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Best Penis Extenders: Top 5 Penile Stretcher Devices of 2021

Penile Stretchers

When it comes to penis size, most women agree that bigger is better (although they won’t always admit it). Additionally, men with a bigger penis often have more confidence, better self-esteem, and a more fulfilling sex life.

If you want to increase your penis size and reach your sexual potential, you may have heard of penis extenders before. Also known as a penis traction device, penis extenders offer men a natural way to enlarge the penis without sketchy pills or expensive (and dangerous) penis enlargement surgery.

Penis extenders are considered safe by most medical professionals and are used by thousands of men all over the world to help:

Add inches in length
Achieve harder erections
Increase girth up to 30%
Straighten penile curvatures

However, not all penis extenders are created equal. We’ve reviewed the best penile extenders on the market and rated them on a variety of factors including quality, comfort, customer reviews, price, and value.

If you’re ready to supercharge your sex life and penetrate your partner deeper than any man ever has before, here are the top penis traction devices to try.

The 5 Best Penis Extenders of 2021

Quick Extender Pro: Best for size gains
Penomet: Best penis pump
Jes-Extender: Best for penile curvatures
Male Edge: Best value
Phallosan Forte: Best customer service

#1 Quick Extender Pro: Best Device For Permanent Size Gains

Quick Extender Pro is our top choice for the best penis extender of 2021. If you're looking for a device that offers permanent, quality penis enhancement with the recommendation of countless medical professionals, the Quick Extender Pro is easily one of the best devices on the market.

Research and personal experience both indicate that the best penis extenders are pleasant to use. After all, if you don't like wearing it, how likely are you to stick around and see results? This thought process is what the Quick Extender designers brought to the table with the Quick Extender Pro. The device is discreet and emphasizes the importance of a comfortable experience. 100% hypoallergenic materials and a patented double-strap support system maximize both comfort and blood flow while you wear the device.

Clinically tested by thousands of users, the Quick Extender Pro promises gains of up to 32%, a claim that scientific research and the company's own testimonials can verify. By promoting cell growth through a tested process of microtears and directed healing, this device adjusts penile size in a way enhancement drugs simply can't. Actual customers who used this extender to increase penis size reported an inch or more increase, and others reported high satisfaction with corrections to their penile curve.

Quick Extender offers fully discreet packaging and a six-month money-back guarantee, so there's no reason not to give it a try. This penis extender device is proven to encourage the results you want without causing pain, embarrassment, or discomfort of any kind.

Safe and effective penis enlargement device
Gain up to 1 inch per month
Double strap support system for maximum comfort
Medical-grade device made in the U.S.A.
6-month money-back guarantee

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#2 Penomet: Best Penis Pump For Erectile Dysfunction

Rather than a penis extender, Penomet is a specialized and award-winning variety of penis pump. While the science behind penis pumps is similar to that of penis extenders, the application is a bit more hands-on. No matter which method you use, though, the results that Penomet offers are just as striking.

Penomet uses a unique and interchangeable gaiter system to safely and gradually increase pressure. You can use it comfortably anywhere in your home, from the shower or bathtub to the bedroom, with the assistance of either water or air pressure.

Penomet offers visible results in just 15 minutes and claims to increase length over time by up to three inches. The company behind Penomet backs up its claims with over a decade of home trials and real-life testing in which all subjects reported increased confidence and self-satisfaction by the end of the process.

Because of its revolutionary design, Penomet has won multiple awards overseas, including a Sign Award in 2012 and two Venus Awards in 2013 and 2014. With the latter accolade, Germany's top sexual wellness expo recognized Penomet as the Best New Product on the market.

Like Quick Extender, Penomet offers a full money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty for every pump sold. It's so convinced of the device's versatility, build quality, and attention to detail that it issues full refunds, no questions asked, for 60 days after purchase.

Penomet isn't a tool just for increasing penis length and girth. It also increases sexual stamina, helps prevent impotence and erectile dysfunction, and improves your overall confidence.

Highly effective water-assisted penis pump
Visible results within 15 minutes of usage
Gain up to 3” in length and 30% in girth
Great alternative to wearing a penis enlargement device throughout the day

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#3 Jes-Extender: Comfortable Penile Traction Device

Jes-Extender is one of the most reputable penis traction devices on the market today. Since 1995, this company has tested and refined its personalized penis enlargement device and sold it to more than half a million clients worldwide. Calling itself "the original penis extender," it offers a sleek and stylish Danish design and promotes sexual wellness for each and every customer.

The manufacturer is confident that its penis stretcher can increase penile length by around 28-32% over four months. While these results might seem less than some other options on this list, keep in mind that Jes-Extender has collected data for nearly 30 years.

Like other penis stretchers, this device promotes cell growth to make your body work for you. Its natural, safe alternative to creams, supplements, or surgery is easy to stop or reverse at any time. If this extender isn't working the way you wanted, the manufacturer offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

In addition to increasing overall penis size, this medical-grade extender improves the quality and duration of an erection by aiding blood flow through the penile muscle tissue. It can also prevent and help reverse the effects of impotence and premature ejaculation, though research into how or why extenders can have this effect is inconclusive.

Premium quality penis stretching device
One of the best penis extenders for correcting penile curvatures
Over 500,000 satisfied customers since 1995
Helps correct impotence and premature ejaculation
Increase penis size up to 30% in just 4 months

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#4 Male Edge: High Quality Penis Straightener

Male Edge is a Danish-made penis extender that promises to help you grow a bigger penis without penile enlargement surgery. Two major benefits of ordering a penis stretcher through this company are its online store, which offers additional accessories and spare parts, as well as its specific recommendations for how long you should wear this extender.

Male Edge is just as universal as any penis extender on this list. It offers three tiers of quality—Basic, Extra, and Pro—to cover all the bases and ensure that you'll get your money's worth. The Basic Kit comes with all necessary tools and accessories to extend your length over time, including a measurement tool and travel bag, while the Extra kit adds a protection pad for comfort. The best value, the Pro package, comes with a roll of cohesive gauze and additional straps to maximize your extension gains.

Male Edge is specifically a traction-based penis growth method using the same cellular regeneration technique explained elsewhere. The manufacturer gives specific measurements and data on ten patients ranging from 23-47 years old on its website. After wearing the penis traction device for 12 hours a day, seven days a week, over a period of 8 to 26 weeks, these subjects experienced a mean result of a 28% length increase, with a maximum of 42%.

Aside from its extender and accessories, Male Edge sells a variety of arousal aids and accelerants. Each spare product comes with a specific label, making the original part easier to replace if lost or damaged.

Penis enlargement device is manufactured to the highest quality standards
3 different models to choose from
Helps straighten penile curvatures
Works great with all penis sizes
Great customer service

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#5 Phallosan Forte: Top Penis Stretcher For Erection Quality

Phallosan Forte, best known overseas, comes from a leading Swiss manufacturer providing the same quality assurances as the other entries on this list. This penis enlargement device promises an average increase of 1.5 inches over three months, though continuing up to six months can see additional gains of nearly two inches total. Swiss Sana has also demonstrated that this same period adds anywhere from just over half an inch to under a full inch of thickness.

Like Penomet and Jes-Extender, we can verify that the Phallosan Forte has received clinically testing and certification by medical professionals in orthopedics and urology. Uniquely, it specializes in correcting ED and potency issues that occur after neurological disruption, such as what might result from prostate surgery. The design is well-suited to a medical environment, so you can use it confidently and discreetly.

Though the manufacturer claims that its design allows you to wear the Phallosan Forte penis extender up to nine hours a day, the recommended duration (which we believe you should stick to as closely as possible) is six hours a day, five days a week.

In addition to the base extender, Swiss Sana sells an assistive tool called the Phallosan Forte Plus, which works in tandem with the original to offer a better, more comfortable experience. The vacuum technology that both products use allows you to personally adjust the dosage and avoid damaging your body.

To get the most out of the Phallosan Forte and Phallosan Forte Plus, you might want to download the personalized training app for smartphones and tablets. This application assists in using the device while giving you a direct line to Swiss Sana's support team.

How Did We Review the Top Penis Extenders?


To find the best penis extenders on the market, the most important condition we looked for in each device was its manufacturing and material quality. We ensured that every penis extension device on this list met minimum quality-assurance standards for the industry and that each manufacturer had scientific research to back its claims. This check included safety, comfort, and warranty considerations, which we discuss in more detail below.

In terms of materials, these penis traction devices really are at the top of the market. Out of the five devices, we can attest that two—the Quick Extender Pro and the Phallosan Forte—use entirely hypoallergenic materials. Of the remaining three, the handcrafted Male Edge and Jes-Extender flaunt attractive, stylish qualities and come in discreet containers.


Comfort is a big consideration, not just for us (the reviewers) but for customers who plan on using a stretching device. Using tension as a method of penile enlargement comes with an understandable amount of reservation. People worry about pain, tearing, or stretching of the skin while wearing the device. Luckily, all five of our top extenders—especially Quick Extender Pro—emphasize the importance of physical comfort and relaxation when designing their product lines.

Of equal concern, though, is your emotional comfort. After all, when you're using a penis extension tool, you may not want to broadcast that fact publicly with an obtrusive device or prominent label. We verified that all five penis extenders are easily concealable, both while in use and during transit. If not, you can use them exclusively in the privacy of your own home, as is the case with the Penomet pump.

Amount of Tension

Some substandard penis traction devices are, to put it lightly, "over-eager" when it comes to tension power. Other penis extenders simply don't use enough force to deliver the results you want. With something as sensitive as penis stretching, getting the balance right is the biggest hurdle to clear. Most quality penis enlargement extenders use calibrated springs that deliver around 4,000 g of tension, creating perfect cell-renewal conditions.

Of the four devices that use tensile strength to increase penis size, Quick Extender Pro directly references these findings in a study available on its website. The remaining three extenders include their own research and conclusions; Jes-Extender, for instance, suggests a more prolonged duration at 600 to 1500 g is preferable.

Customer Reviews

Reviews and testimonials are the best records of customer satisfaction. You want to know that the product you're receiving does what it claims, and this is especially true of extenders. When a tool provides a highly personal service geared toward improving confidence and sexual wellness, it matters what experience other individuals have had with it.

Three of our top extenders—Penomet, Quick Extender Pro, and Phallosan Forte—come with dozens of lengthy, publicly listed testimonials each. Phallosan, in particular, includes over a hundred reviews with a 90% five-star rating, signaling nearly universal approval from customers. The average commenter mentions being satisfied with their size gains, how comfortable this extender feels compared to other products, and the manufacturer's professionalism.

Price and Money-Back Guarantee

Every manufacturer stresses that results vary by customer and can't be guaranteed. Even testimonials come with an asterisk, signaling that "this device might not work as well for you as it does for others." When dealing with a medical tool, how do you know you won't be one of the people left out in the cold?

Unfortunately, you can't know for sure. So we verified that every product line we highlighted came with a good warranty and money-back guarantee.

Quick Extender Pro, Penomet, Male Edge, and Jes-Extender all come with a money-back guarantee ranging from two to nine months, or sometimes 1000 hours of training. Only Phallosan Forte keeps its return policy quiet, though it offers fantastic customer support through its hotline. Both of the Danish manufacturers—Male Edge and Jes-Extender—also include a two-year warranty according to regional sales law.

What is a Penile Traction Device, and How Does It Work?

Using a penis extender is a simple, medically tested process intended to help your body reshape itself. The technique is similar to ancient practices throughout the world to modify various parts of the human form. Known as "body stretching," the idea is to promote new cell growth by applying a certain amount of tension over time. Penis extenders work in a very similar way.

The process by which cells naturally replicate themselves is called cytokinesis. A medical device, such as a penis extender, gradually pulls at the body's skin and muscle tissue, creating tiny micro-tears. The penis extender makes these tears very slowly, so the process is entirely painless. When blood cells rush in to repair the damage, they create new tissue where before there was nothing, adding length to the related body part—in this case, the penis.

Penis stretchers apply a certain amount of weight, usually between 600-4,000 g, for three to six months, on average. The exact force you would use increases every one or two weeks to give your penis time to adjust. This method affects both length and girth as well as your overall blood flow.

People hoping to alter the size or shape of their penis should never use a penis extender while erect. The goal of a penis extender is to evenly stretch all muscle, tissue, and skin cells at the same time while applying consistent and increased force.

Fixing Penile Curvatures with Penis Traction Devices

Penile curvature can be an unsightly or painful trait in the penis. In some cases, a medical condition called Peyronie's disease can lead to extreme curvature. Peyronie's disease causes painful erections or erectile dysfunction, which often makes it difficult to have sex. For some people, penis reduction as a result of Peyronie's Disease is also a concern.

Using a penis extender for correcting or treating Peyronie's disease is a common approach supported by the Mayo Clinic, the British Journal of Urology International, and most doctors across the United States. In a medical context, extension is called penile traction therapy, and professionals highly recommend it as an early alternative to more invasive or chemically dependent treatments.

It's worth noting that penile curvature is not in and of itself abnormal or unhealthy. A curve that is painful or makes intercourse difficult or impossible, though, is worthy of concern, especially if it leads to stress between intimate partners. The amount of tension necessary to correct severe curvature can differ from levels appropriate for penis enhancement or penis stretching. Always consult with a doctor before purchasing a penile tension device to treat Peyronie's disease.

Difference Between a Penis Extender and a Sleeve

A penis sleeve is an artificial extension that temporarily modifies the length and girth of your penis. A medical tool in its original design, the sleeve has become popular for recreational use due to the wide range of options and sizes available for purchase. Virtually every variety of penis gets represented by a sleeve.

For people with difficulty getting or maintaining erections, some sleeves help keep an erection going or extend their penis by way of two fitted, connected rings. These devices suit people with mild to moderate ED.

In addition, some types of sleeves add completely artificial size. Some sleeves cover the entire penis and leave an opening at the top. Other sleeves focus on adding girth to the base of the penis, and others still add to the size of the head.

The main difference between a penis extender and a penis sleeve is that a sleeve lasts only as long as you wear it. It is an entirely temporary solution to a perceived size problem and useful only during intercourse. Needless to say, people suffering from Peyronie's Disease cannot correct their condition with a penis sleeve.

Alternatives to Penis Extenders


Also called penis exercises, jelqing is an old practice that uses the same cytokinetic cell-growth method as a penis extender. The idea behind jelqing is simple: By applying force to an erect penis, such as pulling on the end of it with lubricant, you can gradually increase the length of your penis over time. Typically, trainers recommend exercising the penis several times a week for about 20 minutes or so.

While it uses the same general theory to increase penis size, jelqing is simply not as effective or reliable as a modern penis extender. Whereas penis extenders apply consistent, intense pressure, jelqing is very difficult to do with any consistency. In many cases, people who attempt this exercise accidentally stretch one side of their penis more than the other, leading to a sideways curve. Inconsistent or overzealous force can also lead to bruising or more severe damage.

Aside from consistency, the jelqing alternative requires you to get and maintain a comfortable erection. Therefore, it isn't viable for people with erectile dysfunction or who suffer from painful erections.

Penis Pumps

A penis pump is a device that covers your penis and uses either air or water pressure to force circulation and blood flow. Men who have erectile dysfunction use pumps most frequently, but in theory, they are useful to increase penis size permanently. The Penomet pump, one of the contenders for best penis extender on our list, claims to do precisely that.

With the right design, pumps can increase penis with consistent use. Their main weakness is that regulations don't treat them as medical devices, so most pumps don't have the same quality standard. If you plan to use a penis pump to gain permanent size, you'll have to put in more work than a penis extender requires.

Enhancement Supplements

Often called male enhancement supplements, this method for increasing penis size involves taking pills and hormone treatments, usually advertised as testosterone. Male enhancement is a multi-million dollar industry, and you've likely heard about and even considered seeking out supplements before.

The problem? Enhancement supplements rarely work. Because of a loophole in FDA regulations, marketers are legally allowed to make all sorts of false claims about their pills' strength and effectiveness. However, they have no requirement to prove any of these claims, leaving you on the hook if you fall for them.

Some anecdotal evidence supports the idea that some supplements are legitimate and have helped some people increase the size of their penis. However, there's no scientific backing behind the best penis enlargement pills on the market. Moreover, if you are currently taking medically prescribed hormone treatments or seeking gender reassignment, it would be best to stay away from privately marketed testosterone pills regardless of how effective they are.

Penile Surgery

A surgical option is a last, desperate resort for severe Peyronie's disease and other penis-related medical issues. While cosmetic surgery is available, very few doctors endorse it as an option due to the risk of nerve damage that can result. Even in severe cases, surgery should wait until after cell growth stops, or else the chances of needing a second or third surgery go up.

Are Penis Stretchers Safe to Use?

Understandably, some people have reservations about penis extenders when learning about them for the first time. The idea of using "micro-tears" to damage your penis on purpose is admittedly pretty scary. For those hoping to correct an injury, this idea can be extra unpleasant.

Fortunately, using a penis extender for the purposes of penis enlargement is a verifiably safe process. As long as the device you choose is made of medical-grade materials and backed by your own research, you can rest assured that your extender is applying the right amount of force. You can also remove a penis extender at any time if it causes discomfort or pain.

European manufacturers, including the Swiss and Danish companies listed here, must follow specific quality assurance standards to ensure that their products are not harmful or dangerous. While they may not be as effective as you'd hope, they will never cause damage or harm your penis in any way.

How Much Do Penis Enlargers Cost?

On average, penis extenders are moderately expensive, ranging from around $120 to $400. A typical penis extender is priced at $200 or $250, while a luxury or ultra variant is naturally higher. If a medical or pharmaceutical manufacturer sells an extender, like the Phallosan Forte, that factor might drive the price up as well.

Some of the best penis extenders on the market are also some of the most expensive. A quality penis stretcher is comfortable and medical-grade, which means more money goes into designing and producing them.

Comparatively speaking, the top penis extenders are much cheaper than surgery but are more expensive than typical penis pumps. With our list of the best penis extenders, we attempt to find a balanced price range while also selecting companies that offer frequent discounts to the public.

Do Penis Enlargement Devices Provide Permanent Size Gains?

Yes! No matter which best penis extender you choose, any one of them promises some level of permanent size increase. So long as you follow the manufacturer's recommendations and keep using the device for three to six months, you will see a noticeable gain in your penis's length and girth.

Because of the cytokinetic process outlined earlier, your body adds new muscle tissue and cells to the penis every time the penile traction device applies force. This increase in cell mass means your penis is growing and will keep its size permanently; just like your natural growth, the effects won't reverse after taking off the penis extender for good.

The fact that penis extenders are so permanent is a large part of their appeal. As solutions and treatments go, no other option causes your actual penis to gain size in a way that nothing can reduce later on.

What You Should Know About Penis Extenders Before You Buy

Before you buy a penis extender, you should remember the following key details about the product.

Despite being non-invasive, penis extenders are still a medical device that makes permanent changes to your body. It's never a bad idea to talk with your doctor before purchasing a penis stretcher, even for purely cosmetic reasons.

Penis extenders are a safe, medically certified alternative to surgery, supplements, creams, or hand stretching exercises.

Penis extenders are not magical. They have a limit, and in most cases, only add a length of around 28% or less.

Penis stretchers start slowly and take time to develop results. Three to six months may seem like a very long wait time, but if you wear the device as instructed, the outcome will likely be worth it.

Penis extenders might be uncomfortable at first. Even the best penis extender takes some getting used to. Unless your doctor advises otherwise, give yourself time to adjust before deciding to give up on the process.

While we've provided a list of what are, in our opinion, the best penis extenders on the market today, the actual best penis extender is the one that suits your needs and makes you feel good about yourself.

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