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Best Testosterone Booster Supplements For Muscle Gain [2021]

Have you been watching your body age and become all flabby and unproductive? Is your 20-year-old energy gone, and your bed-game is taking a spiral down? 

Well, I have news for you. There could be a solution to your problem! 

Yes. You read that right. 

As the body of a man ages, the levels of testosterone in the body reduce. 

Testosterone is an essential hormone in men. A decrease in this hormone in a man's body would take away his confidence, self-esteem, and even the desire to be with a woman.

This is because testosterone (commonly referred to as the T-hormone) is responsible for a man's physical appearance and sexual development. It also plays a role in building muscle and bone mass.

While exercise and a good diet play a role in rebuilding your body, they may not produce the desired results soon enough. That is why we found a backup plan for you to help raise your testosterone levels to their optimum level. 

We're talking about testosterone boosters. These are supplements developed carefully to ensure that they boost your performance and restore your confidence. 

Fortunately, or unfortunately, the market is flooded with all kinds of testosterone boosters. You can hardly pick out one and say it's the best. Most of these in the market are fake products and end up producing contrasting results when used.

There can only be a fake product when there’s an original, right?

In this article, we cut the long chase for you. We give you the best and original testosterone boosters in the market today and how you can get yours. 

Let's get to it, shall we?

Top 5 Testosterone Booster For Men:

1. TestoPrime - Strongest T-Booster

2. Prime Male - Best for males over 40.

3. Testo Max - Best For BodyBuilding

4. Testofuel - Best for burning and cutting fat

5. TestRX - Best for men over 50

Best Natural Testosterone Boosters On The Market

#1. TestoPrime - Most Powerful T-hormone Booster

TestoPrime carefully combines premium ingredients to come up with the perfect blend. 

MuscleClub Limited manufactures it.

It’s been in the market for more than five years. 

The ingredients used are 100% natural.

TestoPrime claims to have no side effects; therefore, can be considered safe to consume. It’s creators believe that regular intake of TestoPrime increases the testosterone levels, which further leads to an increase in your sex drive, and energy levels.


It has no side effects.

It's very effective and results are evident.

The company offers a money-back guarantee for purchased products.

The company offers free shipping for all buyers.


It's only available online.

The cost is too high.

>> Visit the Official Website of TestoPrime


The ingredients include:




Vitamin D

Nettle Leaf Extract

Vitamin K1

D-Aspartic Acid


Vitamin B6

Fenugreek Extract

Red Ginseng Extract

How TestoPrime Works?

We know that a supplement brings on what is lacking or not enough. For example, a vitamin C supplement would contain Vitamin C.

TestoPrime, even though it is a supplement, works by provoking the body to produce testosterone by itself. It doesn't pump the body with ready testosterone.

Taking a dose of TestoPrime every morning results to:

• Improved Sex Drive

Maybe you have been ghosting your partner because you just don't feel like doing it. Here is a starter for you. 

TestoPrime will help to boost your libido and restore your confidence between the sheets. It's also an excellent choice for you if you're looking to up your game and satisfy your lady better.

• Increased Energy and Focus

Your concentration levels increase, and your energy levels begin to spike. Whether it is at work or in your sporting activities, you'll perform better and focus better on the task at hand. 

A re-energized person would be in a good mood too!

• Improved Muscle Growth

The first solution to flabby muscles and increased body fat is exercise. Well, exercise can be exhausting, especially when the results are minimal.

Boosting your exercise efforts with a bottle of TestoPrime will quickly reduce the fats and develop healthy and lean muscles.

>> Click here to Visit the Official Website of TestoPrime

How Is TestoPrime Used?

The manufacturer recommends four capsules every morning just before eating your breakfast. A bottle goes for 30 days, containing 120 capsules.

Where to Buy TestoPrime?

You can buy it from the official website. Take time to look at the reviews by other customers. You'll notice that they are all positive reviews. That means the product is right for you.

#2. Prime Male - The Best for Men Over 40 years

It's designed for men who are over 30 years old.

It has a potent dosage

It's not safe for Vegans

The company offers a 90-day guarantee on the product.

This award-winning product is sought after because of its ability to increase T levels naturally.

As a man matures and crosses the age of 30, testosterone levels decrease significantly. Prime Male delivers its promises and doesn't have any side effects. 


It works well for older men.

100% natural ingredients, therefore it's safe to use.

The company offers free international shipping.


It's not recommended for Vegans.

It's expensive.

>> Visit the Official Website of Prime Male


They include:

D-Aspartic Acid

Nettle root


Red Ginseng extract

Mucuna Pruriens seed extract





Vitamin K12

Vitamin D3

Vitamin B6

How Prime Male Works?

Just like TestoPrime, it works by stimulating testosterone production in the body. The ingredients are carefully selected and blended to form a holistic testosterone-boosting effect.

Taken in the right dosage, it brings the following effects.

• Improves Overall Health

Prime Male works to restore testosterone levels, therefore promoting a healthy hormonal balance. This, in turn, results in improved metabolism and a better immune system.

• Restores Energy

At an older age, it's normal for the body to feel de-energized and weak. Prime Male helps to restore this energy and leave you feeling more vital and energized.

• Gets Rid of Excess Body Fats

Testosterone helps the body to build lean muscles and maintain minimal fats in the body. A reduction in testosterone levels can cause fats to accumulate.

Prime Male boosts the production of testosterone, which in turn helps to reduce fats and build lean muscles.

>> Click here to Visit the Official Website of Prime Male

How Is Prime Male Used?

The dosage is divided for use into four intervals. One pill is taken with breakfast, another with lunch, another with dinner, and the last one with a late-night snack.

Well, how you choose to distribute the dosage throughout the day depends on you. What's important is to complete the four capsules by the end of the day.

One bottle is packed for use for a whole month, containing 120 capsules. 

Where to Buy a Prime Male?

You can buy the original Prime Male on their official website. Look out for the deals they are offering and take advantage of the offers.

#3. Testo Max - Best for Muscle Mass

This one is for men who are focused on boosting their performance by building muscle and increasing strength. 

It focuses on boosting libido.

It has no side effects.

All ingredients used are 100% natural.

Works best if taken before breakfast.

It's best for an extreme strength boost.

While using Testo Max, you can receive results in about 7-14 days. 


It's great for libido

It's safe and legal

Fast results in less than two weeks

Increased sex drive


It has a narrow focus

It's only available online

>> Visit the Official Website of Testo Max


Compared to others, it contains fewer ingredients. They include:

Ginger root

Eurycoma Longifolia (Tongkat Ali)

Ginkgo Biloba

D-Aspartic Acid



These ingredients have high potency that works well to raise T levels in the body naturally.

How Testo Max Works?

According to the experts of HCBT “Testo Max is an all-natural testosterone booster and that can be used along with both cutting and bulking training.

When used correctly, this power booster works effectively to safely and quickly boost libido. 

It helps to:

• Accelerate Muscle Growth

The carefully selected ingredients are responsible for the fast growth of muscles. An increase in blood flow ensures that your muscles are revitalized for faster growth.

• Boost General Mood

Testo Max creates a hormonal balance by increasing the production of the T-hormone. This helps to restore confidence and raise your self-esteem. You are also able to focus and concentrate on the tasks you are working on.

• Get your Sex Life Back 

Because of its ability to boost libido, Testo Max plays a significant role in restoring your sex drive and improving your performance between the sheets. Who wouldn’t want to have a satisfying sex life?

>> Click here to Visit the Official Website of Testo Max

How Is Testo Max Used? 

The dosage consists of one capsule in the morning and another one in the evening. For those above 40 years or involved in strenuous work like a professional athlete, you should double the dose and take two capsules in the morning and the evening.

It is used in cycles. Use Testo Max for ten days, then take a five days' break. Repeat the cycle.

Where to Buy Testo Max

You can buy Testo Max on the Crazy Bulk official website.

If you buy the product in bulk, you get to save because they are on offer at the moment. You'll also get free shipping wherever you are in the world.

#4. Testofuel - Best for Burning and cutting Fat

It's a revolutionary supplement for increasing testosterone levels.

Real Muscle Growth

Increases strength

Reduces body fats

Improves your mood

Boosts self-esteem

Is it your desire to make serious muscle gains and improve your physical appearance? Testofuel is everything you need. 


It increases muscle mass.

It decreases body fat.

It helps boost competitiveness.

It's made in a transparent formula.

It helps to improve mood.


Only available online.

It’s expensive to buy.

>> Visit the Official Website of Testofuel


It contains the following ingredients:

D-Aspartic Acid

Vitamin D3

Oyster Extract

Asian Red Panax Ginseng

Fenugreek seed


Vitamin B6

Vitamin k2


These ingredients combine to make a winning formula to work correctly in boosting your T-levels. Check out this review to know more about Testofuel.

How TestoFuel Works?

Testofuel doesn't contain synthetic testosterone. It works by helping the body to produce its testosterone.

It contains specially selected ingredients that help the body to release more testosterone.

You already know that more testosterone means more strength, more growth, and bigger muscles. Here’s what it can do.

• Increases Growth Hormone

The growth hormone works best in bodybuilders to increase protein synthesis and promote extra muscle growth.

You can make every workout count, as higher testosterone will result in amplified gains from working out.

• Boosts Confidence and Self-Esteem

Reduced testosterone causes the body to become flabby and unattractive. This could easily take away your self-esteem and derail your confidence. 

Testofuel restores your body physique, thus restoring your confidence and boosting your self-esteem. 

>> Click here to Visit the Official Website of Testofuel

How Is TestoFuel Used? 

The manufacturer recommends a dosage of 4 capsules daily. You should distribute the pills throughout the day and take them with your main meals.

Where to Buy TestoFuel?

Testofuel is available on their official website. You can comfortably make your order, and have it delivered to where you are.

#5. TestRX - Best for Men Over 50 Years

It is the magic formula for lean and hard muscle at any age. As you progress in age, building muscle through exercise becomes more difficult.

That's where TestRX comes in. It is formulated to encourage your body to produce testosterone naturally.

Using TestRX, you increase your muscle mass, boost your strength, achieve weight loss, and spike your sex drive.


The ingredients are 100% natural.

It contains a powerful ZMA combination.

It's a healthy dosage.

It improves sleep


It's only available online

It doesn't work well for younger men

>> Visit the Official Website of TestRX


ZMA (Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate, Magnesium aspartate and Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine))

Fenugreek seed extract

Vitamin D3

Vitamin K2

Vitamin B6



D-Aspartic Acid

How TestRX Works?

TestRX is enriched with high-quality ZMA, a crucial combination for protein synthesis and helps pack up muscle mass.

The other carefully selected ingredients work to boost the body's testosterone production levels. 

This leads to:

• Speedy Muscle Growth and Recovery

Working out hard causes the muscles to tear, so the body recovers by creating an extra layer of muscle. That's how muscles grow. 

Testosterone ensures a speedy recovery in the repair of the micro-tears in the muscle tissue and consistent muscle growth as a result.

• Maximum Energy

TestRX's ZMA combination boosts athletic performance and increases testosterone production, keeping you energized and focused. 

You can notice the difference in strength and stamina in a month.

>> Visit the Official Website of TestRX

How Is TestRX Used?

The manufacturer recommends taking two pills daily. A bottle is packed with 60 capsules to last 30 days. 

Where to Buy TestRX?

You can buy the original TestRX on their official website.

You'll receive free shipping on selected packages, 67 days return period, and all payments are secure.

The Active Ingredients in Natural Testosterone Boosters:

Lack of testosterone in the body leads to different shortcomings in the body system. Different testosterone boosters are made focused on solving specific problems.

For example, a manufacturer may produce one booster to help reduce fat and build muscle, while another is geared to help with your libido.

The ingredients used in each of them may slightly differ depending on the problem the product focuses on solving. It's impossible to have one booster solving all the issues at once.

Most major ingredients used in the natural boosters are D-Aspartic Acid, ZMA, long jack, fenugreek seed extract, Vitamins D, K, and B-complex.

The ZMA combination of Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6 works perfectly to raise testosterone levels in the body. It also boosts sleep, helping the body to revitalize and naturally restore itself.

Each ingredient is essential because it, in some way, enhances the testosterone levels.

Before deciding on the testosterone booster to choose for yourself, you should first determine what you need it for to get the right one.

There are millions of fake products in the market. Therefore, it's always important to check the ingredients in each of them.

Undeniable Signs of Low Testosterone Levels:

The American Urological Association describes low testosterone to be less than 300 ng/dl (nanograms per deciliter). This condition is referred to as Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome (TD).

You can tell that you have low testosterone levels if you notice that you have the following symptoms:

• Low Lean Muscle Mass

The natural decline in the testosterone levels in the body can cause a reduction in muscle mass. The body begins to appear flabby and unattractive even with proper diet and regular body workout.

• Increased body fats

A lack of testosterone will contribute to the piling up of body fats. These fats are hard to get rid of even with exercise.

Have you seen some men with enlarged breast tissues? It is a result of low testosterone. A hormonal imbalance is created and results in the accumulation of body fats.

• Sudden Mood Changes

It's rare to see men experience mood swings. Testosterone keeps a man's emotions balanced. 

Low levels of testosterone can make a man very irritable. It's also accompanied by low concentration on tasks at hand.

• Testicles Shrink 

The testicles reduce in size even in times when there is no cold. The scrotum softens and remains small. 

It is a clear sign that your testosterone levels are low and need a boost.

• Low Sex Drive

Have you noticed a disinterest in sex lately? Doesn't a good-looking woman turn you on anymore?

Testosterone plays a vital role in boosting libido. A sudden drop in your interest in sex could mean that your testosterone levels are pretty low.

• Erectile Dysfunction

The T-hormone does not directly cause an erection but helps to sustain it. The hormone signals the brain for the release of nitric oxide, responsible for causing an erection and sustaining it.

Have you noticed that you do not remain erect for long? It could mean a derail in your testosterone levels.

Do Testosterone Boosters Really Help?

The goal of using testosterone boosters is to supplement and make up for the declining levels. 

At the age of 40, your sexual performance could be already not up to satisfactory levels. You might also be experiencing low muscle growth.

This is because, in your early thirties, your testosterone levels reached a maximum and began to trend downwards. 

Taking a booster will work correctly to raise your T- hormone levels without much hustle. You also get to improve your muscles and feel good about yourself again. 

A quality testosterone booster has no chemicals in it but rather made from natural ingredients. Each ingredient contains properties that boost testosterone levels in the body. 

Getting a testosterone booster for yourself will do you a lot of good, and your esteem levels will rise too. 

There is an incredibly high number of testosterone-booster products in the market today. Some work, others don't.

According to research done by PubMed on the testosterone boosters available in the market, only 24.8% of them would be effective.

There are those (about 10.1%) that would decrease the T levels even further, while 18.3% would not affect the testosterone levels in any way.

Now you can see how dangerous this jungle is. You could just land your hands on a fake product that would make you feel much worse.

How Do T-hormone Boosters Work? 

Each booster is made differently to address a specific problem. Even so, their mode of working is similar in some ways. 

They are made from natural ingredients, so they do not alter anybody's functions or release chemicals.

Consider these three main ways in which testosterone boosters work to raise T levels.

• Releasing Bound Testosterone

Research conducted by Dovepress indicates that only 60% of the produced testosterone is made available for use in the body. The rest of the 40% is bound by the globulin.

Some manufacturers have come up with testosterone boosters that suppress the production of globulin. This action makes more testosterone available for use. 

• Suppressing Estrogen and Prolactin

The high levels of estrogen and prolactin in women suppress the production of testosterone. In men, estrogen and prolactin are suppressed.

In some cases where these hormones increase in men, it could lead to low production of testosterone.

To solve this problem, some testosterone boosters have ingredients combined with the goal to suppress estrogen and maintain it at the required limits.

• Supplementing Diet

The importance of a quality diet has eroded with time, and fewer people pay attention to it. A well-fed body has the ability to produce enough testosterone to be used in the body.

Most testosterone supplements are designed with relevant ingredients that help the body to produce quality testosterone naturally. The body is provided with the required nutrients necessary to produce its own testosterone.

Most of these ingredients are useful for producing testosterone in the body and helping the body in other functions. For example, the ZMA combination helps one to sleep better.

Why Should You Use Testosterone Boosters?

Natural testosterone boosters help alleviate any symptoms you might be experiencing in your body in this regard. Bringing your testosterone levels to be expected could be the only link missing for you to have a great life.

They are also made from 100% natural ingredients that pose no danger to your health. Could there be a better option? 

Let's look at some of the benefits of using testosterone boosters.

• Enhanced Blood Circulation

Testosterone is proven to be important in the production of red blood cells. More red blood cells circulate oxygen more sufficiently to the muscles. 

With increased blood circulation, one feels strong and in a good mood always.

• Stronger bones

Low testosterone levels make one feel weak and lazy. This is because, when testosterone levels drop, bone density drops too.

Using testosterone boosters improves bone density and enhances physical performance.

• Building Leaner Muscles

Have you desired a six-pack without straining too much? If your answer is yes, try supplementing your workout with a bottle of testosterone boosters.

Testosterone works perfectly to shed off the fats and build lean muscle mass. At times, following a detailed workout schedule with no tangible results can be demoralizing, but with testosterone boosters, you'll begin to see results almost immediately.

• Increased Libido

Every man would want to be great when it comes to their performance between the sheets. Do you feel like you need to take it a notch higher?

Testosterone will not only boost your sex drive but also help you to sustain your erection longer. It will also increase your confidence and boost your self-esteem.

• Balanced Mood

Low testosterone levels cause a hormonal imbalance, which can ultimately affect your moods.

You'll likely notice that you are experiencing constant fatigue, sudden reactions to different things, and even become more irritable.

Boosting testosterone levels using a quality testosterone booster could make the difference and make you feel better and more confident.

Side Effects You Might Experience When Using Testosterone Boosters:

The ingredients used to make the testosterone boosters we have recommended in this article are 100% natural. Therefore, in many cases, there are no side effects experienced.

However, everybody is different and reacts to things differently (even those that are natural). Some people have experienced some side effects, which are usually mild and unrecognizable. 

Prolonged usage of the testosterone boosters can lead to even more evident side effects. 

In most cases, side effects come as a result of improper use of testosterone boosters. Each manufacturer clearly states how they should be used and at what time.

Going against usage guidelines or consuming more than the required dosage can cause serious side effects.

Another group of people that might experience some side effects is the people living with a health condition. Likely, some of the medication you are taking for the other condition can interact with the testosterone booster's components.

In this case, it is vital to speak to your health provider concerning your pre-existing condition and carefully choose a testosterone booster that works best for you.

Some of the side effects you might experience include:

• Increased Risk of Blood Clotting

An increase in testosterone levels leads to the formation of more red blood cells. If too many of them are produced, they'll end up clogging in the blood vessels and causing blood clots.

Blood clots are extremely dangerous as they can lead to death. Be careful not to exceed the recommended dosage for the testosterone booster you are using.

• Appearance of Acne

Acne can break out on your skin, probably due to a drug interaction with the components of the testosterone booster.

It could also be an allergy to any of the contents of the testosterone booster. You must study the ingredients used to manufacture the testosterone booster and confirm that you are not allergic to any of them.

• Increased Risk of Liver damage.

Most of the drugs consumed are synthesized in the liver. Those testosterone boosters that are swallowed orally pose this risk because they also go through the same process of metabolism.

It's necessary that you try out other options like exercising before you can go for a testosterone booster.

• Enlarged Prostate

Prolonged use of testosterone supplements could cause the prostate glands to swell. As a result, you may experience pain during urination.

Before starting on the testosterone boosters, it's essential to get screened for prostate cancer. Testosterone boosters accelerate cancer progression.

It's necessary to consult with your doctor to find out how testosterone boosters can affect your lifestyle.

Is There A Dosage for The Testosterone Boosters for Best Results?

Instructions accompany every testosterone booster available in the market on how to use it.

Too much of the testosterone booster can be hazardous to your health because you expose yourself to the risk of other complications cropping up.

The best thing for you to do is to follow the instructions attached to the pills or as prescribed by your doctor.

For those looking to build muscles, take not more than four pills daily before breakfast.

For men over 40 years looking to use testosterone boosters, they should about 3-4 capsules a day, distributed throughout the day.

For those over 50 years, most doses require that you take 4-5 capsules a day, distributed throughout the day.

What the manufacturer recommends is of utmost importance, because the however way you look at it, he is the one who designed it. So, he knows exactly what he put in it and how much your body requires.


Let's look at questions that people frequently ask about testosterone boosters.

Q. Do Any Testosterone Boosters Actually Work?

Yes. Some give results in less than two weeks, while others require consistency for a few months to get results. They are useful as long as you follow the directions for use.

They do not alter your life. They supplement what you are using to provide what your body needs to produce testosterone on its own. 

Have you seen top athletes in the field, looking all strong and energetic even after running 30kms? Most of them prefer to use testosterone boosters because they do not have any chemicals in them, and the results are fantastic.

Q. What is the Best Testosterone Booster on the Market?

Well, which one is best for you depends entirely on you. You'll need to feel your body and consult your doctor so that you can choose one that suits you. 

Even so, these are the best available options in the market in 2020.

They include TestoPrime, Testo Max, Prime Male, TestRX, and TestoFuel. We have discussed them extensively in this article.

Q. Can I Take A Testosterone Booster?

Yes. You can, but you'll need to talk to your doctor so that you can clear doubts, ask questions, and get screened for any pre-existing conditions.

The purpose of the testosterone booster should be to improve your life, not to make it worse.

In Conclusion: Which Is The Best Supplement To Increase Testosterone Levels?

At some point in life, a man would want to try a testosterone booster. It could be because of age, or increased body weight, or a decreased sexual desire.

At the age of 30-55, a testosterone booster would do you a lot of good to keep you energetic by boosting the T-hormone in your body.

Which testosterone booster is worth a try? We, it depends on what you are feeling.

If you are looking for the booster that works speedily to increase testosterone levels, increase your sex drive, and boost energy levels, then you should go for TestoPrime.

Are you over 40, and you feel you need to boost your energy levels a little? Then you choose Prime Male which is recommended for men over 40 years.

Are you losing focus and concentration, and you feel weak? Try Testo Max which is designed to boost strength and see yourself gaining back your focus.

Is your body becoming flabby and increasingly unattractive even with exercise and proper diet? Then you need Testofuel as it helps to cut out weight and build lean muscle.

Is the clock ticking on you at 50, and you desire your 20-year-old energy? Then get TestRX which works best for men over 50 years.

 A testosterone booster is designed to make life better, so if you feel that you need it, go for it.

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