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The 6 Best Caffeine Free Pre Workouts In 2021 - Stim Free

Caffeine Free Pre-Workouts

When people think of a pre workout supplement, they think of a supplement loaded with caffeine and other stimulants to enhance performance.

But the truth is, many of us can't handle these stimulants' adverse effects or would rather do it without them.

That's why caffeine free pre workouts, also known as stim free pre workouts have become extremely popular over the last years.

Using them the right way can make a world of difference for your exercise performance and intensity. Even though they don't contain any stimulants, you'll still notice a massive difference.

Keep reading as we introduce you to the best options available on the market.

The 6 Best Caffeine Free Pre Workout Supplements

To get that extra boost in gym performance, you need to get your hands on the right product. We know that many people out there might not be familiar with these products, making it hard for them to make the right purchase.

The effectiveness of these pre workouts is determined by what ingredients are used and their doses. After going through many of these products over the past few years, we know exactly what to look for.

This article will introduce you to what we believe are the 6 best caffeine free pre workout supplements. Here are the products we have lined up for you:

1. Pump Serum - Huge Nutrition
2. Pre Kaged Stim Free - Kaged Muscle
3. PMP - GAT Sport
4. Pumped AF - STEEL
5. Big Noise - Redcon1
6. Vaso Blast - Granite Supplements

These are not your average product as they contain some of the highest quality and most effective ingredients. They also include the ingredients at optimal dosages, resulting in significant benefits for workout performance.

#1. Pump Serum (Best Stim Free & Caffeine Free Pre Workout)


General Information:

After trying, testing, and researching dozens of different supplements, we've concluded that Pump Serum is the best caffeine free pre workout out on the market.

Pump Serum by Huge Nutrition contains 10 different ingredients, which all contribute to intense pumps, focus, and power. Everything is dosed correctly for maximum effect, and there are no useless fillers.

If you're no fan of stimulants such as caffeine, we highly recommend checking out this product. Take a look at the highlights of this supplement.

Product Highlights:

Increase exercise capacity and intensity without stims
Most stacked caffeine free pre workout
Massive serving size of nearly 16 grams
Highly effective for pumps, focus, and power
Enhances nitric oxide levels
Excellent for vascularity and muscle hardening
High-quality and unique ingredients

Where To Buy:

Pump Serum is exclusively available from just two places the official Huge Nutrition's site and Amazon. This product's tub holds 25 servings and will cost $44.95, which works out to about $1,8 per serving. Click here to visit the official Pump Serum product page.

Not the cheapest, but you're getting a massive 16-gram serving. If you're looking for a solid stim free pre workout, it is more than worth the money.

Ordering from the official website also comes with many benefits such as free samples, rapid order dispatch, and free shipping over $100.


Pump Serum is the number one option because the ingredients and effectiveness of Pump Serum are ahead of the competition.

It's an excellent product that covers your workout performance in all ways possible. Take it when you like and watch it positively impact your training sessions.

#2. Pre Kaged Stim Free

General Information:

Pre Kaged's stim free has placed second on our list due to being effective at boosting gym performance. It is effective because it contains a wide variety of ingredients.

All these ingredients work together to deliver a high-intensity workout session. What we noticed from Pre kaged was more endurance, power, and solid pumps. You can even take it late on the day or evening as it won't interfere with your sleep and rest.

Product Highlights:

Boost your overall workout performance
It contains branched-chain amino acids
Free of caffeine and other stimulants
It also helps with keeping you hydrated
It also has Beta-Alanine for the tingling effect
Only 20 servings per tub

Where To Buy:

You can buy this product from the official Kaged Muscle website or pick it up from sites such as Amazon. One tub of Pre Kaged Stim Free contains 20 servings and is available for roughly $40.

That works out to $2 per serving, which is extremely pricey compared to the rest. On the other hand, you're getting a good set of ingredients in return.


Pre Kaged combines quality ingredients to help you enhance workout intensity without the use of stimulants. It does hold a significant amount of different ingredients and dosages, but this is something you'll be paying for as it is pretty expensive.

#3. PMP (Peak Muscle Performance)

General Information:

Short for Peak Muscle Performance, PMP by GAT sport has taken the third spot on our list. This product emphasizes performance, mental focus, and muscle pumps.

After trying it ourselves, we can say that it does live up to these claims. We found that GAT's PMP shines when it comes to increasing nitric oxide and muscle pumps. It also helps with focus and power, but not as much as it did for pumps.

Product Highlights:

Enhances Nitric Oxide (N.O) for pumps and vascularity
Completely free of any stimulants
A moderate increase in focus and power
It comes in different flavors and tastes excellent
PMP does not contain creatine

Where To Buy:

You can purchase this product at various websites; a few examples are Bodybuilding, Amazon, and the official GAT Sport website. A bottle of GAT's PMP holds 30 servings and costs $32.99, meaning the cost per serving is $1.10.


PMP by GAT Sports is an excellent all-around stimulant free pre workout that focuses on increasing all aspects of your training. The most noticeable effect of this product is the enhanced pumps. It is reasonably priced and available from many different retailers.

#4. Pumped AF

General Information:

Next up is Steel's Pumped AF, a caffeine free pre workout designed to maximize pumps. Pumped AF is a product that lives up to its name, as it'll significantly push more blood and nutrients into your muscles.

By doing this, you will experience skin-tearing muscle pumps, which will help with getting an excellent mind-muscle connection. You'll be able to squeeze out a few extra reps here and there.

But, we didn't find it to be as effective for focus and power. But then again, it's called Pumped AF for a reason.

Product Highlights:

Primarily effective for skin-tearing muscle pumps
It helps hydrate the muscles
Pushes more blood and nutrients to the muscles
Increased training capacity
Squeeze out more reps
Available in multiple flavors

Where To Buy:

If Pumped AF is the product that suits your needs, you can buy it directly from the Steel Supplements website. One tub holds 30 servings and is priced at $55, which comes down to about $1,83 a scoop.

As far as pricing goes, it costs more than the average caffeine free pre workout. On the other hand, you're getting an above-average product that does the job very well.


We're very impressed with the pump-enhancing effects, so we had to include Pumped AF on our list. You'll experience muscle fullness and vascularity with just a single scoop but not a lot of focus or power.

It's on the higher end of the price spectrum, but we found it worth the money. It also tastes quite good for the number of ingredients it holds.

#5. Big Noise

General Information:

Big Noise by Redcon1 is a stim free vasodilator, meaning it focuses on getting more blood and nutrients to the muscles.

Essentially, it's a pump formula with some added nootropics to help boost focus. There are several specific ingredients in this product that you won't find in other options out on the market.

Product Highlights:

Non Stimulant Vasodilator
It helps with circulating nutrients
Boosts focus and cognitive functions
30 Servings per tub
Available in 7 flavors

Where To Buy:

If Big Noise has got your attention, you can consider purchasing it from Redcon1's site or Amazon. Big Noise comes in a 30-serving container and will cost $39.99 or $1,33 per serving.

It's also possible to subscribe to this product on the official site, receive it every two weeks, and get a 30% discount by doing so.


Redcon1's Big Noise focuses on giving you a solid workout experience by getting more blood and nutrients transported to the muscles. It's a reliable option that contains unique compounds.

#6. Vaso Blast

General Information:

Last but not least, we have Vaso Blast by Granite Supplements. This advanced caffeine free pre workout will make sure you get the most out of your workout session.

Vaso Blast combines staple, key ingredients to maximize nitric oxide. One unique and patented ingredient that is featured in this formula is Vasodrive AP.

Product Highlights:

Boost your nitric oxide (N.O) levels & vasodilation
Optimal dosages for each ingredient
Positive user experiences online
Long-lasting effects
Only 20 servings per bag
It does not enhance focus

Where To Buy:

Since Vaso Blast is a relatively popular stim free pre workout, it can be purchased from more than just one site. You can get it from Granite Supplements directly or choose to get it from places like Amazon.

The price is around $40 for a bag of 20 servings, so you'll pay two dollars a pop. Again, with this product, the pricing is also on the higher side. As with many products, quality is something you pay for.


We enjoyed using Vaso Blast as it focuses on boosting N.O. levels and therefore delivers skin-tearing muscle pumps. It uses several amazing ingredients that'll help increase your exercise capacity quickly.

It's not cheap by any means, but we think it's more than worth it. Otherwise, we wouldn't have included it in this article.

Caffeine Free Pre Workout Ingredients

It's evident that a stimulant free pre workout doesn't contain caffeine or other kinds of stimulants, but what are the ingredients you should be looking for?

I've tested dozens of different products as well as researched all the ingredients they contain. I know exactly which elements you should be looking for in a caffeine free pre-workout with this knowledge.

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Let's go over a few of the most effective compounds.

Agmatine Sulfate:

Agmatine Sulfate is a metabolite of the amino acid L-Arginine, and it focuses on increasing Nitric Oxide (N.O.) levels.

When Nitric oxide increases, more blood, and nutrients can reach the muscle cells resulting in a better pump. You'll also be able to focus and contract specific muscle groups better.

Especially if you have lagging body parts, this will come in handy as you'll really be able to emphasize the mind-muscle connection. Dosage should be between 1 to 2 grams per serving.

Betaine Anhydrous:

If there's one ingredient that shouldn't be overlooked, it's Betaine Anhydrous. It's a great addition to a caffeine free pre workout because it has been scientifically proven to increase training volume, body composition, and exercise capacity.

The effective dosage for Betaine Anhydrous is between 2 to 3 grams per day. Make sure the product you're looking at includes it at a sufficient dosage to reap the benefits.


This nonessential amino acid helps with increasing cognitive functions, such as focus, memory, and alertness. It's also said to alleviate the effects of stress, but more research needs to be done.

It can help you get in the zone during a workout, which is an excellent addition to the entire experience.

L-Tyrosine is typically dosed between 1 to 2 grams; make sure that the product you're looking at dosed it correctly.


Glycerpump is a patented and more stable form of glycerol. It has excellent mixability, effects, and flavoring.

The name pretty much reveals it, as it's an ingredient that hydrates the muscles resulting in greater pumps. With the help of it, you'll experience more vascularity, fullness, and increased performance.

We find it to be a must-have ingredient due to its potency. An effective dose is anywhere from 1 to 5 grams.

Should You Use Stim Free Pre Workouts?

We think that if you train hard, a stim free pre workout will be a great addition. It'll help you get the most out of your training, breaking down as many muscle fibers as possible.

As we've already shown you, they really shine when it comes to boosting nitric oxide, strength, power, and focus. It's always a good thing to have these aspects optimized when hitting the weights.

The great thing is, you can use them as often as you'd like (in moderation, of course). They don't negatively impact your health or mood as some stimulants could do.

That means if you want to get in a good training session, you can simply take a scoop of any stim free pre workout and get things done. I use Pump Serum several times a week because there are no negatives, and I can sleep without any issues after taking it.

So if you're thinking about using a product like these, definitely go ahead and try them out. A good product won't leave you disappointed.

The Bottom Line

We've shown you that you don't perse need a high stim pre to get in a good workout. The caffeine free pre workouts in this article will positively impact your workout performance without using any stimulants at all.

Let's take one last look at the 6 best caffeine free pre workouts:

1. Pump Serum - Huge Nutrition – SHOP NOW
2. Pre Kaged Stim Free - Kaged Muscle
3. PMP - Gat Sport
4. Pumped AF - STEEL
5. Big Noise - Redcon1
6. Vaso Blast - Granite Supplements

Even though they aren't great for energy, they'll deliver great pumps, power, fullness, and alertness.

Plus, you can take them at any time of the day - even at night. You can't do that with a high stim pre, plus there's no crash. You remain productive even once the effects have worn off.

If you plan on buying a different product than the ones we've mentioned during this article, make sure to check the ingredient panel double. It's important to know which ingredients the product has and if they're dosed correctly.

If you’re a high stim person, check out our article on DMHA pre workouts.

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