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Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds: Best Seed Banks For Marijuana Seeds That Ship To The USA In 2021

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Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds: Best Seed Banks For Marijuana Seeds That Ship To The USA In 2021

There are many growers of marijuana seeds out there. However, only a select few will guarantee the quality and freshness of their seed from the time they grow to the time they germinate. Additionally, because marijuana seed and the law have a complex relationship, companies must find a workaround to make sure customers worldwide receive their orders securely.

After looking at online reviews, comparing websites, product variety, and germination guarantees, we have compiled a list of the top 5 Best Marijuana Seed Banks where you can buy marijuana seeds online These are a combination of international and American brands that have been in the industry for a while with a large audience.

Some states in the USA criminalize marijuana seed under their jurisdiction.

Top 5 Best Seed Banks Online to Marijuana Seeds

We have compiled a list of the best marijuana seed banks online for you. These companies provide discreet packaging, notorious strains, various seeds, and brilliant customer services that make them stand out.

1. ILGM - Best Overall Seeds for Sale

2. Ministry of Cannabis - Best in Feminized and Auto flowering Seeds

3. Seedsman - Best for Specialized Strains

4. The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store - Best Discreet Delivery

5. Marijuana Seeds NL - Best Canadian Seed Bank

Below are the top five Marijuana seed banks we have picked and reviewed for you.

#1. ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana) - Best Overall Seed Bank

Brand Overview

Twenty-five years of being in the industry give you an edge over your competitors. Robert Bergman, the founder of ILGM, has learned tricks and tips that have helped him and subsequently his company excel in the face of rivals in the market.

Robert Bergman started ILGM in 2012 but has been in the industry for 25 years. The brand has trusted customers all over the US and in Europe. ILGM also offers free shipping in the USA with delivery within ten days.

ILGM offers its customers high-quality seed with excellent yields & made with CBD & THC. Because of their confidence in the genetics of their seeds, they offer a 100% germination guarantee for their seeds. How cool, right?

And in the case that the germination results vary, ILGM replaces your seeds AND provides proper guidance to help you through the process. ILGM also has a whole range of seed selections you can view before you make your decision.

The company has specialized seeds for different climates, growing conditions, high yielding, and different concentrations of THC and CBD. Some of its top strains are:

Bergman's Gold Leaf

Gorilla Glue

Blueberry Autoflower

White Widow

ILGM has come a long way from where it started. The company has various strain categories like CBD strains etc for growers all over the world. You can choose from different tabs on their website and place an order for seed from various specializations such as beginners, mixed packs, grow kits, medical marijuana seed, and many more!

Mix packs are a way to let beginners experiment by growing different to see what works for them. They are available for purchase at a great deal shaving 50% off the real price.

The website also has multiple offers you can benefit from and save money. They are also currently running a Buy 10 Get 10 Free deal on their White Widow strains for interested growers. It's a great chance for beginners to be a part of their VIP Loyalty program that deposits points in your online account you can later use for purchases.

ILGM offers delivery in discreet packaging to keep the product from being inspected at customs or otherwise. Usually, manufacturers of seeds use ordinary items like CDs, vases, et cetera to protect the products inside.

The brand also provides stealth shipping intended to deliver the product to the customer no matter what happens to the parcel on its way to you. However, if you want to track your order, it will cost you an extra $25.

Customer Support lies on top with ILGM. For this very reason, the company has a forum where growers from everywhere discuss their experiences, and people facing issues can get their "How to's" answered. You can also contact the team at ILGM through the contact form present on the website.

ILGM accepts payment in multiple formats offering convenience to its customers. You can pay using:

Bitcoin: This payment method gives you a 10% off on your total bill. Imagine purchasing your favorite products at a great sale and having another 10% savings at the checkout! We love it, too.

Bank transfer: You can directly wire funds from your bank account to that of the company.

Cash or check: You can opt to pay for your order by directly paying cash or writing a cheque in the company's name.

Credit card: The issue with card payments is that for Marijuana products, your card issuer may block the payment. Credit cards are the least recommended mode of payment by the brand.

Pros of ILGM

Long-standing company with a known manufacturer

Money-back guarantee on dud seeds

Discreet packaging

Stealth shipping

Wide variety of strains

High-quality CBD Strain

100% germination guarantee

Free shipping all over the US

Excellent customer service

Special deals and promotions for customers

Online forums for customers to discuss their queries

good for beginner

Cons of ILGM

Not available in all the US states

Tracking costs $25

Customer Reviews

Users of the strains from ILGM have rated the brand a 9.4 on ten on Trustpilot. People love the high quality of ILGM seeds and their guaranteed germination.

Repeat customers have reviewed the product a 5/5 on various sites saying that the quality and consistency has been excellent through and through. Others have also pointed out how much they love the quick delivery by the brand with no problems through the process.


I Love Growing Marijuana is for people looking for quality seeds and consistent results every time. The company offers a range of strains for different types of growers which is made up of cbd & THC and ships all across the world.

The website also has multiple tips and suggestions to guide you through your process alongside a forum where you can reach out to fellow growers and discuss your experiences.

Benefit from: multiple payment methods, seed pack offers, discounts, additional discounts during checkout, and much more when you shop at ILGM!

=> Click Here to Visit the Official Website of ILGM

#2. Ministry of Cannabis - Best in Feminized and Auto flowering Seeds

Brand Overview

The Ministry of Cannabis (MOC) came into being in 2007 with a passion for using innovative methods to develop exotic strains for the buyers of seeds. In 2008, the Ministry of Cannabis introduced its auto-flowering variety in feminized cannabis seeds and regular forms.

MOC has superior quality feminized seeds created through different genetic processes in different countries. They offer a personal brand of hybridized strains along with other varieties of seed selections. The brand offers mixed packages of Marijuana seeds to introduce new seeds to beginners looking to find their perfect match. MOC also guarantees germination and provides compensation in the case that seeds prove to be duds.

Additionally, MOC's website has a whole section on information provided to growers looking for advice and sharing experiences.

Some famous strains offered by the brand are:

White Widow

Northern Lights




The Ministry of Cannabis offers single products, special packs, and even wholesale prices to target different types of consumers and distributors worldwide.

MOC delivers packages with 100% confidentiality and security to its customers. The company uses discreet packaging and secure billing without putting anyone at risk, given the nature of the product offered. The company will also charge your credit card using a discreet business name. Talk about going undercover!

Shipping costs charged by the company depend on the destination the order needs to be shipped to and the service chosen for shipping. Based on these two factors, shipping is calculated at the checkout step. All shipping methods have a tracking number you can use to track the order. Unlike other seed banks, MOC lets you track your order for free.

The basic charge to making deliveries in the EU is 10 Euros while delivery everywhere is 9 Euros. Orders above the value of 75 Euros are delivered free of charge. The brand also has a terms and conditions manual for your perusal before placing orders.

MOC offers multiple payment methods for customers when they make purchases through the website. Payments are accepted in Euros through Bitcoin, credit cards, bank transfers, cheques, and money grams. Only cash payments are accepted in all kinds of currencies.

Deliveries accepted and payments made are 100% safe, and the company will keep your identity anonymous. MOC also provides excellent customer services and facilitates all kinds of relevant queries, complaints, and suggestions.

They have a telephone number and a contact form on their website you can fill out to reach out in case of any issues. They have happening social media handles where they regularly interact with their customers.

Pros of Ministry of Cannabis

Shipping is free for products over 75 Euros

International shipping available

Guaranteed germination

Several payment methods

Hybrid strains

Significant standing of the brand

Discreet packaging and delivery

Good customer services

Wide variety of cannabis products available

Cons of Ministry of Cannabis

To employ free shipping, a spend of 75 Euros is a must

Peruse through the terms and conditions manual to avoid problems

Customer Reviews

Regular customers seem to be very happy with the brand and the consistency of its products and services. Users enjoy the products and love their prompt delivery services and discreet packaging.

People have also shown appreciation for the quick responses to their customers and how healthily their pot seeds have germinated.


Ministry of Cannabis is a well-known brand providing its brand of hybrid strains, feminized seeds and a variety of several other seeds. The brand ships its products worldwide using discrete methods of packaging and delivery.

The Ministry of Cannabis provides quality seeds with consistency to keep their customers happy and coming back. They also offer a germination guarantee for their pot seeds. The brand provides excellent quality seed and a trusted name among the audience that seeks seed bank for its needs.

=> Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Ministry of Cannabis

#3. Seedsman - Best Discreet Seed Bank

Brand Overview

Seedsman has been an online seed bank since 2003. Their long journey comes with a strong tie with breeders everywhere and a well-built customer base.

Seedsman has a massive inventory of over 1500 strains; some bred themselves while others are outsourced from other seed banks. When you are purchasing with Seedman, make sure to purchase one seed at a time, as this is their selling policy. The pot seeds that the brand provides more often than not yield healthily bearing many plants, but other times, leaves that sprout are pale-looking and dull.

You may also experience seeds out of stock on the Seedsman website. Since Seedsman is a UK brand, the company claims that a shortage of stock is due to Brexit restrictions.

You can browse through the official website to find out the different strains offered by the brand. The website also offers options to compare seed offerings, save a favorite on your wishlist, and currency conversions. You can also access their official blog to view interesting conversations by breeders from all over the world. Seedsman also offers a Loyalty Points program that deposits points in your online account with every purchase you make.

Payment is never an issue with Seedsman, given the many options you can choose from to pay for your order. You can wire funds through a bank transfer, Bitcoin, Zelle, opt for money orders, and even use your credit card. Bitcoin will shave 15-25% off your final bill, and the company will even throw in bonus seeds on orders over 50 Euros.

Because Seedsman offers seeds from a variety of breeders, it is obvious to have price variations. You can see various discounts and sales offered when you access their official website. Seedsman also has contests and giveaways on its social media handles. Free shipping is applicable on orders for the EU above 80 Euros and the UK above 40 Euros.

Seedman offers tracking on orders for customers anticipating to grow their seeds as quickly as possible. However, it is noteworthy that shipping is not Seedsman's strong suit. Customers have often complained that order tracking reveals Seedsman's failure to dispatch packages even after waiting for weeks.

Other times, customers have reported not receiving their orders without any information or leads from the company. And some customers have also reported receiving orders with missing pot seeds even after having waited for weeks on end.

Seedsman also provides stealth delivery to customers. Packaging is kept discreet. However, deliveries are usually made in paper envelopes. Customers have reported receiving damaged seeds inside a flimsy paper envelope.

Pros of Seedsman

Free seeds offered with every order

Offers a Customer Loyalty Program points system

Good customer service

User reviews on the website to help you make a decision

Multiple payment methods

Large collection of seeds bred in-house and outsourced

Cons of Seedsman

Seedsman lacks a good, consistent delivery system

Though discreet, packaging is not strong enough to protect the seeds inside

Free shipping applies after a certain value of products have been purchased

Limited germination guarantee

Customer Reviews

Seedsman has mixed customer reviews. Some people loved their shopping experience while others have made their mind up after their first subpar experience.

While some people have had issues with the time, it took to deliver their order and the condition of the package when the order arrived. People also seem to have a lot to say about the envelope in which the seeds are delivered.

Overall, people like Seedsman as a brand and the quality of their seeds. Maybe stepping up on packaging and delivery will help an even larger portion of people understand the brand's quality.


Overall, Seedsman has a huge collection of strains online where you can buy cannabis seeds online. They have good quality pot seeds that they ship at reasonable prices and discreet packaging.

Seedsman falls short in the proper packaging and delivery area, leaving people online with mixed views about the brand.

=> Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Seedsman

#4. The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store - Best Discreet Delivery

Brand Overview

Also known as The Vault Seed Bank, the weed Seeds Store is commonly known for its exceptional variety of marijuana seed. Customers relate to the brand because of its reliability, high-quality seed, and amazing customer support services. The Store has a large network of breeders to buy, so it is very easy to find strains that work for you.

The company is known for delivering quality weed seeds and source their marijuana seeds from breeders who can achieve this standard. Hence, you can always be confident about what you order because you are guaranteed not to end up with duds for seeds.

The Cannabis Seeds Store has lots of different regular seeds, feminized cannabis seeds, and auto-flowering seeds you can choose from. The brand has over 3,800 different strains on its website where you can buy marijuana seeds online that are globally sourced from 140 different breeders and seed banks.

The various bank the Cannabis Seeds Store is famously known to be in touch with are:

Sensi Seeds


Nirvana Seeds

Ace Seed

Royal Queen Seeds

Buyers and growers of the seeds have reported that the germination ratio of their seeds is 100%. And in case there is any assistance required with the weed seeds or any other process, you can always count on the brand to help you out.

With every order you place, you will receive free premium seeds that you will love! And these are proportionate to the size of your order. Don't believe us? Place your order now to find out!

The Cannabis Seeds Store charges a minimal amount for shipping your order. Unfortunately, the brand does not offer free delivery on your orders except when your order exceeds the 100 GBP limit. You can either have your order delivered regularly or choose express delivery.

Additionally, all orders are packaged discreetly, and within the UK, all orders fall under the guaranteed delivery category. Seeds are concealed inside ordinary products such as DVD boxes and vases/pots, et cetera. You can get your parcel through stealth delivery and be sure that you will receive what you have ordered.

The Cannabis Seeds Store accepts payments through different methods.

You can opt for Credit/Debit card payments when placing an order on the website. These are 100% safe and secure. A bank transfer is also another way to submit your payment against your total bill. Other ways of payment include cash payments, postal orders, Bitcoin, and cheques.

The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store provides one of the best customer services out there. They prioritize their customers and try to solve queries and problems as quickly as possible. From the point that your order gets dispatched, the team will inform you of your order's status every step of the way.

Pros of Cannabis Seeds Store

An incredible variety of strains

The company has over 100 breeders

Guaranteed free delivery

Worldwide delivery

One of the top-rated cannabis stores

Multiple offers and discounts on products

Best customer service

Free seeds with every order

Cons of Cannabis Seeds Store

No germination information or guarantees

Free shipping only on orders above 100 GBP

Customer Reviews

Customers are extremely satisfied with the customer support offered by the brand. They also love how fast the brand delivers the order with a guarantee.

Users also enjoy the vast range of products offered by the brand. They also like the sales and discounts put up by the brand every once in a while.


This 420 seeds Store provides the best range of products to buy cannabis seeds as well as the best customer services. They also keep up with their promise of stealth and quick deliveries that the customers like.

You will receive free weed seeds online with every order and thoroughly enjoy their products at good price deals and promotions. They ship worldwide and in discreet packaging to keep your order safe and secure.

=> Click Here to Visit the Official Website of The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store

#5. Marijuana Seeds NL - Best Quality 420 Seed Bank For Canadians

Brand Overview

Looking to buy top-quality seeds? You have come to the right place. Marijuana Seeds NL (MSNL) is recognized as a brand that delivers what it promises in terms of quality, online offers, speedy delivery, and post-purchase customer care. MSNL cares about delivering quality and does not keep weed seeds in store for more than two months.

MSNL is a UK-based company that ships its products globally. You can check out their website for their products and offers. The MSNL official website is fairly easy to use hence making brand research easy before purchase.

MSNL's seeds are premium in nature because they are hand-picked by experts before delivering to you. MSNL offers many categories for you to pick from, starting at regular to auto-flowering seeds, feminized seeds, and so many other exotic strains. You can purchase seeds that you like separately, as a value pack, or even for wholesale services.

The brand offers over 200 strains exposing its users to variety, taste, and rich quality. MSNL also offers free seeds with every order to their customers. Their weed seeds have a germination guarantee of 90-100%. A few of the popular strains by the brand include:

Super Lemon Diesel


Jack Herer

Purple Pineberry


Green crack

White Widow Max

Super Sour Berry

Any seed bank today knows how complicated deliveries can be. A product like MarijuanaMarijuana has an on-and-off relationship with the law, and hence, brands step in here to meet the customers' needs. MSNL offers three types of shipping:

Standard Shipping

Stealth Shipping

Guaranteed Stealth

Standard shipping has basic packaging and a £5.95 charge. The products under this kind of delivery are sent in a plain envelope without the ability to track your order unless the order is above £75 (excluding the delivery fee).

Stealth shipping costs £10.95 with discreet packaging. This type of delivery delivers your parcel safe and secure hidden in basic, simple items. Stealth shipping takes more time to process hence the need to pay a premium. Once again, all stealth orders above £75 will include the ability to be tracked.

Guaranteed Stealth Shipping has a charge of £16.95 where the product is delivered in secretive packaging. Shipping under this guarantee is exactly that - guaranteed! All such orders are sent with a tracking code regardless of their value to know when you will receive the package. If the product takes over 25 days, a new order will be shipped to you without any extra charges!

MSNL offers free delivery on bulk buying of products. The company also ships internationally, but such orders usually take a long time to process.

You can also return your product if it doesn't arrive at your doorstep in mint condition within seven days. Customers are required to share a clear photo of the product's condition, and once the company has been contacted, a new order will be dispatched free of charge.

MSNL offers economical prices to customers and further runs sales, deals, and offers on the website. The company even offers an MSNL Rewards Program that collects online points against the money you spend on your products. You can later redeem these points for products or ease of buying products online. MSNL also has a quiz section that helps users identify the weed seeds that are best suited for them.

The website offers a 100% secure payment system. You can pay using Bitcoin, bank transfers, cash, or cheques without any fear or insecurities. MSNL offers convenience and choices to its customers.

MSNL has good customer service, although it might not be the best. You can go through their FAQ page for a comprehensive understanding of your issue or reach out to the company through their page for responses roughly in a day.

Pros of MSNL

Stealth Shipping - seeds are concealed in ordinary products to avoid confiscation or suspicion

Well-known manufacturer

Variety of strains

Quiz to help you identify seeds best for you

Free seeds with every order

Germination guarantee

Offers, discounts, and other various deals on the website

7-day return of products

Multiple payment methods for customers

Cons of MSNL

International shipping takes a good amount of time

Free delivery on bulk orders

Customer service takes more than a day, sometimes

No information on breeders available

Customer Reviews

At large, customers seem to love MSNL and its seeds. People who have made purchases love the germination rates and quality of the products.

In addition to the high quality of the seeds, customers seem to love the quick deliveries. However, some people have mentioned their relatively slow customer service.

Overall, MSNL is in the majority's good books. Multiple people have said to come back for their seed needs to MSNL only.


These Seeds NL delivers excellent quality seeds with the help of quick delivery to its customers. The brand offers multiple payment methods for the convenience of its customers and various strains for growers everywhere to choose from.

=> Click Here to Visit the Official Website of MSNL

Buyer's Guide For Best Marijuana Seed Banks

Though complicated Marijuana laws everywhere make the buying and purchasing of seeds everywhere risky, the existence of seed banks has made the task relatively less risky. You need to make sure of a few things before you place an order for your seeds with any seed bank.

State Laws

It is crucial to know what the verdict on MarijuanaMarijuana is in your state. A lot of states have deemed the growing of exotic plants illegal. Not knowing what the state ruling is might land you into trouble.

Additionally, it is specifically the germination process after which illegal Marijuana laws might prove problematic for you. Owning seeds simply is not as troublesome.

Stealth Shipping

Stealth shipping is a common guarantee offered by many seed banks to their customers. This guarantee is an oath taken by the brand to deliver your product no matter what happens to it before it gets to you.

Germination Guarantee

This guarantee is yet another oath good seed banks openly take for their customers. When a brand offers a germination guarantee, it indicates its confidence in the quality of its product.

Look for banks willing to secure you before you spend your money on their Marijuana seeds.

Good Customer Service

Because orders may get confiscated/lost during delivery - among many other problems - It is important to keep the customer in the loop. Good seed banks such as the Cannabis Seeds Store regularly inform its customer of the order's status from the moment they dispatch it for delivery.

Payment Options

Seed banks must be flexible in the way they offer payment from their customers. Customers are often hesitant before using their credit/debit cards to avoid tracking down product information by a third party. However, most banks are even willing to use an alias to protect your product information to keep you safe.

FAQs About Marijuana Seed Banks

Q. Are there any reliable seed banks in the United States of America?

There is a thriving Cannabis market in various parts of America. American breeders are participating in the MarijuanaMarijuana growing process producing top-quality cannabis strains from cannabis plants. However, even despite such efforts, MarijuanaMarijuana and the US government have a complicated relationship. The current legal status of MarijuanaMarijuana is still illegal in many states. Marijuana and many other related products (seeds included) are said to be Schedule 1 drugs. Schedule 1 drugs do not have much legal use, making seed banks difficult to function in the country. This classification puts American seed banks in a tough spot compared to countries like the Netherlands, Canada, or Spain that use MarijuanaMarijuana in a partially or completely legal capacity.

Q. Is it safe to purchase Marijuana seeds on the internet?

This question is among one the most common ones people ask when purchasing Marijuana seeds through seed banks online. And rightly so, murky legal laws make it difficult to feel safe around placing an order for your seeds.

However, if your order has been halted at customs, the worst that can happen is that they will toss it away. In most cases, the seeds won't even get detected. Often bank seeds will package your seeds with daily use items that are less likely to be stopped for inspection, such as DVD cases, boxes, vases, et cetera.

To keep safe, experts advise customers to choose the method of payment carefully. Bitcoin, offered by most companies, is untraceable. However, even credit card payments are secure and protected. Some cannabis seeds banks will even use a different business name when charging your card to keep suspicion away.

Q. Is the packaging of the Marijuana seeds discreet?

All seed banks package their products discreetly to ensure they are not interrupted at customs or elsewhere during delivery. The only information that the package has on it is the customer's name and house address. Some seed banks put up a signed declaration sticker on the packages as well.

Conclusion - Which Marijuana Seed Bank Should You Prefer?

We recommend ILGM and Ministry of Cannabis as the best Marijuana seed banks out of its competitors. These seed banks supersede other banks based on the quality of the weed seeds produced, the customer service provided, the discreet packaging efforts by the brand, and the quick, stealth delivery they promise.

However, all the products listed in this review have been carefully studied before compilation and hence are bound to give you an experience you will enjoy.

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