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Best CBD Flower: Top Strains of Hemp Flower

By far, it is a favorite past-time; smoking CBD flower. The market is filled with new companies trying to make the mark, and admittedly their products provide quite an enjoyable experience.

Apart from the tantalizing experience that many enjoy when smoking this herb, we should note that there are many health benefits to get from CBD.

While enjoyable is what we all are looking for, the seasoned consumers of this unique product will agree that it is the state-of-the-art procedure to mark it as a unique one.  

That’s why we have prepared a list of Best CBD Flower, with the top-quality hemp flower in the market, along with pointers on how to pick the most suitable for you while enjoying your shopping.

The Top-Ranking Best CBD Flower Companies 2021:

1. Cheef Botanicals: Highest Quality & Editor’s Pick

2. Cannaflower: Most Potent CBD Flower

3. Plain Jane: Wide Variety of Strains

4. Green Flower Botanicals: Finest Hemp Flower

5. ATLRx: Best Value

6. Secret Nature: Top Shelf CBD Flower

How do we choose the Best CBD Bud?

Finding the right provider may sound hard. After all, we all look for the finest, most-favorable and the Best CBD flower we can get our hands-on. What's more, we ask that the quality is the same and that the product can reach us at a speedy rate.

Here are a few pointers to help you sort out through the numerous suppliers and find the best match for you:

• Brand Reputation

New brands emerge as the trend for the smokable flower is exploding with new followers. The smokable flower is extracted directly from the bud instead of the entire body of the plant.

It is very easy to order it online or purchase it at a local store.  Be sure to check out the official websites and always be on the lookout for quality production of hemp, good customer service, and commitment of the brand to producing top-quality hemp strains.

• Cultivation Process

Remember, this is a sensitive plant in terms that it absorbs what is in the soil, and the flower is directly affected by atmospheric conditions.

We cannot stress enough that cultivation conditions need to be monitored at all times, from planting to harvest. This can be easily recognized by the appearance of the hemp flower. Make sure the looks and smell are consistent and ideal as guaranteed by your supplier.

• Testing Transparency

It has become common practice and is adopted by most leading companies to run regular lab results. The recommended way is through a third-party, ensuring the highest quality of the product. Most companies are open about the lab reports they run. 

You can also gain access to them easily if unsure about the proper quantity of cannabinoids. It is important to make sure that the hemp is organically grown and no pesticides have been used at any stage of the process.

This last point is particularly important - remember you will be smoking this product, which means you inhale anything that comes with it.

• Shopping Experience

Another important piece of advice is to find a retailer that takes special care of the entire process from beginning to end.

A brand that puts the customer at the top of the ladder ensures only the finest product will reach you. It is the only way companies gain their customers' trust and rise in popularity in the long run.

We have made sure that the companies we recommend have good customer service and continuous customer support, whether it is online or not.

Best CBD Flowers Strains on the Market:

The brands recommended here met our criteria for better taste, value-for-money, and most enjoyable experience flower products. Each product stands out among the rest; choosing the one that makes the grade for you is up to your taste.

#1. Cheef Botanicals- Highest Quality & Editor’s Pick

Cheef Botanicals products are becoming very popular as this brand offers expertise and a healthy alternative to conventional products. The brand promotes its products as superfoods. Hemp flower products work as antecedents to illnesses and stimulate people to adopt a healthier lifestyle. 

>> Visit the Official Website of Cheef Botanicals for the Best Discount

Hemp Strain Varieties:

• Northern Lights

The most popular strain among cannabis fans, Northern Lights can offer quite a remarkable experience. Flavored with an earthy, candied taste, it is produced 100% of pure hemp flower. Cannabinoid content is over 20%, which explains the relaxation feeling you get. Northern Strains is by far the number one choice.

• Sour Space Candy

With a 20.66% in CBD content, this hemp flower strain does its name justice. You can order it in medium and large size packets. Though the taste is a bit hefty and dense, you will be delighted by the boosting effects. This is a great, natural way to lift your spirits and improve your concentration.

• Lifter

This is an award-winning strain. A whisk of sugary, sour flavor and aroma combined with redwood and lemon zest will sweep you off your feet. Lifter contains 18% CBD similarly to the strain of Hawaiian Haze. It's the way to go if you are feeling blue or under a lot of stress.

• CBG Flower

Though CBG is not as preferred as other strains, it stands out from the rest. Besides the high levels of CBG content, 21.8%, it also boasts a minimum THC level, i.e., 1%.

• Sour Diesel

Well known for its speedy relief, Sour Diesel is preferred by both experienced and new fans. It works through your endocannabinoid at a fast pace, but it should not alert you. Each packet's THC content is minimum, i.e., 0.094% and CBD content is high, 20.165%. It comes in green color with a strong scent.

Brand Reputation:

Boasting over twenty-five years of experience among its founders in the organic food industry, this company produces some of the best quality hemp flower products. Working closely with Colorado-based hemp farms, the brand has ensured the production of a top-quality product.

Cultivation Process:

The founders of the company, health-conscious cannabis fans, have recently launched a new organic plant-based product line. The company's motto is "back to our roots,"; a testament to the fact that people ought to look for healthier alternatives.

Remarkable as it may sound, the new organic products are cruelty-freenon-GMOgluten-freedairy-free, and last but not least, vegan. This product is promoted as a healthy alternative to the trend of conventional treatment for common illnesses.

Testing Transparency:

Plants cultivated by Cheef Botanicals are non-GMO; genetic engineering has not been applied at any stage to alter any chemical structure in the plant or enhance its appearance. This is good news, considering that the smokable hemp plant is inhaled, so the demand for a pure, organic product cannot be stressed enough.

The brand runs quality tests regularly through a third party. All lab test results are listed on the website of the brand. Products are tested throughout the process, from the farm to packaging, to ensure only the cream of the crop reaches you.

Shopping Experience:

The online shop is highly interactive, and you can easily place an order at any time of the day. Simply browse through the products, pick one or more, and complete your order. While you are at it, don’t forget to check out the daily deals and bonuses, as well as new products.

Enter the Cheef Botanicals Reward program when you create an account. There are quite a few fun factors, rewarding ways to get more products.

It is all calculated in the form of reward points. For every purchase you make, you receive one reward point for every dollar you spend.

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Our Decree:

Cheef Botanicals are strong supporters of a natural lifestyle and organic products. It is what makes them stand out in the crowd. So far, they have proven remarkably successful in becoming one of the leading brands in the market.  

A trend supporting companies with collective consciousness is on the rise, looking out for the common good. It appears that Cheef Botanicals has been gearing toward this direction for quite a while.

#2. Cannaflower - Most Potent CBD Flower

A product of aptitude, CannaFlower offers high-quality strains. Cured at a slow pace for 90 days and hand-trimmed, these hemp strains bring out the best of the hemp. It is the special care that is taken throughout the cultivation of the plant that makes it unique.  

>> Visit the Official Website of Canna Flower for the Best Discount

Brand Reputation:

Cannaflower is a strong supporter of the traditional practices of farming. Simply engineering will not do the trick, as they put it. Let nature do the job for you. Practically this means that indoor growing practices are not an option the brand is considering.

Cultivation Process:

This brand uses unique soil to grow the plants in, free of any chemicals, analyzed for top ingredient content.

Based on the bioaccumulator characteristic that is attributed to cannabinoids, this means that as the plant grows, it readily absorbs all ingredients that are contained in the soil. The brand has invested in state-of-the-art growing practices to ensure no chemicals are used in any of the cultivation stages.

Top-notch genetics are employed in the primary stages of cultivation. Next come the specifics of the growing conditions. Innovative practices are applied throughout the stages of cultivation, i.e., genetics, growing, harvest, drying, trimming, and curing.

Creating such a farm may be challenging. The key factor is a soil rich in nutrients, which enhances the growth of a healthy cannabinoid. Compost and worm castings, adding mushroom mycelium to the earth, and the use of no-till methods to retain water form the basis of this farming approach's practices.

Once the soil is prepared and the ecosystem is balanced, the farming of the cannabinoid delivers outstanding hemp flowers. The rest of the process is monitored with the minimal use of additional nutrients.

In the same manner, no hydroponic methods are used. Even though cannabinoid farming requires a lot of water, the brand proudly presents an innovative approach to avoid any waste of this precious source. Farmers who apply regenerative growing techniques have devised a funnel structure to take advantage of rainwater without wasting a drop.

Shopping Experience:

It is hard for one to pick among the numerous options of strain, aroma, and effect. The strains come in artistically decorated air-sealed packaging with even more playful names to them. Simply play along.

Though this is not considered a low-cost option, 1g may cost from $10 to $12; there are quite a few incentives to go for it. Free shipping is offered with purchases over $75.00, and you could ultimately be a winner of $1000 in the raffle when you refer a friend.

A discovery box is quite an appealing option for newcomers. It comes with three of the most popular strains, plus a $20 gift card, to be used on future purchases. This box is offered for the unbeatable price of almost 20$; you are practically only paying the shipping fee.

>> Click Here to Get the Latest Deal on Cannaflower

Our Decree:

Ideal conditions are not only needed on-site at the cannabinoid farm. Cannaflower takes a step forward to work closely with the local community through sustainable development of the surrounding area, leading to a better ecosystem.

Killing two birds with one stone, the brand takes pride in having a smaller carbon footprint since nutrient-supplement plastic containers are eliminated.

#3. Plain Jane - Wide Variety of Strains

The pioneers of low-smell CBD flower and in cooperation with small Oregon farms, the brand offers more than 20 different strains. A “how you want to feel today” quiz on the homepage is a playful way to help you pick the best product for your needs.  

The company first introduced a “water-curing” process, through which the cannabis smell was drawn out. This means no tobacco or nicotine can be traced in the final product. 

Simply choose the flavor you enjoy the most by buying the cigarette paper with that scent. 

>> Visit the Official Website of Plain Jane for the Best Discount

Brand Reputation:

The company’s drive is to supply the best hemp flower at a knock-out price. Also, they offer many different types of products, such as body butter, buds, pre-rolled joints, vaporizers, and many more. 

Their blog offers an interesting read, from scientific information to breakfast recipes and everyday hacks.

Cultivation Process:

This company follows a different approach from others on the list. Their selection is between 20 different strains produced at 15 farms. In this manner, they offer a variety of terpene concentrations.

Because each farm maintains its practices in cultivating the hemp flower, Plain Jane products vary in terms of color, moisture, and texture.

Testing Transparency:

A special section is devoted to lab certificates readily available for review by the general public. Regular testing is performed on all products, and the list is updated. The percentage of CBD content varies between strains while the THC concentration is less than 0.3%.

Shopping Experience:

This brand is confident of the top-quality products and appreciative of its customers at the same time. With over 75.000 loyal, this brand proudly boasts value-for-money for its products.

Whether it’s relaxing, energizing, or achieving overall wellness, there is a product especially made for that purpose.

Apart from smoking, there are a variety of other ways to enjoy the benefits of the flower. Edibles, salves, oils are just a few offered by the brand to satisfy all tastes. There are also CBD accessories and merchandise with the logo of the company.

>> Click Here to Get the Latest Deal on Plain Jane

Our Decree:

Their motto is value-for-money, speedy delivery, and only the highest quality product.

#4. Green Flower Botanicals - Finest Hemp Flower

“Nature makes the best medicine” is their logo. When you look at the brand's homepage, the feeling you get is that of purity in all its glory. Healing, while enjoying, is what drives the founders and people of this company.

>> Visit the Official Website of Green Flower Botanicals for the Best Discount

Brand Reputation:

Their homepage is filled with scientific information for those who would like to know more about the product and how it could promote well-being. The company is backed by a superpower"-as they call it- customer service team.

Cultivation Process:

Green flower Botanicals works with locally based farms to produce and supply organic CBD hemp flowers. From soil to oil, they make sure all products are organically grown and chemical-free.

Testing Transparency:

This brand has spent a lot of time putting together a special section that provides scientific information and how CBD can effectively help people. Over 45 different illnesses are listed, and how the hemp flower can prove valuable to patients.

The results are backed by clinical studies and case reports. They have also taken extra care to create the "Green Flower Learning Lab." A treasury of valuable information related to the therapeutic effects of cannabinoids.

Notably, this information is readily available for both the general public and health practitioners. Cross-referencing your sources is good practice, but it is undoubtedly helpful when you know this page is constantly updated with the latest news on the cannabinoid field at one's fingertips.

It’s worth noting that this brand offers 0.0%THC products, popular among parents. All batches of their products are run through quality tests, thus ensuring a top-notch flower product.

Shopping Experience:

There is free shipping on all orders over $100, so if you have the extra money, it is worthwhile investing in a bigger quantity; a hard-to-beat deal.

Buy the multi-pack of 5, which offers an irresistible discount of almost $100 upon purchase. Plus, you get five different strains in the same pack.  

Also, daily deals and promotions are hard to beat. In the unlikely case, you are not happy with your purchase; the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For those unsure as to what is the proper dose, the brand has an analytical method to assist you with it. The “Stepwise Dosing Procedure" is a process through which one can safely determine the quantity of product they need.

This is thoroughly explained in a simple manner, which is very helpful. They also offer more helpful information on the medicinal benefits of flower hemp.

>> Click Here to Get the Latest Deal on Green Flower Botanicals

Our Decree:

Committed to providing only the finest of flower hemp throughout its production and offering the best of experiences from its purchase to your enjoyment.

#5. ATLRx – Best Value

All production is based on scientific innovation and the willpower to bring change to the world. The brand aims high and aspires to lead people in this direction. They are highly motivated and back their work with on-going scientific evidence.

>> Visit the Official Website of ATLRx for the Best Discount

Brand Reputation:

This brand means serious business. Besides the top-quality products, they are strong supporters of the wellness movement and are involved in a recycling program for their packaging. When you return it to the company, you receive loyalty points.

Cultivation Process:

CBD-rich hemp flowers offering a selection of strains for an enhanced experience. Supply farms range from Oregon to Colorado and California. 

Hybrid, Indica, and Sativa strains are all marketed to provide variety in CBD concentration.

Testing Transparency:

There is a special section on the official website dedicated to presenting the latest lab results on each of their products.

Shopping Experience:

Their prices are hard to beat. Whether you go for the pre-rolls or the flower, you get a great deal. There is a wide variety of products offered, such as vapes, CBD oils, CBD gummies, and all the usual CBD flower hemp products. 

Their best-seller is the ATLRx CBD oil tincture starting at $29.99 for 300mg. Their newest strain is CBD hemp flower at $14.99 for 1g.

You will also find a delightful selection of bath bombs, hand sanitizers, balms, and sleeping-aid oils. 

But wait; there is more. Pet oil and pet treats outfits with the logo of the company and honey products, even sparkling water.

The hardest part, of course, is not choosing among the numerous products which to get, but which ones are not already sold out.

>> Click Here to Get the Latest Deal on ATLRx

Our Decree:

There is a touching story behind the making of this brand. The original purpose of their product was to make life easier for the family. The conventional prescriptions were substituted by their natural alternatives.

This ultimately led to a new way of thinking, a lifestyle. It became the company’s drive to educate as many people as possible towards adopting healthier habits. It took a lot of work.

#6. Secret Nature – Top Shelf CBD Flower

The company was founded in 2017 by cannabis experts and holistic health practitioners. With over 20 years of experience in the fields of product development, cannabis cultivation, and retail, they easily claim the top in the Californian market.

>> Visit the Official Website of Secret Nature for the Best Discount

Brand Reputation:

Extensive scientific research and lab-like conditions place products at the top of the quality list. 

Cultivation Process:

The plants are solely indoor-grown and hand-trimmed. Special care is taken through the cultivation process, such as lighting and air conditions, to deliver a top-quality product. All flowers are grown indoors.

There is full control of temperature, moisture in the air, and sunlight at all times. Pests or any kind of contamination are eliminated throughout the stages of plant growth.

Near harvest, the light is adjusted to preserve the high concentration in terpenes, cannabinoids, and moisture in the buds.

This offers an advantage to indoor plants as they readily maintain a high level of desirable nutrients.  

Following the harvest, plants are trimmed by hand to maintain high content in trichomes and provide a charming flower.

Testing Transparency:

Notably, this company runs cutting-edge tests regularly. They hold high standards when it comes to producing and packaging of the hemp flower. Lab reports are available when requested.

Shopping Experience:

You can choose between tinctures, pre-rolls, vape pens, flowers, CBD bundles, and cannabinoid extracts. Aroma, feeling, size, and strain are extra perks to make choosing one single product hard to do so. When you click on best-sellers, you will be delighted to see that a list of more than 5pages appears.

This is a cream of the crop brand, which explains why most of their products are sold out. It is a must-try.

>> Click Here to Get the Latest Deal on Secret Nature

Our Decree:

They are the biggest fans of their products. Supporters of the movement of promoting cannabinoid products to the general public are focusing on small batches with THC content below 0.3%.

Also, on their blog, you can find delicious recipes, informative articles on hemp flowers, and many other lifestyle tips. 

The CBD hemp flower market is a most promising one. The gains are vast, backed by prompt delivery times and top-quality products. Smokable hemp is becoming more popular by the minute as people discover its benefits and different ways of creating a unique experience for themselves.

The Difference Between Hemp Flower and Marijuana:

This product is successfully promoted to indulge you in a journey of fully engaging all your senses. It works similarly to marijuana in appearance, scent, and flavor, but you do not get the buzz that the first gives you on the upside.

Usually, hemp buds and marijuana are called 'sister plants' because both plants come from the same family. It is quite common to confuse them, but the truth is that the hemp flower is a different variety.

Following is how they are different when you look at CBD and THC content and the purposes the two plants are used for.

Hemp Buds:

All CBD flowers are grown from the female hemp plant. Close to harvest, a different bud is created. This flower is rich in terpenes and cannabinoids. Consuming the bud in a variety of ways is said to be beneficial to your well-being and health.

Not all hemp flowers have the same appearance. Depending on the content in terpene and cannabinoids, strains have different looks and smells.

Marijuana Flower:

A large controversy is wrapped around the issue of the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Despite that, it has been noted that it can effectively deal with non-serious symptoms-nausea and conditions like rheumatism.

Notable is the fact that marijuana may help slow or even stop the spread of cancer cells. Also, patients with glaucoma or Alzheimer's have shown remarkable improvement in terms of dealing with the symptoms upon the use of cannabis.

Still, the fact that marijuana flower is high in THC content makes it less of a preferred choice, despite its health benefits.

Here are the main differences between the hemp flower and marijuana:

3% THC content
1-30% CBD content
No psychoactive effects
Legal nation-wide in the US and most countries in the world

The concentration of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) of less than 0.3% in the hemp bud allows it to be marketed legally and be considered safe for consumption. It is broadly used by people with conditions such as chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and sleeping disorders. Popular it has become for use to improve one’s appetite and help with sleeping disorders, i.e., insomnia. It is also widely used to alleviate symptoms of severe illnesses.

Will CBD Flower make me High?

Quite a few people are stressed that the use of hemp flowers for smoking will get you high. There is no need to worry about it, as long as the products you purchase are from a licensed provider.

Hemp flower is specified to contain 0.3%THC or less to meet the criteria.

When you consume hemp flowers, you wreath all the benefits without any side effects. Many people use hemp to deal with exhaustion, mood swings, and other common illnesses. The most important thing is that the product you are consuming is produced under the best possible conditions and has been verified.

Is it legal to Buy Hemp Flower Online?

As mentioned above, CBD has been legalized in the US as well as in other countries. Thus, a purchase online is a great way to get your hemp flower. Rest assured, hundreds of hemp flower products are a click away.

To clarify things even more, the Farm Bill, passed in 2018, specifically approves the farming-growing and harvesting- of cannabis Sativa plants. It goes on to specify that as long as THC concentration in the plant is below 0.3%. All states allowing the farming of hemp hold a license issued by the federal government.

By the same token, the European Union has legalized the growing, harvesting, and selling of the hemp plant. One needs to hold an EIHA license and produce a plant with 0.2% or less THC content. CBD has grown popular in Switzerland, a country in which the distribution of hemp products is legal. CBD is preferred by many as an alternative to tobacco.

While all of the above clears many hazy points, the FSA (Food Standard Agency) clarifies that caution must be taken when consuming cannabinoids. Certain cases, like breastfeeding or pregnant women, children and toddlers, or individuals who take prescribed medications should avoid consuming any CBD products.

Hemp Flower and Drug Testing:

It is a practice of offices and agencies to run drug tests regularly. So, one may be worried whether CBD consumption will show up on the test.

Under usual conditions, CBD does not show on any drug tests. But, since there is a concentration of 0.3% in THC, the possibility of being traced in your body is still there. But don't be alarmed! It depends mainly on the test you are administered to take.

The best way to go about it is not to consume any CBD products for a few days or even weeks leading to the drug test. Remember CBD benefits you by having a fast and extended effect on your body.

Things you should look for before choosing The Finest Hemp Flower:

Many things make a specific product stand out. Keeping in mind these three characteristics will help you spot the cream-of-the-crop.


The effect of terpenes on your body is what makes CBD consumption the most enjoyable one. Great taste and aroma can be attributed to terpenes.

Terpenes come in many forms: Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene, Pinene, and Linalool. How to know which one your product contains? Check the COA profile of your supplier.

CBD Content:

Following the importance of terpene content comes CBD. The therapeutic effects of hemp flowers are attributed to the CBD content. A concentration of 10%-15% in CBD is the most desirable one. Still, you can find companies that their product contains an even higher CBD ratio of 20% or more.

Processing Methods:

It is important to find out if the CBD oils and flowers undergo a specific extraction process, i.e., CO2. Also, be on the lookout for harvesting procedures and preservation methods. Are products organic 100%? All of these are important points to consider.

Finding a top-quality product doesn't require expertise. Just check the looks, scent, and feel of the strain. Does it smell funny? Is there moisture on it? Are there seeds inside it? Those are red flags that the product you are holding is low-quality hemp.

In Conclusion: Which One Is The Best CBD Flower?

Hemp flower is growing in popularity as we speak. It is an exploding market offering a great variety of products, from smokable hemp to oils, extracts, and creams. New products emerge constantly to the pleasure of many.

Though the abundance and wide selection of products may be confusing as the market is flooded with various CBD Brands, don't be discouraged. No matter your condition that made you go for CBD, all of the CBD Flowers we’ve mentioned are Top Notch. However, We would advise you to go for Cheef Botanicals as it’s most customers choice.

All of their products contain a desirable amount of cannabinoid, the proper THC content in each package, and are third-party tested. These are suppliers that take extra care of customers and make shopping a great experience. However, always consult your doctor before taking any of it, Rest assured that the products you are buying are only the finest.

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