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Best Male Enhancement Pills: Top 3 Penis Enlargement Supplements [2021]

Sexual satisfaction is something, which every couple wants to enjoy. However, as the age goes beyond 40, the couple loses the edge in enjoying the same.

As the age of men goes up, they come across sexual health issues including reduced testosterone, erectile dysfunction and less sexual desire.

All these issues lead to poor sexual performance, which can be a frustrating story for the partner. The good news is that there are several ways in which you can counter these issues to perform best sexually. One of the best ways is to rely on male enhancement pills.

These pills are specially designed to fight sexual dysfunction issues, which can help in enjoying the sex again.

Thus, with this, you can return to your bed with new energy. We will be digging deep into the Best Male Enhancement Pills and the places you can get as under:

Top 5 Male Enhancement Supplements

Male Extra: Best For Lasting Longer in Bed
Viasil: Best For Men Over 40
Vigrx Plus: Best For Harder Erections
Extenze: Best For Increasing Ejaculation Volume
ProSolution: Best For Increasing Penis Size

Best Male Enhancement Pills: Top Sex Pills For Men

1. Male Extra: Best For Lasting Longer in Bed

The top brand to consider while buying the best male enhancement pills is Male Extra. It has been a leading brand when it comes to getting the best male enhancement pills. It is regarded as a safe product, thanks to the stringent processing protocol, which gives high quality safer products. These pills are made up of 100 percent natural organic ingredients, which are tested in the lab allowing to enjoy the best of the sexual health.

The final product seems to have brought forth two decades of research and development. It comes with a unique blend of potent natural ingredients, which boost up benefits like penis hardness. It helps in improving the oxygen-rich blood flow in your cells. It has more than 300,000 happy men in the world. This adds up the stamina and even combat fatigue giving a good sexual pleasure. There are many benefits, effects, and other things to know about Male Extra. Let’s check more about the brand as under.

Features of Male Extra:

This best male enhancement pills promise the following features:

Helps in improving upon the intensity of your orgasms
Helps in keeping the erections last longer
Helps in enjoying harder erections
Add your confidence with high stamina

>> Visit the Official Website of Male Extra

Pros of Male Extra:

Male Extra has several benefits to offer and some of these including the following:

Enjoy the value of money with the combination of potent ingredients
Get it shipped all across the world
You do not need a prescription to get these pills
Enjoy Money-back guarantee, which means if you are not happy you get back your money.

Cons of Male Extra:

Unlike the long list of pros, it has few cons as well, check a few as under:

You can only purchase from its official website
It takes time to show the results

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Ingredients and Benefits of Male Extra:

As these pills - Male Extra carry natural ingredients, which are considered safe. This very unique combination of the ingredients makes sure that you can get the essential nutrients that are needed to restore your sexual health.

• L-Arginine

It is popular for its capability to stimulate the production of nitric oxide. The presence of the same helps in expanding your blood vessels that helps in boosting up the blood flow along with your genitals and body. This helps in enjoying a thicker, stronger and harder kind of erection. The inclusion of this ingredient found in Male Extra simply helps in experiencing a better, strong kind of erection, which can last for long.

• Pomegranate

This ingredient can be found in pomegranate fruit, which is a strong antioxidant helping you to boost up the blood circulation. There are several extracts that comprise different elements that are required for the precise functioning of the body. These also include ingredients including riboflavin, sodium, niacin, and vitamin C.

• Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM)

It is popularly called MSM and it is regarded as the robust kind of anti-inflammatory kind of ingredient, which is used to boost up the symptoms of arthritis that even help in the recovery of muscles. At the same time, it helps individuals who are seen focusing on fitness and bodybuilding. Lastly, it promotes new body cells like your penis cells. Hence at the end of the day, you get to see a good improvement in your penile health.

• L- Methionine

This ingredient is a vital amino acid, which helps in blocking the histamines in your body. The high levels of histamines help in promoting premature ejaculation. The very presence of this ingredient in these pills pushing the ejaculations, which further helps in keeping issues like depression at the bay and thus boost up your sex drive.

• Zinc

This ingredient plays a vital role in controlling the production of testosterone. With the lower levels of testosterone, you can find low libido along with the lower sexual drive. At the same time, it helps in affecting the fertility levels as well as it helps in reducing the motility and strength of semen.

• Cordyceps

We know this ingredient to be present for centuries as it has the capability to treat kidney ailments along with the ability to sort out male sexual health issues. At the same time, it helps in thinning the blood resulting in the improved circulation when it comes to adding over the release of testosterone.

>> Click here to check all the ingredients of Male Extra

Customer Experience:

Male Extra offers mixed results, however, all the customers vouch for this product for boosting up the sexual performance.

Although the outcome is not quick, you have to wait to see it working for you. There is a gradual increase in the arousal rate, erection strength, and plumpness after one month or so.

2. Viasil: Best For Men Over 40

Viasil is the product of Swiss labs, which is marketed by a reputed company called Wolfson Berg Limited. It is regarded as an organic male enhancement supplement, which helps in boosting up the strength of the penis keeping the erection in the perfect way along boosting up the longevity during the intercourse. There are hundreds of thousands of men who have been using these pills and these have proved beneficial in many ways. It helped their partners to enjoy the best time on their beds.

>> Visit the Official Website of Viasil

Features of Viasil:

Some of the key features of Viasil include the following:

It helps in fixing even the issues like the erectile dysfunction issues with the help of boosting up the stamina and endurance.
Viasil is made from the carefully chosen natural ingredients.
These offer good sexual health, higher stamina, and endurance in bed
It fixes several other sexual problems like impotence and reduced libido.
The result is instant as consuming the pills can help you work within half an hour before the sex and you end up getting satisfied and happy. This is one of the unique features when we compare with the other male enhancement pills.

Pros of Viasil:

There are several pros of these pills and some of these include:

It helps in fixing sexual problems like erectile dysfunction
It gives minimal or no side effects
Vaisil helps to maintain good endurance along with boosting up the stamina during sex
Boosts up the blood flow giving a stronger kind of erections
Enjoy a 100% money-back guarantee

Cons of Viasil:

Unlike so many pros of these pills, you can find a few cons as well and these are enlisted as under:
If you are allergic to any of the above ingredients, you are expected to experience some side effects.
You can only get these pills from their official website.

Benefits of Viasil:

There are several benefits to reap with Viasil and a few of these are as follows:

These are made up of 100 % natural and safe ingredients
These pills prove out to be an effective treatment option for a wide range of sexual issues.
You enjoy a more muscular body without even asking to go to the gym
There are no side effects
Enjoy a harder and longer-lasting erections
Effective Libido enhancement

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Ingredients of Viasil:

These pills are made up of six natural ingredients. All these ingredients are seen working to boost up the smooth blood flow inside the penis along with boosting up the hormone levels. Besides, enjoying the boosting of the libido levels, the energy levels during the sex is incredible. As far as these ingredients are concerned, the following are the key ones, let’s check them out as under:

• Actiful

It is one of the popular ingredients including actiful, which originates from pomegranate and citrus. It boosts blood flow and energy levels. At the same time, Actiful comes from both citrus and pomegranate. It increases blood flow, energy, and stimulates the production of nitric oxide. The presence of Nitric oxide helps in boosting up the blood flow along with resulting in heightened sexual arousal. At the same time, it also helps in extending sexual endurance and stamina for long.

• Zinc

As per several scientific studies, the presence of zinc in these pills helps in treating issues like erectile dysfunction. It also helps in boosting up the testosterone levels in order to get rid of the symptoms leading to issues like erectile dysfunction.

• Horny Goat Weed Extract (Epimedium)

It is also called Epimedium, which is basically a Chinese medicine more known for boosting up your sexual health along with treating bones and even issues like kidney problems. At the same time, the presence of this ingredient helps in boosting up the production of testosterone giving an improved level of libido. This very ingredient helps in treating the other sexual issues including erectile dysfunction and helps in boosting blood flow.

• Tribulus Terrestris

This is commonly called T. Tribulus and it happens to be a common weed that is used for male virility along with general vitality. It helps in enhancing libido, protecting your organs and sexual well-being. Besides, this ingredient has the potential to treat erectile dysfunction along with improving the sperm count. It also has nitric oxide, which further helps in giving androgen enhancing benefits. T. Tribulus can even help in improving the fertility in men and thus boost the testosterone levels.

• Panax Ginseng

It has its origin in countries like Koera and China and it comprises the capability to reduce stress along with boosting up the general health. With boosting up the energy levels, it helps in fixing the sufferings from erectile dysfunction.

• Ginkgo Biloba

The other vital ingredient found in it includes Ginkgo Biloba, which emerges as an important antioxidant that further helps in improving upon the functioning of the heart along with helping issues like inflammation and at the same time helps in improving the blood flow as well. There are several scientific studies that suggest that it helps in treating sexual dysfunction with the help of boosting up the nitric oxide levels in the blood. This ends up resulting in improved blood level in the penis. Lastly, it can even improve upon the sexual drive along with orgasm and erections.

>> Click here to check all the ingredients of Viasil

Customer Experience:

As far as the customers are concerned, we can find a huge amount of happy and satisfied customers. Consuming Viasil can help them enjoy better and stronger erections and at the same time enjoy a good energy level as well. It comes with a good blend of potent ingredients, which further helps in enjoying several benefits even the consumers above 40 years of age suffering from ailments like erectile dysfunction have smarter results.

3. VigRX Plus: Best For Harder Erections

VigRX Plus is one of the popular male enhancement pills from the brand called Leading Edge Health. It is among the potent ingredients, which are designed to restore sexual health. It helps in boosting up testosterone production along with increasing the sexual drive, along with regulating the hormone production.

Features of VigRX Plus:

Some of the key features of these pills include the following:

It helps to bring harder, big and long-lasting erections
Helps in making your orgasms look intense and frequent
Boost up your libido levels along with the sexual drive
Get good control on erections

With all these features, it is able to receive the endorsement from Dr. Steven Lamm, the known medical expert and an author.

>> Visit the Official Website of VigRX Plus

Pros of VigRX Plus:

There are several pros of these pills and some of these are:

Good libido levels and stamina
The first choice of doctors’ recommendation
Effective erection control
No need of any prescription
Two months back guarantee
Effective orgasm and sexual gratification

Cons of VigRX Plus:

You can only find these pills on their official website
A bit costly if buying in small quantity
It works only when you consume

Benefits of VigRX Plus:

These products are scientifically designed with around ten robust ingredients helping the men enjoy not only good sexual health but at the same time higher nutrient essentials. The following are the key benefits:

It helps Boost the testosterone levels
Boost up the flood flow
Improve libido
Good blood flow in penis area

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Ingredients of VigRX Plus:

• Asian Red Ginseng

This ingredient is good in treating erectile dysfunction. It also helps in improving upon the erections along with boosting up sperm counts and its quality. It also helps in boosting up the immune system and adding focus and combating diabetes.

• Saw Palmetto

It is effective for improving the urinary function along with preventing the hair loss and acts like an anti-inflammatory. It can help in balancing the hormones like testosterone but at the same time help in taking care of the other symptoms like erectile dysfunction for boosting up libido.

• Hawthorn berry

It has been used in Chinese medicine for ages, while it helps in treating the heart ailments including cardiac failure, high cholesterol, high BP and others. This also helps in adding strength to blood vessels along with improving upon the blood circulation in the penile area that gives a good erection.

• Ginkgo Biloba

This is yet another key ingredient in these pills, which remain a potent antioxidant helping to fight issues like inflammation and that helps in brain function. It also helps in treating sexual dysfunction including impotence. The antioxidant features, it can boost up the nitric oxide levels found in the blood that can lead to male arousal.

• Damian

It is among the robust ingredient that helps in boosting up your sex drive both in the male and female issues. It also helps in combating the stress along with helping with sexual enjoyment.

• Muira Puama Root Extract

It is a potent ingredient that helps in improving the erection thus giving a good sex drive. It also helps in fixing issues like ED along with keeping all the other health problems like joint pain, constipation and depression at bay.

• Cuscuta Seed Extract

It offers numerous health benefits like boosting up testosterone production apart from fixing other health issues. It is also known to have a few anti-aging properties.

The other ingredients used include Bioperine, Epimedium, Catuaba Bark Extract and Tribulus Terrestris.

>> Click here to check all the ingredients of VigRX Plus

Customer Experience:

As per customers, these pills have been effective in terms of results which can be visible from the third week itself. They enjoyed having a good time with their partners and making everyone happy. Most of the customers are happy for having long lasting enjoyment during sex.

4. ExtenZe: Best For Increasing Ejaculation Volume

ExtenZe is among the known male enhancement pills that are made up of natural ingredients that help in fixing sexual issues and helping to enhance sexual desire.

Features of ExtenZe:

It helps in targeting issues like weak erections, premature ejaculation and low libido
It helps in adding stamina and sexual endurance
Boost up testosterone levels, balancing hormones and fertility issues
Get essential nutrients to fix erectile dysfunction symptoms.
Enjoy quick erection and stimulation

Pros of ExtenZe:

You get ExtenZe with a 6o day money-back guarantee
One pill per day can give the results
Enjoy better erections
Good sex drive
Made from natural ingredients
Enjoyable orgasms

Cons of ExtenZe:

Results vary from person to person
Some ingredients can have a few side effects
You can only find it on their Official Website

Benefits of ExtenZe:

It promises the following benefits:

Boost up the penis size
Enjoy higher level of stamina in bed
Rock hard erections
Improved libido
Delayed ejaculations
Reduced stress

>> Visit the Official Website of ExtenZe

Ingredients of ExtenZe:

• Maca Extract

It helps in boosting the sex drive along with sperm count and motility.

• Tribulus Extract

This helps in regulating cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure levels. It also boosts up the energy level and gives a prolonged enjoyment.

• Yohimbe Extract

It is regarded as the key ingredient, which helps in treating symptoms like ED and helps in boosting up the sex drive along with promoting longer and stronger erections.

• Boron

This is an important mineral, which helps in reducing the sex hormone binding globulin along with boosting up the testosterone production.

• L- Arginine HCL

It is rich in amino acids, which helps in adding the proteins in your body. At the same time, it helps in improving blood circulation, penile area and boost for sexual performance.

• Pumpkin seeds

These are rich in zinc content, which makes it effective for producing higher testosterone levels. At the same time, it helps in stimulating the production of luteinizing hormone(LH).

• Horny Goat Weed

It helps in improving the sexual desire and thus help in transporting nitric oxide with higher blood flow and body.

• Korean Ginseng Extract

It is a Chinese medicine, which is considered to be a potent aphrodisiac that helps in relaxing the blood vessels muscles. It helps in boosting up the blood flows along with making the penis look strong.

• Ho Show Wu Extract

It helps in improving the sperm function along with boosting up the testosterone levels. At the same time, it has some anti-aging features that help in boosting up the testicular cells and boost the sperm production.

The other ingredients include Pregnenolone, Astragalus root, Hops extract, Damiana leaf, Cnidium Extract, Stinging Nettle Extract and Muira Puama extract.

>> Click here to check all the ingredients of ExtenZe

Customer Experience:

The experience of the end users have been positive and gives a good customer rating. A majority of customers have not enjoyed any negative side effects including anxiety.

5. ProSolution Pills: Best For Increasing Penis Size

It is a known Chinese medicine that is known to treat all the major male sexual issues. It offers effective solutions to issues like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

>> Visit the Official Website of ProSolution Pills

Features of Prosolution Pills:

Improved level of sexual stamina
Ejaculation control
Long-lasting full erections
Prolonged orgasms
Extended sexual intercourse

The brand has been in the market since past ten years as it has helped thousands of consumers in sorting out the weak or lose erections, sex drive and loose erections.

Pros of Prosolution Pills:

Effective control over your orgasm
Thicker and stronger erections
100% natural ingredients
Approved by doctors
helps in mental health issues like stress and anxiety

Cons of Prosolution Pills:

You can only procure from its official website
Some users can get nausea or headache

Benefits of Prosolution Pills:

It has several benefits to offer:

It is very potent and is made up of natural ingredients
If offers no harm to your health
Boost up good sexual performance
Fixes several health issues

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Ingredients of Prosolution Pills:

Some of the key ingredients include the following:

• Cordyceps

It improves the libido along with boosting up the sexual performance. It stimulates the higher production of testosterone.

• Reishi Mushroom

It is known for its good antiviral and anti-inflammatory features. It enhances the absorption of nutrients along with helping to boost up the body functionality.

• Drilizen

It helps in stimulating the production of Luteinizing hormone that helps in the natural production along with testosterone. The presence of nitric oxide will help in boosting up the blood flow in the entire body.

• Bladderwrack

It is rich in seaweed found in Atlantic and Pacific coasts. You can use it to treat thyroid apart from getting a higher metabolism rate. This further helps you a lot in your sexual activities.

• Curculigo Orchioides

It is a potent blend of aphrodisiac and adaptogenic that boosts up good testosterone. It helps in boosting up the sexual desire thus helping in issues like penile erection, mount frequency, and mount latency to name a few.

Some of the other ingredients include

Zinc Oxide
Korean Ginseng
Butea Superba
Apigenin and Alma

>> Click here to Know about the ingredients of ProSolution Pills

Customer Experience:

ProSolution is known to give some of the best benefits. These pills are quick acting, and users are known to have quicker results after two weeks of use. A majority of consumers are happy using it and have experienced good sexual performances.

Buying Guide:

The best place to buy the male enhancement supplements is from the product’s respective official website. You can find a wide range of benefits shopping with their official sites:

Get good discount deals on bulk order
Get 30 to 60 days of money back offers
Enjoy festive and other deals
Get only authentic and 100 percent quality pills
Enjoy pills with no or minimal side effects.

Even if you find these pills sold on other websites, make sure you check the source and authenticity of the place. There are several fake groups promoting the wrong products in the name of branded pills, beware.

In Conclusion: Should You Try Male Enhancement Pills?

With lower sexual performance on the bed, you get a feeling of aging. The best way to say goodbye to these feelings is to rely on male enhancement pills. The above discussed brands- Male Extra, Viasil, VigRX Plus, ExtenZe, and Prosolution are some of the best male enhancement pills, you can certainly try them with ease. So, what are you waiting for, happy shopping!


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