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Best Fake Urine Kits 2021 – Top Synthetic Pee Brands for a Drug Test

Drug tests are going to come up throughout life – whether for professional, legal, or athletic reasons – and sometimes that might be a problem. Many of the options out there for getting clean for urinalysis are dangerous and involve worse chemicals than the ones you’re trying to clear out.

It may also be a tight turnaround – perhaps you’ve got a short-notice test that you weren’t expecting, and you just can’t clear out in time.

Whatever the reason – and we’re not asking for yours – you need better options. You need a way of passing your drug tests without question every time. It might be a regular thing for you, it might be a one-time “do or die” situation.

Synthetic urine kits offer exactly that. Reliable, effective ways of passing a drug test every time. It’s as close to the real thing as you’re going to get without actually peeing clean. They come with all the hallmarks that you should be familiar with by now – the color, texture, and “ingredients” are all perfectly matched to the real thing.

It even smells real - in case you were worried your testers were real connoisseurs.

Urinalysis is a clever science and passing a urine test is usually important. Synthetic urine kits aren’t a place to scrimp and save – you need the best synthetic urine kit on the market.

Today we’re going to look at 5 of the best synthetic urine kits, then run you through what you should be looking for.

Falsifying results is tricky, risky business, so you want to get it right. Stick with us if you’re ready to get some peace of mind that you’re getting the right stuff and you’ll be able to pass your test without complications!

Top 5 Synthetic Urine Kits

1. Quick Fix Plus: Best Overall Kit to Pass a Drug Test

2. Clear Choice Quick Luck: Best Pre-Mixed Fake Urine

3. Clear Choice Sub Solution: Best Unisex Fake Pee

#4. Test Clear: Best Powdered Synthetic Urine Kit

5. Clear Choice Incognito: Best Fake Urine with Urinator

The last thing you want to do is waste your money – and your future – on a pee kit that just isn’t cutting it.

We can’t think of many better investments in life than not failing a drug test. There are low-quality kits out there and they’ll trip you up with how sophisticated modern urinalysis is. Our review list only covers brands we believe in and that keep proving their effectiveness with success stories!

These are well-regarded, reputable brands with a history of helping people beat drug tests. Getting caught is worse than testing positive, so let’s look at the names and products you can trust…

1. Quick Fix Plus: Best Overall Kit to Pass a Drug Test

Quick Fix Plus is a well-known and reputable brand. Their synthetic urine isn’t just for passing drug tests, but also for use in research and product testing/development.

The price of Quick Fix remains both reasonable and competitive, as this isn’t a cheap product. The whole system of synthetic urine takes real lab-hours to make, so you’re paying for quality.


It uses a pre-mixed liquid form of synthetic urine that is already perfectly mixed and balanced. This does mean you have to carry the whole bottle and heat it up in advance.

However, it’s a standard of synthetic urine that is only going to provide more certainty and reliability in your test. This is always an important factor for any brand. They’ve regulated this product for a number of key factors:



PH level

Creatinine and chemical levels

These ensure you’re getting the best product possible. It’s a lab-quality synthetic urine and that means the lab your urine goes to is going to be seeing exactly what you want them to.

The wearables are okay – it’s a simple leg strap with a pouch for the bottle. Nothing fancy – no valves and tubes. The strap itself contains a microwave-friendly pouch that you can use to warm up the synthetic urine to the appropriate temperature and store it on your person. Heating pads keep it warm, so you have a little bit of time to make this work.

Obviously, you’ll also be keeping it next to your body heat, so both the storage and heating of this product are okay. They’re not revolutionary, but it’s a great synthetic urine and this is a small feature.

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Lab quality synthetic urine

Competitive price for the quality

Microwaveable pouch makes heating simple

Heating pads are great for maintaining warmth and avoiding re-heating


Bottle format does mean a little more fiddling when it comes to testing

Liquid pre-mix means you have to conceal the whole bottle

#2. Clear Choice Quick Luck: Best Pre-Mixed Fake Urine

Clear choice is a great brand that have decades of experience. We appreciate how their time in the market shows that their product is reliable and has been keeping people clean for a long time.

Quick Luck is relatively new to the synthetic urine market but have a significant pedigree with decades of lab experience and research. The product might be newer but the process and systems behind it have been finely tuned to help you avoid getting a positive drug test result.

The main focus of this product and brand is similarity to the real thing. The chemical balance and the mixture are proprietary and very well-regarded.

It’s like the real thing and it offers a great choice if you’re concerned for the synthetic urine itself.


This product is superficially like the last one – it’s a pre-mix synthetic urine that straps into a microwaveable pouch and includes a pair of heating pads. We really like the temperature strip, too, which offers a reliable way to make sure you’re hitting the right temperature.

There’s also an activator powder which is a huge deal for getting the right temperature if you can’t microwave it and store it. It’s a great way to make sure you’re going to be at the right temperature whatever your day has in store.

This is a great feature, and we would like to see it more often. It’s easy to have distractions and see the synthetic urine cool over the course of the day. It makes any drug test kit better and, as far as we can tell, has no lasting effect on the outcome of the test. Perfect!

This is also a unisex synthetic urine, which is amazing – nobody wants to worry about returning a pee test that flags as the wrong sex. It’s important to be as simple, believable, and non-eventful as possible. Quick luck ticks all the right boxes for us.

The only major problem we can see is that this product doesn’t always include a wearable for concealment or transport. That can be a real problem if this is your first time out – it’s important to have proper concealment and feel confident in your test!

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High-quality pre-mixed liquid

Activator powder to make sure temperature is perfect on a moment’s notice

Lab-calibrated quality and in-depth chemical marker profile

Unisex synthetic urine kit


Pre-mixes can be a little cumbersome to conceal

Doesn’t come with a wearable for concealment – bought separately!

#3. Clear Choice Sub Solution: Best Unisex Fake Pee

We’re back to Clear Choice – this time with the Sub Solution. This is their approach to the powdered form of synthetic urine, and it comes with a lot more time on the market.

This is the solution that has made clear choice a popular brand and it’s great that they have both a liquid and powdered fake urine product. As ever, we appreciate the commitment to quality and options.


It’s powdered, first of all, which means not worrying about concealment as much. You have to mix it yourself, but that makes it more portable and easier to carry around. This gets around the issues of concealment and carry that we’ve mentioned on the last two products.

It’s a simple powdered kit which means you don’t actually get – or need – much.

It’s a vial of dehydrated pee. The rest of it is just there to help you get it right: a small container, a temperature strip to make sure you’re getting it right, and then a heat activation powder to warm it up on the go.

This is an old system now and it does have the scope for human error. You could always just do it wrong, but it’s also time-tested and has been successful for many people over the years. You’ll want to get some practice with this kit before you go out to your test.

It’s reliable, it’s simple, and it’s well-engineered to the same quality and standard as the quick luck kit. This is perfect for an on-the-move drug test and you can avoid the long process of microwaving, storing, and re-heating that a liquid mix might involve.

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Powdered form is easy to transport

Very few ingredients and a simple process

Effective engineering and lab-formulation to a very high standard

Almost 2 decades of trusted use and success!

Cheaper than most pre-mix liquid formulas


Possible human error in mixing

Definitely requires a little practice mixing

#4. Test Clear: Best Powdered Kit

The Test Clear brand is an emerging one and it’s got some interesting products. Aside from their role in the detox market, their powdered synthetic urine kit is an interest economy choice.

There are 2 similar but different products we’re looking at here: the powdered urine in general and the urinator kit. The first includes just the powdered urine, heating system, and container. The urinator includes the same, but with practice vials, syringe, and a digital heat regulator.


The powdered urine of this brand is another example of compact, easy-to-carry synthetic. As ever, this means you’re going to be mixing and heating by yourself and close to the test. It’s a product that offers reliable and effective fake urine.

This isn’t as well-proven or industry-regarded as some veteran products. However, it’s a good formulation with all the important PH and chemical markers that are necessary to pass your test.

What they lack in the decades-long history of clear choice, Test clear are making up for with innovation – especially in the urinator kit.

The heat regulator is obviously the most interesting and unique part of this product, where it offers a very clever way of controlling temperature. Both the heating device and the thermometer are digital, offering a standard of clarity and focus that other kits simply don’t offer.

It’s a sophisticated little setup that takes a lot of the guesswork out of heating the solution and offers a really high-quality experience. It also includes both a pouch of clear urine and a powdered synthetic urine vial, so you have the options you need to get through your test.

These are both interesting systems, and the powdered urine is also among the cheapest, best on the market at around half the price of a normal pre-mix urine kit!

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Great innovative takes on heating

Sensor-rod based temperature checking for better accuracy

Options for both liquid and powdered urine

Powdered urine kit is very cheap


The Urinator is quite expensive for the full kit

Brand name doesn’t carry quite as much weight

#5. Clear Choice Incognito: Best Fake Urine with Urinator

We’re back with clear choice as they have clearly been one of the most important players in the field.

Clear Choice Incognito is a belt-based pre-mixed liquid urine kit. Once again, it’s a system that is based on a high-quality urine formulation. It’s popular for its reliability and – with this product – complete ease of use.


The incognito belt is among the most effective and reliable systems. It’s pre-mixed but uses a pouch and belt system that takes out the usual concealment challenges of a pre-mixed liquid synthetic urine.

This is a really simple single-use kit that is going to take out so much of the complication of a urine kit. Passing your drug test is going to be easier with the pre-mix and the fact that the heating pads and belt are included and easier to use than a standard bottle-mixture or a powdered form.

The fake urine in this product is of the same incredible standard that has made clear choice an industry-leader. This product is the best if you’re just looking for a single-use, in and out, easy-to-use system that will pass a drug test.

It’s low-profile, it’s no-mess, and it takes out many of the more complicated steps of other products. That does come at a price: it’s not the cheapest product for the single-use, especially compared to the Test clear we just covered, but it’s the price for a simple, foolproof fake urine kit.

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Easily concealed

Takes very little effort or thought – not much can go wrong

Simple and effective system with great formula

Lightweight, streamlined, and low profile for concealment

Clear choice is a well-regarded brand!


Expensive for a mostly single-use product

Heating system is pads only and lacks a short-term heating option

Synthetic Urine Reviews: What Should You Look For?

Using a synthetic urine kit isn’t a small deal. It’s the kind of thing we only deal with when we’re caught up against a deadline and don’t believe in the body’s ability to clear in time.

It’s easy to have your doubts and feel panicked. We get it.

This section is here so you can get a better idea of what best synthetic urine kits are, what they do, and how they work. It’s important to believe in the products you’re buying and – while we’ve been reviewing our favourites – it’s important that you understand why they’re the best!

We’re going to provide a little bit of guidance and peace of mind on how this all works…

What Is Synthetic Urine?

It’s what it sounds like: urine that isn’t from you. It’s lab-produced and aims to provide all the same important markers that your urine would, but with 100% certainty that you’re not going to test positive.

It’s pretty much identical to the urine you’d produce yourself, which is why it’s so effective in spoofing a urinalysis test. There are two main forms of synthetic urine: liquid and powdered.

Liquid synthetic urine is exactly what it sounds like? A liquid form of urine that is either already at useable levels, or a concentrated form to which you just add water.

Powdered urine contains all the same chemicals and ingredients but requires mixing with hot water. It’s a little easier to transport and mix, of course, but it also means that you’re in charge of putting it together.

These are both effective methods and the products we’ve mentioned above cover both. Most important is what you think you’re comfortable with. Liquids are harder to move around, while powders require some careful mixing and proper measuring.

The components are pretty much the same and the main difference is just whether you’d like to take the chance with transporting the liquid or with mixing the powder into a real, liquid synthetic urine when you get to testing.

Using synthetic urine: how does it work for drug test?

The more familiar you are with how synthetic urine is used, the more comfortable and confident you’re likely to be. It’s important to control the anxiety and potential panic of testing, and to give off the right impression.

Understanding how to use it before you have to perform under pressure helps. We’re going to outline how you’d use synthetic urine kits to pass a urinalysis test – so there’s no panic and no surprises.

1. Preparation

A synthetic urine needs to be prepared, especially if you’re using a powdered or concentrate form. These require adding water to get the consistency of real urine and to provide the right chemical environment and amount.

Some liquids are pre-mixed and offer a simple solution. If you have one of those, you can likely skip this whole step.

2. Wearing

You’ll need to wear your synthetic urine kit. It’s not going to be the most comfortable thing you’ve ever done but you do need to make it seem like it’s coming from your body and you can’t just empty a cup in your bag into the testing cup.

Wearing will often involve a belt-like device and a way of getting the synthetic urine into the cup. This will typically be either a tube or a syringe or similar. You should get used to these long before you go for your test.

Figure out how to wear them under your clothes and what is most comfortable. It’ll save looking suspicious in future.

3. Warming

You’ll want to warm the synthetic urine liquid to make sure it resembles the real thing. This can be done one of 2 ways – some kits use body heat while others involve heating pads or even warm-hot water.

These are obviously going to depend on the product. The simpler you can make it without compromising on quality, the better. Warming is another essential step and should be taken seriously – nobody pees cold liquids.

4. Practice

Once you’ve completed all the steps to here, the key point is to practice it. You need to get familiar with this process so it’s like peeing normally – it shouldn’t be any different to wear or practice than going to the toilet normally.

You don’t want to get caught being suspicious and uncomfortable during this process. For it to work, you need to be discrete and familiar.

Practice a few times – dry runs, you might say – until you’re confident and natural. It’s worth the time and effort.

5. Testing: the real thing

You need to treat the test day with seriousness. All the prep and practice are for that moment and you need the same confidence you’d have if you knew you’d never need a synthetic urine kit.

Doing it requires you to be calm, collected, and not fiddle with the belt. If you’ve practiced well and chosen one of our favourite kits, you’ll be absolutely fine!

What Makes a Good Synthetic Urine Kit?

When you’re looking at buying a kit to pass your drug test, what should you look for?

There are a few things that we think are most important and we’re going to outline what they are, why they matter, and what to look out for.

1. Brand

The brand itself matters.

Best synthetic urine brands make good products, and the reputation also speaks to how much you can trust them. Better brands mean more certainty and confidence in the product itself – crucially important with something as precarious as a drug test!

2. Guarantees

The more guarantees of lab-calibrated results, the better. This could be anything – the PH, the creatinine and kinase levels, the density, whatever.

The more bases that a product pro-actively covers, the more like the real thing it’s going to be. The more certainty and peace of mind you can get from the product, the better.

If a reputable brand is making big claims about the range of tests and assurances they can offer on their product, it’s probably a great choice.

3. Shelf life

The shelf life of a product should be included in the description and sales materials.

You want to be safe in the knowledge that your synthetic urine isn’t degraded or likely to go bad before you need to test. It’s worth checking in with every product to make sure it has plenty of shelf life and that you can test on a “fresh” batch!

4. Powder or liquid?

You want to figure out if powder or liquid urine is better for your needs. We’ll talk about this more below.

The important thing is considering what the product is like and if you want powder or liquid. They both work but they have unique advantages and drawbacks.

5. Equipment and other kit

The quality and comfort of the kit – and how you use it – also matters.

You need to feel comfortable using the product under the stress of real-world testing situations.

The quality of the kit – like the belt and valve, for instance – ids going to be key. You need to be able to practice beforehand, too, if possible. Reusable bags and other forms of washable components are great to give you the chance to practice your use without using up your synthetic urine.

Does Synthetic Urine Really Work?

Yes – otherwise this article wouldn’t make much sense. We’re not in the business of giving you bad advice.

Synthetic urine kits keep selling because they keep working. They’re based on decades of the science of urinalysis, but in reverse – and the brands we’ve highlighted here are the most trustworthy names in the field.

Synthetic urine can’t be differentiated from real urine specifically because it’s designed by people who know what they’re looking for. The scientific process that goes into producing effective, safe synthetic urine kits.

It can’t be detected or differentiated from the real stuff, and you have 100% peace of mind that it’s clean and passable.

What Does Urinalysis Test: Why Synthetic Urine?

The Urine test process tells us what we need from a good synthetic urine. It tells us both how it works and how to make sure we’re getting the right product!


Urine can present a variety of different colours, but a good testing lab will know the appearance of urine.

There are appropriate colours and tests that can be performed on the colour alone that could flag a bad sample. Best synthetic urine brands includes a mixture of different naturally occurring colours to ensure that your sample looks authentic.

It will test positive for all the specific urine-colouring chemicals, so you’re completely safe.

Ph Level

Urine is mildly acidic – urea is an acid after all.

Labs will need to see a sample that falls within the natural, normal range to ensure the sample is reliable and safe. There’s a range, so you don’t need to be too specific, but products will generally range from 4 to 7.

The specifics don’t matter because Ph levels vary by person and from time to time. The important thing is that you’re using a product that is pro-active about its PH and offers a lab-safe result.

Chemical Content

Urine isn’t just yellow-ish water. It’s your body’s “out” process.

Natural urine includes a range of chemical through-wash, with waste products being filtered out of the body. These include metabolic waste products like creatinine, creatine kinase, vitamins and minerals, and countless other trace “ingredients”.

A good synthetic urine has a realistic, believable concentration of these compounds. It ensures that your pee doesn’t look too clean, where it might also be flagged for unusually low levels of important, normal compounds.


There’s a certain density to urine based on your water and electrolyte levels when you pee.

The body regulates these two factors against each other, and the result is a very specific concentration of compounds in solution. If your density is outside of normal ranges, you may be flagged for tampering.

Good brands are reliable for producing the right concentration of “main ingredients” and the right density. It provides another factor for convincing, realistic performance like any other clean urine.


The natural temperature of Urine is in the 90s, in Fahrenheit, and 32-36 degrees in Celsius.

This isn’t something you can just mix together. It needs to resemble the right temperature during the sampling, even if it’s going to be cold by the time it comes to the test.

Any good synthetic urine kit for passing a drug test is going to need to use either body heat or heating pads to make this happen. You want to return something in the right general range – they’re not going to test the temperature, but it will look weird if you hand the tester a cold pot of urine.


While a reputable tester has better methods for testing your pee, it’s always important that it’s as close to the real thing as possible.

The smell of pee is pretty distinctive – and you don’t want your synthetic urine to smell like roses. It should smell like pee.

Properly formulated synthetic urine smells like the real thing because of urea and the various other chemicals it contains by design.

How to Use and Store Synthetic Urine for a Drug Test?

Once you have a product that you trust – ideally one of the ones we’ve already mentioned – it’s important to work on storage and use. These are the bits that make any product work – you can’t get the test right if you’re being careless with your storage, wear, and use.

These are the human errors that cause false positives in synthetic pee kits. They rely on being deliberate in how you store and use them – degradation and changes to the way that these products work are possible, and it’s too much money to be careless about them.

It’s important to be prepared to test at short notice and know what you’re doing. Usually, this involves proper storage, getting familiar with any wearables, and then the actual ‘decanting’ process into the tester pot.

The storage of a pee kit is important. Letting it go bad can happen if you’re storing it incorrectly, and proper maintenance means reliable, clean results.

You want to keep It somewhere cool, dry, and away from the sun. Treat it much like any other volatile liquid you don’t want to go off – you’re not meant to drink it, but you should treat it with the same care.

You can also freeze synthetic urine, once mixed, and it will keep well for a while. It shouldn’t be your main plan, but it’s possible to freeze and thaw it. Every consecutive freeze-thaw is going to degrade the sample but, in an emergency, it’s something you can make work.

Wearables obviously need to be discrete. We tend to find these items are strapped to the leg or worn around the waist like a belt.

These offer the simplest, smallest profile through clothes while also being near enough and subtle enough to make testing easier. They allow you to carry the pre-mixed or powder solution on your person without arousing suspicion. This is an important part of both the performance of the testing and the confidence to act relaxed throughout the process.

Leg straps are simple and offer an internal, under-the-clothes pocket where you can store the synthetic urine bottle. It’s relatively comfortable and can be worn for long periods of time safely. It will also be a way of warming the synthetic itself relatively quickly.

In a similar vein, underwear with pockets or similar discrete storage options are common and offer a similar opportunity. These are rare in kits but can be purchased specifically for this purpose.

There are also belt storage options that offer a simple elasticated band and storage for the pouch or bottle. These sit within the waist and tend to offer quick-access options for improving the ease-of-use and efficiency of the process.

Decanting the concoction into the tester pot is its own challenge – or feature – for some products.

Obviously, it could be as simple as a bottle or pouch. However, some products go out of their way to make this process simple and easy. They offer systems with valves and tubes which both make for a more natural and convincing process.

These also tend to be more comfortable and discrete on these wearables. They offer a lower profile in clothes, as well as a more developed and confidence-inspiring system during the decanting process.

FAQs About Synthetic Urine Kit: What Do You Need to Know?

Should I buy liquid or powdered synthetic urine?

It depends how confident you feel mixing the solution yourself.

Liquid pre-mixes are common and reduce the effort required to make a convincing pee test. However, they do involve a more challenging storage/wearing process – and that might be a problem.

Powdered synthetic also tends to be made from dehydrated human urine that has been tested, controlled, and approved. That’s why it’s so similar to the real thing – because it is the real thing in many cases.

These are both viable ways to make synthetic urine work. Powdered forms also have better storage and longevity – they’re not going to go “off” like the pre-mixtures. You can store dehydrated urine powder and it is usually a little cheaper.

Liquid sources are easier to use when you’re testing – just open the valve and “pee” – but they do introduce more challenges in wearing. Worry about the individual brand and product, not whether you should be team liquid or team powder!

Why not just use someone else’s urine?

You could, theoretically, use someone else’s urine. However, this introduces a lot of other concerns, like making sure that they’re going to pass the test.

You also need to consider the storage, wearing, and use of the urine. A synthetic urine kit isn’t just the power/liquid – it’s the equipment, heating pads, and the instructions for use.

The kits exist to help you spoof a drug test, they’re not just your mate’s pee that you asked to borrow. Certainty and ease-of-use are crucial here and the last thing you want to do is get caught short without a professional option.

Will Synthetic Urine Trigger a Urine Test?

People who get caught while using synthetic urine tests tend to trip up on 2 areas:

1. Not paying attention to the instructions

2. Not being familiar enough with the process when it really matters

These are human errors. The pee kits cannot do all the work for you – you need to be practiced and deliberate in using them. If you spill them, fail to warm them properly, or store them improperly you’re going to have issues.

If you get a reputable kit from a good brand with a history of effective, trustworthy use – like the ones in our review – you should be fine. False positives often rely on human error or use of poorer-quality synthetic urine kits.

How Long Does Synthetic Urine Last?

You can’t buy a synthetic urine kit for 5 years’ time. Many of the compounds are going to degrade and the longer you leave it without use, the more likely it is to be flagged for abnormalities or return a false positive.

Liquid synthetic urine pre-mixtures have a shorter shelf life since they’re already in solution. Reactions take place faster, degrading the quality of the liquid.

On the other hand, powdered products have a longer shelf life and are more resilient to the risks and downsides of storage. They’re also more convenient to store.

Your best bet is to check with the brand on shelf life, as the time it is stored before sale will affect how long you can expect it to last. Typically, synthetic urine brands will usually last for a few (2-3) years at a time.

This obviously relies on proper storage in a cool, dry, dark place where it’s not going to be exposed to the elements. Don’t open the synthetic urine to smell it, either – opened products will expire sooner.

Once you have it, the key to making it last is to leave it alone!

What is Synthetic Urine For?

Synthetic urine kits are obviously great for passing urinalysis tests. However, they have other uses – they don’t just exist for getting around drug tests.

Primarily, synthetic urine is used in R&D for a wide variety of products. Especially in things like cosmetics and children’s sanitary care, where it is important for testing the reactions and absorbability of diapers, for example.

It’s also common to see dehydrated synthetic urine used in scientific research. It’s a more portable, stable form of urine to prevent sample degradation – though it doesn’t always work perfectly.

Obviously, synthetic urine is mostly for getting around drug tests and making sure you’re passing!

Can Men and Women Use the Same Synthetic Urine Kit?

Some products are unisex. There are slight differences in how men and women’s urine samples are constituted so you want to make sure you check with each product.

Most of the products on our list today come with unisex urine formulations as default.

Unisex products are better but if you’re looking at a very important test, you should be able to get specific male- and female-formulated urine due to changes in chemical concentrations. This will only make your sample more realistic and more believable.

The less things they flag as unusual, the better, and the smoother your testing will go!

In Conclusion: Which the Best Fake Urine Kit?

Synthetic urine kits aren’t cheap – but then neither is failing a drug test. If you’re reading this article, you probably need a synthetic urine kit.

We’ve covered what makes a good choice and we’ve included five great choices that will get you through your urine test with flying colours. You need to get familiar with your brand of choice and the process that is involved with testing.

Remember that you need the synthetic urine but also the coolness and confidence to get through testing. All 5 of the products we’ve outlined will give you the peace of mind that you’re going to pass your drug test.

Clear Choice Quick Luck is still our standout product for its all-round quality, certainty, and brand regard. It’s the product we trust most, and which has the best range of lab-tested qualities. It comes at a price, but that’s a small thing compared to failing a test!

Good Luck!

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