects among users without making them feel high or intoxicated.

Joy Organics tests all their products both in their labs and using third-party testers as well. This helps boost confidence among users regarding the quality and authenticity of their ingredients and products.

Source of Hemp – Colorado, U.S.A

Type of extract – Broad-spectrum CBD extract

Flavors –


Summer Lemon

Orange Bliss

Tranquil Bliss

Ingredients Used –

Natural hemp extracts




Peppermint Essential Oil

Tranquil Mint

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp

Summer Lemon

Orange Bliss

Lemon Essential Oil


Orange Essential Oil

Lab Testing – This brand uses many different labs to test their products which vary depending on the type of extract in question. Some of these labs are as follows:

Cloud Laboratories

Green Scientific Laboratories

PIXIS Laboratories

Botanacor Services

PhytaTech Metrics and Solutions

Shipping Policy – Free shipping on all orders with no specifications or order size or price

Refund and Return Policy – 30-day money-back guarantee subject to customer satisfaction

Website – Informative, professionally-designed website that allows users to browse and purchase products quickly. Even those users who aren’t very tech-savvy will find this website easy and convenient to use.

=> Visit the Official Website of Joy Organics for the Best Discount

How to Choose CBD Oil for Anxiety?

There are a few factors you will need to bear in mind while choosing the best CBD to help with anxiety. You'll need to evaluate each of these carefully to choose the oil that meets your requirements the best.

• Source of Hemp – The hemp extract used in making the CBD oil greatly determines the quality of the product you’ll be using. The best hemp is grown in farmlands in Europe or the U.S.

The state of Colorado, in particular, is famed for growing the highest quality hemp extracts. The hemp grown on the farms here is monitored constantly in carefully controlled environments.

This hemp is safe, potent, and GMO-free.

The low levels of THC they contain make them safe for consumption across people with varying medical conditions. The THC content in the hemp is required to be below 0.3%.

• Types of Extract – The CBD content in a hemp extract determines the type of CBD extract it'll make. There are mainly three types of CBD extract: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate.

Full-spectrum extracts contain some amount of THC, which is always below 0.3%. Broad-spectrum blends, on the other hand, contain only natural CBD extracts. CBD isolates are so named because they don’t contain only plant extracts, only CBD.

• Potency – The potency of a CBD product determines its efficacy. It'd measured in mg and most CBD product manufacturers mention the potency on the packaging. The more potent a product is, the more effective it'll be in treating anxiety.

Those who are new to the world of CBD products should take it slow and start with products that have lower potency.

• Size – CBD oils come in different sized bottles that allow users to choose the right one based on their dosage requirements. The average size of a CBD oil product ranges from 15 ml to 60 ml.

• Flavor – Most CBD product brands offer you a choice of at least three flavors. These flavors have unique tastes and aromas that are designed to appeal to the senses of users.

A quality flavor can help elevate a user's experience with using CBD oil. This is especially true for those suffering from anxiety or depression and needs something to stimulate their senses.

Since it's hard to determine which flavor will appeal to users, reputed brands experiment with a variety of ingredients to produce the best options.

• Ingredients Used - The ingredients used in making these products determine the overall effects on your system. The quality of the ingredients used in the oil makes a difference as well. The best products have natural, organic ingredients.

• Testing Results – The best CBD product manufacturers hire third-party testers to ensure their products are of the highest quality and adhere to FDA regulations.

The independent labs that conduct the testing ensure that the products are safe and as potent as they claim to be. The brands that use external testers publish the results on their website.

• Brand Trustworthiness – The best brands in the CBD business are those that have the most satisfied customers. You can usually tell how well-loved a brand is by reviewing the customer feedback posted on their website and other online forums.

• Availability of Information – An accurate measure of a good brand is how willing they are to share information with their consumers. A reputed brand is never hesitant to reveal their business practices and processes involved with growing, extracting, manufacturing, and packaging their products.

They should also reveal the exact ingredients contained in their products and the quantities in which they’re present. Furthermore, the most transparent brands are those that use independent external testers to verify their claims.

• Customer Support Services – The quality of a company’s customer support services is as important as the quality of the products they sell. A satisfied customer is one who can reach out to a representative when they have queries regarding the product they’ve purchased or wished to purchase.

• Brand Policies – A company's policy regarding the shipping, refund, return and exchange of their products can be the highlight of a user's shopping experience. If a customer can return or exchange a product, they're not happy within a convenient manner, and they're likely to be more satisfied with their overall shopping experience.

• Website – If a brand’s main website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, customers of all ages will be able to access products through it. Ideally, the company website should also contain information on their business practices, testing, etc.

Few top-notch brands even feature information on industry practices, FDA regulations, and much more. If a customer can acquire sufficient information via a company's website, they'll be able to have an enjoyable shopping experience. At the very least, a website should contain basic information on the brand's products, availability, and pricing.

The checkout and payment options offered by a website should be easily accessible as well.

How We Came Up with This List of CBD Oils For Anxiety?

Several factors are taken into account when choosing the right CBD oil to ease anxiety and depression. Since CBD hasn't been legal for all that long (less than a decade), users are still hesitant to trust brands that produce it.

It’s always safer to purchase from reputed brands that have proven their worth in the market over the years. Experienced users may be able to tell the difference between good-quality CBD products and sub-standard ones, but the same can’t be said for new users.

When it comes to finding the right CBD oil to treat anxiety, many users struggle to choose as they don't know what parameters they should be looking for. Anxiety can be a tricky condition to cure as its severity cannot be estimated in any definite terms.

The main factors that we took into account when choosing our top 5 picks for the best CBD oil are as follows:

We listened to the opinions and recommendations of experts in the industry. We reviewed reports from a variety of testers, researchers, and doctors to truly understand the effects of CBD on anxiety.

These individuals have adequate experience in the world of CBD and mental health which qualifies their opinions of being reliable and sound.

We went through thousands of user reviews to determine which brands were the most consistent and trustworthy. We found these reviews on the brands' official websites, third-party sellers, and customer review forums.

In doing so, we could adequately gauge the general customer sentiment towards these brands.

We conducted a survey asking users to let us know of their experiences with the products we’ve reviewed above.

We went through the brands’ websites and all the information related to the products and services they had provided there. This information included reports from labs and researchers who had vouched for the authenticity of the brands’ products.

We tested over a dozen CBD brands and weighed the pros and cons of each product to bring you only the best 5 options we were able to find. We found these 5 brands to be the best in terms of potency, safety, variety, and pricing.

The Effect of CBD Oil on Treating Anxiety

Anxiety is not as rare an illness as it was believed to be before the more advancement in medicine. It can be a difficult condition to live with and affect an individual’s personal and professional life.

Since anxiety is not always easy to diagnose, it’s not exactly easy to cure either. Healthcare providers usually try out various combinations to help treat anxiety. This can be quite a draining process for a person being treated as they may be unable to find relief in such a scenario despite seeking professional help.

Since our body contains an ECS (Endocannabinoid system), our physiological functions such as pain, sleep, and mental balance are controlled through it. Your body's ECS naturally produces cannabinoids but may need an external dosage of plant-based CBD now and then.

CBD derived from plants has more or less the same effects on our bodies as our natural endocannabinoid does. This is why using external sources of CBD has been quite effective for centuries in treating anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

CBD products that don’t contain THC at all or contain a very small quantity of it are found to be the most effective in treating anxiety and depression. THC can leave users feeling intoxicated or high, so they are best avoided for those with anxiety.

Out of all the CBD products that are available out there, CBD oil is found to be the best option for treating anxiety as it has little to no adverse side effects.

How CBD Oil Works For Anxiety?

If you orally ingest CBD oil, it finds its way to the sublingual glands located under your tongue. From here, it gets absorbed into your bloodstream, followed by your ECS. Once it reaches your ECS, it attaches itself to the CBD and non-CBD receptors to control your body's responses to pain and stress.

There’s more than one type of anxiety disorder and understanding which one you suffer one could be the key to treating it.

A few of these disorders are as follows:

• GAD or Generalized Anxiety Disorder – If you continually feel anxious or stressed without being able to pinpoint any specific reason, this is the disorder you suffer from.

An individual is diagnosed as having GAD if they suffer this condition for about six months to a year.

• Phobias – A phobia is an extreme, often irrational fear of something. There are various types of phobias and they include everything from fear of objects and locations to animals and behaviors.

• OCD or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder – OCD is one of the most irrational and severe anxiety disorders to exist. In OCD, an affected person performs a series of actions in a specific order to drive away stress.

• Panic Disorder – Panic attacks can be quite severe and can cause dizziness, nausea, chest pain, and even fainting. Frequent bouts of panic attacks can be quite dangerous and those suffering from this condition should seek immediate help.

• Social Anxiety – This is one of the most common types of anxiety disorders. It includes fear of social interactions, fear of being judged, fear of speaking in public, etc.

• PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD is suffered by those who have gone through extremely traumatic experiences and are trying to deal with their aftermath. It causes mental instability and can lead to violent or generally irrational behavior.

Why Is CBD Better Than Other Types of Medication?

CBD can be more effective than other types of medication as it doesn’t have many side effects. Traditional medication may have faster effects on your system, but their side effects can be quite harmful in the long run.

The drugs recommended by doctors follow different routes in your body as compared to CBD.

How Does CBD Work?

CBD differs from other types of medication and works in the following ways:

CBD does not cause dependency among users

CBD does not promote addictive behaviors

CBD is not an intoxicating substance, unlike marijuana and other drugs

CBD does not build up drug tolerance in your body, and its effects remain constant

CBD does not interact with nerve receptors and has psychoactive effects on your body. It does not upset your body's natural chemical balance either.

Scientific Proof on The Relationship Between CBD and Anxiety

In this section, we'll be discussing the evidence related to the effects of CBD on anxiety. This is not to be confused with medical marijuana which is quite different from CBD.

The main differences between CBD and medical marijuana are as follows:

CBD consumption does not make you feel high whereas medical marijuana does

CBD either contains no THC or THC below 0.3%. The same cannot be said for medical marijuana which exceeds this limit.

Unlike CBD, using medical marijuana can worsen mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Medical marijuana is safe for consumption only when recommended and supervised by a medical practitioner.

Studies That Show How CBD Works On Anxiety

Some time ago, the Permanente Journal published a report that showed 79% of all participants found that their anxiety had reduced after using CBD.

A 2015 study showed the benefits of CBD in treating various anxiety disorders. According to this study, CBD, when taken in a controlled dose, can reduce heart rate and blood pressure.

Harvard University, too had published a report which stated that CBD is quite beneficial to those suffering from anxiety and other mental illnesses. The report cited various official sources that agreed with the same.

An 8-week study carried out in 2018 made an in-depth analysis of the relationship between anxiety, inflammation, and CBD. The reports showed promising results in helping soothe symptoms of anxiety.

A detailed report published in 2019 was based on 6 trials that sought to analyze the role of CBD in treating generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety. The use of CBD on the test subjects showed reduced stress levels.

How CBD Oil Can Be Used to Treat Anxiety?

There are various ways to administer CBD through oils, capsules, edibles, powders, crystals, and more. In other words, CBD is available in both solid and fluid form.

Since we've discussed CBD oil throughout this article, we'll discuss a few ways in which you can use it to treat anxiety.

The Best Methods of Using CBD Oil for Anxiety

• Edibles – CBD oil used can be added to gel capsules and other edibles such as candies which allow for oral consumption.

• Sprays and Tinctures – CBD oil available in this form can be applied under the tongue so that it can be absorbed by the sublingual glands.

• Vape – CBD oil or E-liquids can be inhaled which increases its bioavailability. This method of administration is not recommended for those who have pulmonary ailments.

What’s the Ideal CBD Dosage to Treat Anxiety?

Since the effects of CBD vary from person to person, it can be difficult to determine the ideal dosage. Be that as it may, it does not require a particularly large dose of CBD to treat anxiety.

Your body’s natural chemical balance determined by your ECS plays a major role here too.

Other important factors that can determine the effects of CBD on anxiety are:

Age of the individual


Body type and weight

The seriousness of the condition

Type of anxiety disorder

Method of using CBD

The body’s natural chemical balance

The body’s ability to absorb CBD

Even though there’s no definite answer to this as yet, it’s been broadly estimated that doses ranging from 2.85 to 50 mg a day of CBD can help relieve anxiety.

In Conclusion: Which is the Best Brand of CBD Oil For Anxiety?

Dealing with anxiety can be challenging at the best of times and a downright pain at others. Those who suffer from it are often unable to find the right medication to help them deal with it effectively.

In such a scenario, it’s hardly surprising that they look for alternatives to traditional medicine or therapy. This is where CBD oil comes in. CBD oil can be used to treat anxiety, depression, and other mental conditions.

It doesn’t have any significant side effects and can be used regularly without fear of dependency or addiction. Though there’s still not enough evidence to cement CBD brands’ claims that it can cure anxiety, the research has been promising.

Also, since the sale of CBD is legal now, more and more wellness brands are jumping into the fray to supply users with CBD products. This increase in competition is beneficial for users as they get a wider choice of products at affordable prices.

The brands that we've reviewed in this article are completely above suspicion in terms of their safety, authenticity, and quality. However, we strongly recommend you consult a healthcare provider before you start using CBD in case you're suffering from any medical condition since each and everyone of us is different. Although what we found through our experiences is that the most effective ones for us are FABCBD and Cheef Botanicals.

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