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The Best Seed Banks Online: Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds

Homegrown marijuana has gradually turned into a nice cottage industry where anyone and everyone—in places where consuming the plant’s legal—can cultivate their own strains. But how can you find a trusted seed bank to fit your needs?

This is especially important to people who need the cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) medicinally. Naturally (no pun intended), growing your own buds for recreational use isn’t out of the question, either. Finding the right place to get your seeds becomes all the more important in this endeavor.

We’ve come up with this list of the best online seed banks where you can safely and legally buy marijuana seeds.

5 Best Seed Banks That Ship to USA

First look:

1. Reliable cannabis seed bank - I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)

2. Fantastic weed strain variety - Crop King Seeds

3. Cannabis seed bank with nice grower community - Rocket Seeds

4. Best seed bank for east coast residents - Quebec Cannabis Seeds

5. Seed bank with great discounts and promos - Seedsman

1. I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) - Reliable Cannabis Seed Bank


100 percent guaranteed seed germination

Discreet shipping option available

Free U.S. shipping

Numerous payment options

Great cannabis strain variety


Discounts only available for Bitcoin payments

Site interface isn’t user-friendly

I Love Growing Marijuana is the brainchild of prominent cannabis grower, Robert Bergman, and is based in good ol’ Amsterdam. He started ILGM nearly a decade ago in 2012 and the company has since become one of the best seed banks operating today.

From the get-go, ILGM offers their customers not just some of the finest and most popular marijuana strains—such as the AK-47 or Northern Lights—but also provides their clients with helpful guides to assist them in their quest to grow some good buds.

ILGM sells auto-flowering and feminized seeds, which have a 100 percent germination guarantee. The company also prides itself in championing totally organic growing methods, so those of you looking for an all-natural operation will definitely appreciate what ILGM offers.

There are over 500 available manuals and guides on the site, all designed to help anyone from the novice weed farmer to the expert grower. ILGM further enhances their customers’ experience by providing live, online customer support for any queries you might have.

ILGM is also a seed bank that doesn’t necessarily focus on recreational weed, as they offer strains that are high in CBD—the more therapeutic compound found in the wonder plant—and low in THC, which makes them a great option for medicinal marijuana growers.

2. Crop King Seeds - Fantastic Weed Strain Variety


User-friendly website interface

Great payment options

Discreet packaging and shipping

Huge selection of strains


Free shipping requires large orders

Better for experienced growers

Germination not 100 percent guaranteed

Crop King Seeds has been around since the mid-2000s and has cemented itself as one of the world’s best seed banks. This is especially if you’re looking for an extra wide variety of cannabis strains for selection.

This Canada-based company is home to not only some of the most popular weed breeds (like OG Kush, Purple Haze, or White Widow), but CKS has also established itself as a seed bank that specializes in crafting proprietary blends. In addition, the company also supports grassroots operations who offer small-batch strains from their independently-owned farms.

Now, CKS doesn’t offer a 100 percent germination guarantee and instead opts for a humbler—and frankly more realistic—89 percent germination rate for the seeds you buy from them. We appreciate the honesty, of course, which is befitting of a company that’s gotten the weed growing know-how from decades of experience.

CKS’ site also contains a wealth of reviews and guides to help you become a successful grower. And if you need a more hands-on type of assistance, you can reach their 24/7 service team via live chat on their website or using a toll-free contact number via phone.

3. Rocket Seeds - Cannabis Seed Bank With Nice Grower Community


Contains great seed bank database

Numerous payment methods available

Discreet packing and shipping

Provides useful growing guides


Not exactly a dedicated seed bank

Free shipping has high quota

Think of Rocket Seeds less as a seed bank and more as a seed bank conglomerate. That’s because this company doesn’t directly provide you with their products, and instead acts as a hub for you to get your product from their affiliate companies. These include Sonoma Seeds, Sensi Seeds, Crop King, and a whole host of other reputable cannabis seed sources.

As such, you’ll definitely not run into a shortage of strain variety. The sellers combined are able to offer you anything from the legendary Pineapple Express to more exotic strains like Zookies. You also get all possible seed varieties here, whether you’re looking for regular ones, feminized, or auto-flowering seeds.

They offer free shipping, too, but the quota is set pretty high at $200. And if you’re willing to spend $420 or more on any single order, Rocket Seeds throws in freebies as well.

4. Quebec Cannabis Seeds - Best Seed Bank for East Coast Residents


Flat shipping rates on any order

Stealth packaging and shipping

Offers seeds in bulk

Geographically optimized seeds


Relatively low germination rate guarantee

Not all seeds are feminized

Quebec Cannabis Seeds, as you can tell from the name, is a Canadian seed bank that’s been in operation since the early 2010s. And although they might not provide as many strains as their competitors, you’re going to find that this seed bank has so much to offer.

First off, QCS won’t break your bank with absurdly high packaging and shipping costs; all orders from this site come with a $10 flat rate for shipping and handling. This makes it an affordable option with lots of value for money, especially if you’re just starting out as a grower.

Secondly, and this is what we think you’re going to find the most appealing about QCS’ product offerings, is that they have an inventory of cannabis seeds that’s suitable for any climate. QCS itself will assist you in choosing which strain is the best to grow wherever you reside with just a quick chat with their reps.

Generally speaking, QCS offers a high germination guarantee for their seeds, but it’s admittedly lower compared to the other entries on this list. At 80 percent, though, rest assured that you’ll more likely be able to harvest some buds than not.

5. Seedsman - Seed Bank With Great Discounts and Promos


Free seeds with your purchase

Offers 25 percent discount with Bitcoin payment

Runs promos and contests regularly

Offers lots of other weed-related products


No exact germination rate guarantee

No free shipping option available

No feminized and auto-flowering seeds available

Seedsman, a company based in Barcelona, isn’t a company that runs all by itself. By that, we mean this is your best option if you’re looking for some rare strains that you can’t find elsewhere. That’s because this company works with other independent farmers and seed banks globally to come up with one of the largest seed inventories today.

From popular strains like Green Crack or Bruce Banner to more exotic ones like Biscotti or Gorilla Glue, you’re more likely to find them available from Seedsman than anywhere else.

Although they don’t have free or discounted shipping options—which is a bummer especially if you’re based in the U.S.—Seedsman offers great value for money through other ways. One, each order comes with free seeds, so you’re getting more than what you pay for.

Secondly, you get a whopping 25 percent discount if you use Bitcoin payments for your orders. And third, they regularly come up with promos and contests that give you a chance to win free stuff.

Seedsman doesn’t exclusively sell cannabis seeds, either. They also offer other merch, such as apparel, weed growing and weed smoking paraphernalia, and actual cannabis plants.

The only flaws you can find here is that they don’t necessarily provide a clear-cut germination rate for their products and they almost exclusively sell non-feminized seeds.

Best Seed Banks FAQs

Still have questions about seed banks? Here are some of the most common inquiries asked by individuals like you on the internet:

Where Should I Buy My Cannabis Seeds?

Only buy your products from legitimate seed banks, like any of those we’ve provided in this article. This is especially important if you’re based in the U.S., where numerous states have already legalized cannabis farming meant for personal use. There are a number of shady sellers floating around in the market.

These sources are more likely to sell you “dead” seeds (or duds) that have a 0 percent chance of germination, or products they sourced through unethical and illegal means.

What Should I Look For in a Seed Bank?

To determine if a seed bank is worth buying from, there are a number of factors that you must consider before making a purchase. These include:

Company provides discreet shipping

Legit payment methods (it’s always a good sign if they accept bank transfers and money orders)

Approximate germination rate guarantee for their products

Stellar reputation based on preexisting customer reviews

Additionally, a good seed bank almost always provides helpful guides and tips on their site, as well as proper after-sales service, such as customer support.

Is Growing Marijuana Legal in the United States?

It all depends on the state you live in. But in cases where weed has been legalized in your area, then growing cannabis plants at home is legal, as long as it’s only meant for personal use. Commercial growing requires legal permits and clearances before you can start operating your business.

Additionally, you’re going to need your landowner or landlord’s permission if you want to grow your own cannabis plants in cases where you reside in apartments or rental residences.

Is It Legal to Purchase Cannabis Seeds Online?

It’s legal to buy cannabis seeds online if they’re sent to a state where marijuana—and personal cannabis growing—has been legalized. You can even purchase your cannabis seeds from your local farmer’s market or dispensary in these cases.

However, keep in mind that weed is still federally illegal, so you can’t take your growing operation from one state where it’s legal to another state where it isn’t.

As an added tip, always take advantage of stealth or discreet packing and shipping options when you buy your cannabis seeds online. Most seed banks offer this service and will be more than happy to provide it for you.

Is It Legal to Purchase Marijuana Seeds Online?

It’s legal to buy cannabis seeds online, but keep the following pointers in mind.

If you live in a state where being a cannabis grower is legal, you can buy cannabis seeds from a local dispensary or farmer’s market. This is one of the best ways to know who your seller is. If you can, use cash to keep the transaction as private as possible.

What if it's illegal to buy seeds in your state, but legal in one of the states next door? Don’t try this. Because marijuana is still illegal under federal law, you could get in trouble if you’re caught transporting the cannabis seeds across state lines.

Where Are the Best Seed Banks Located?

Much like in the entries you’ll find on our list, the best seed banks today are in Europe and Canada. These are also the best places to buy your seeds from, since you run a significantly smaller risk of crossing state lines and, in turn, breaking federal law.

So much so, that you’re better off buying your seeds from seed banks located in these countries if you’re residing in the United States.

Why Should I Buy Feminized or Auto-Flowering Seeds?

Feminized seeds are perfect if you’re looking for more tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)—the compound that gets you high—in your buds. You’re getting more THC from feminized seeds, as these are the only ones capable of producing the compound, as opposed to regular seeds.

Auto-flowering seeds, on the other hand, are perfect for novice growers. These require less care and equipment for them to grow. This doesn’t mean you just sprinkle it in soil and they automatically sprout. Auto-flowering seeds just take less work to make them blossom.

The Best Seed Banks Conclusion

We’ve provided you with some of the best seed banks from around the world, whether you’re a new grower or one who’s had years of experience cultivating marijuana. You’re going to find that these seed banks provide a treasure trove of strains and services to help you become a successful grower.

Always remember to be mindful of your country and state laws before purchasing from these shops, of course. And never forget to only buy your cannabis growing products from reputable sources.

Stay safe, y’all!

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