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Best Weed Detox: Tips To Pass A Drug Test in 2021

Best THC Detox Methods (blue ribbon 47)

If you search for a phrase such as “how to pass a drug test for weed,” you might be overwhelmed by a combination of myths, quick fixes, and the inevitable bad advice that is found plastered all over the web.

So what is a person who enjoys the occasional bud to do? Whether you are an avid pothead, a medical patient who uses CBD, or a casual cannabis user, you are looking for a reliable source to help you find the best THC detox methods.

If you are looking for a detox process to get the weed out of your system because of an upcoming test, it is essential first to understand how the drug tests and detoxing process works to see the best results. We compiled the best solutions here, so you don’t have to ask any more strangers on the internet.

What Are The Most Common THC Drug Tests?

Without a doubt, the most common THC test around is the urine test. Urine tests are what most employers and testing labs use since it is convenient and relatively low-cost.

Recently the popularity of hair testing has grown; however, it is usually reserved for government employees and employees who are in certain positions since it can detect drug use more readily than the other methods.

More giant corporations have been utilizing a blood test as well since it tends to be more accurate. Saliva is generally only used in law enforcement for roadside testing. Of course, you can always inquire about which drug test you will be taking so you won’t be thrown any curveballs.

Popular Detox Process That Companies Do:

When you use cannabis, it will leave minute amounts of THC in fat deposits and your bloodstream. Those traces are traceable by the drug test mentioned above.

Urine Tests:

Urine tests use the measurement of nanograms per milliliter, or also written as ng/ml. In most cases, the urine sample will be calibrated to test for 50ng/ml or above of THC. Simply put, if you have 50 nanograms or more of THC in your urine sample at the test time, it will signal a positive result. One of the easiest ways to overcome this test is to “flush” your system or dilute the sample. You can do this with on-the-market detox drinks or detox kits.

Additionally, there are two common types of urine tests that you may encounter. The first one, called “immunoassay,” is more common since it is less costly and offers quick results. However, like most things in life, you get what you pay for, and the cheap tests will sometimes present a false positive.

Unless you test positive the first time, it is rare to find the second type, called a “gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) test. This test is more expensive and requires more time to process results, but it rarely gives false positives.

Urine tests can also return diluted results, which will mean you need to retake the test. In most cases, the lab will request the test be taken the next day, which is good news for detoxes.

Lastly, urine tests can give both false positives and false negatives, which is a well-documented fact. If you ever test positive, you should always demand a re-test.

Hair Test:

Another type of test that employs two distinct methods is the hair test. The first method is an “enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay” or ELISA. The second is called the same GC/MS test as mentioned above.

The majority of hair drug tests are performed on the first inch and a half of your hair, from the scalp down. The average healthy person’s hair grows at a rate of one-half inch per month. Therefore, an inch and a half of hair should detect THC for up to 90 days.

Even though hair tests can test further back than urine, they are still not the preferred method of detecting THC. This is partial since it can take up to a week for THC to show up in a strand of hair. Additionally, several medications are known to produce false positives with the hair test. If you ever need to take a hair test, be sure to let the tester know what medications you are currently taking.

Blood Tests:

The best option for identifying recent THC use is the blood test. Within a mere matter of seconds after smoking or ingesting, the blood test will be able to detect THC in the bloodstream. That is why under extreme circumstances (or unlucky ones), a blood test will be ordered for a roadside sobriety test.

Even if you just took one puff and passed, a blood test will still be able to detect THC in the bloodstream for up to seven days. Heavier users can expect THC to be detectable well after a week, and the same goes for urine. Serious imbibers can expect it to be noticeable in the urine for up to two months.

Mouth Swab Tests:

These tests aren’t that common, but they are being used more and more. The reason is that they are quick to administer and give reasonably accurate results. They are only reliable for recent usage, however. This is why most law enforcement agencies will use a mouth swab if they suspect that you are under the influence.

7 Best THC Detox Methods That Help You Get the Weed Out Of Your System & Help You Pass Your Drug Test

Now that you know which test you’ll be taking, it’s time to detox. But which THC detox process is best? Fear not, we’ve compiled the seven best THC detox methods all into one place.

#1 Detox Drinks: Best Marijuana Detox Drinks

If you have ever been to a “tobacco” shop, you have probably seen dozens of the supposed detox drinks. At first glance, they don’t really seem to be any different than a standard herbal energy drink. These detox drinks can be pretty pricey too. Each one will cost around $60 a pop. However, if your job is hanging in the balance, that is a small price to pay.

So how do they work? Remember earlier, and we mentioned that urine tests also test for dilution. If your sample is too diluted, the sample can’t be tested. The clever trick that these drinks have found is that you can dilute your urine. Instead of just water, replace that liquid with a vitamin-packed slurry to make your urine appear normal and undiluted. Thus minimizing THC content and hope that you will pass a drug test.

Most detox drinks promise to flush out all of the unwanted toxins in your system and replace them with their “featured” ingredient. That is precisely what most of them do, and many of these drinks are pretty compelling. That is if you follow their directions carefully. You can’t just expect to chug one of these an hour before your test and still pass.

Most of these drinks suggest drinking their mixture around 12-24 hours before your test, so you have to time it correctly. They also recommend drinking 20 ounces of fluid every hour before and after consuming the drink. Lastly, you shouldn’t eat fatty or greasy foods beforehand, and alcoholic beverages should also be avoided. If you can stick to this strict dilution regimen, your job might just be safe after all.

#2 Detox Pills: Best For Weed Detox

If you have a drug test coming up, wouldn’t it be great if you could just pop a few pills and make the last few months of toking away be cleansed from your body? What if it is that easy?

One of the other more popular over-the-counter methods to detox from THC is called “detox pills.” These pills come in various doses, uses, and ingredients. Each promises to do the same thing: get you ready for a damaging result on your drug test?

But how do they work? Most detox pills are a multi-day regimen, so if you plan to use these, be sure you are giving yourself enough time. Following the dosing instructions, take the required amount of pills at the prescribed time, and then you will be ready for your test.

Most THC detox pills claim to remove “heavy toxins” from your system that will show up on your drug screening. What is good about using these products is many of them offer your money back if you fail the test. You might not have a job, but at least you aren’t out of the cost of the pills.

The ingredients vary, but most pills are made with naturally occurring elements rather than fillers or animal products. Additionally, most “detox kits” come with some form of soluble fiber to help flush out the toxins.

On the last day, the day of the test, you do a water fast to make sure the last of the bad stuff is out.

#3 Home Remedies Like Lemon Juice & Water

Suppose over-the-counter solutions are out of your price range, or you would prefer to try something more organic.

In that case, several home remedies are reportedly effective for detoxing your body from THC but these might not work as well as detoxing pills & drinks but they might help you to get the concentration of THC down in your body.

These remedies are cheap, easy, and clean. Still, you might want to experiment with them on your own before the test because the claims of their effectiveness are impossible to verify.

The first home remedy to try is to mix up a little detox drinks of your own and with only two ingredients: lemon juice and water. The idea is that the naturally acid lemon juice mixture will aid your body in cleansing and detoxification.

The recipe is simple: simply squeeze one-half of a lemon into 16 ounces of water. The water helps to dilute the highly acidic mixture but has added fluids to your system. The combination of liquids and acids will naturally flush the toxins from your body.

Since this remedy is natural and organic, you can repeat it as many times as you like before your drug test. It is even recommended that you drink this mixture on the day off to flush out as many toxins as possible.

The second remedy on our list might not sound like much of a treatment; however, it is well known as a potent, natural diuretic. That’s right, and we’re talking about coffee. The idea behind this home remedy is to drink as much as possible to flush your body and thus rid it of toxins naturally.

Since coffee is a diuretic, you will also need to drink ample water and stay hydrated. The water will replace all of the fluids that the coffee forces out of your body.

Additionally, drinking a sports drink or something with electrolytes is a good idea with a coffee flush. If you have enough time before the test, you should also consider taking a B-vitamin supplement. The B-vitamins will add color to your urine and will aid in flushing out all of the impurities.

#4 Cranberry Juice - Best to Use With THC Cleanse

While technically, this could be considered a home remedy, this tangy-tart wonder juice deserves a section of its own. When you are navigating through the world of detox claims, you have probably stumbled upon cranberry juice for various reasons. It is suitable for urinary tract infections, aiding with gout, and now cleansing the body of THC. There is arguably no more excellent classic in the world of home healthcare than cranberry juice.

Cranberry juice helps to detox the body of THC much in the same way that the other fluids on this list do. It is not going to mask or hide the THC in your urine. The idea behind cranberry juice is that it is a natural way to flush the body with unwanted toxins. The liquid is so popular because it works rapidly and thoroughly.

The best way to cleanse cranberry juice is to drink it with a lot of water or a sports drink with electrolytes. The more you urinate, the more you will flush your systems of the toxins that could give you a positive test result.

Like with the lemon juice and coffee remedies, if you have the time, taking a vitamin-B supplement will help the color of your urine and not make it so evident that you have been training to beat the test.

#5 Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the biggest trends sweeping the world of health is the wonder ingredient called apple cider vinegar. This potent form of vinegar is created naturally and fermented with live cultures called the “mother.” These living cultures have powerful health benefits, from curing dandruff to clearing blemished skin. It can also be used to rid the body of THC toxins naturally.

Okay, we understand-- apple cider vinegar is not the most delicious beverage to slurp down. However, taking just a tiny amount (about two teaspoons) each day will help you naturally cleanse your unwanted toxins body. This includes the extra THC floating around your bloodstream. The best way to go about it is to spread the dosage out over three small portions per day. That way, it will be easier to digest, and if you mix it with water, you will get the added benefit of hydration.

Just be sure that you are buying an all-natural ACV with the “mother.” Otherwise, you are just buying cooking vinegar which does not have the benefits we desire. Additionally, it is recommended that you refrain from drinking alcohol or taking more than two teaspoons each day. If you take too much, the high acid content could have a negative health impact instead. We found that the best time to take your dose is before meals, absorbing the food.

#6 Hair Shampoos for Follicle Test

Thus far, we have mentioned only products that would help pass a urine drug testing. What about those that are going to be subjected to a hair follicle test? As we said before, hair tests are less common, but they are much trickier to outsmart. The growth of the hair follicles pushes through traces of THC (and other substances) like a database of what you have consumed in the past 90 days. So before you go and shave your head, we have one more trick up our sleeve—follicle shampoo designed to rid the hair of THC traces.

This specially formulated brand of shampoo was created to rid the hair of contaminants. However, most manufacturers keep the exact ingredients a mystery.

For the shampoo method to work, you must use the product every day leading to your test. Most recommend shampooing every day anywhere from 3-10 days in advance. If you are crunched for time, you can shower and shampoo multiple times a day but be sure that each shampoo stays on your hair for at least 10-15 minutes each time. For the most effective results, wait for 15.

When you are lathering, you should focus on the scalp area, where most of the residue is found. The formula is made for a deep clean, but it will not harm your hair. Instead, it removes deep build-up from chemicals, chlorine, pollutants, hard water, and of course, THC. The formula is designed to gently tease the hair to release these toxins and then flush them out with the rinse.

Many of these products come with an additional rinse; however, you should be okay if you use the shampoo by itself. The most important thing is that you let it sit in your hair for the appropriate amount of time so that the THC has time to react to the shampoo.

#7 Use Detox Mouthwash for an Oral Swab Test

We have covered the urine test and the hair follicle test, but what about the oral swab test? If you get caught red handed but need to prove your innocence, wouldn’t it be great if you could just use a rinse to rid your cheeks of the incriminating evidence? Well, you are in luck because there is a mouthwash that claims it can do precisely that.

This miracle mouthwash is available from several different manufacturers; however, they all claim to be able to ready your mouth for any intrusive swab and pass a THC test with flying colors. This specially formulated toxin-ridding mouthwash claims that it has been developed to allow you to rid your mouth and cheeks of any detectable traces of THC or drug toxins that might be left in your mouth. The trick is, the claim says it must be used moments before taking the mouth swab.

So how does it work? The product comes in a small, portable 1-ounce bottle. Hence, it is easier to swill and spit and hide the evidence before anyone is the wiser. According to the package, you gargle and switch one minute before taking the swab test, and you should hold it for three minutes, then spit it out. For best results, you should also repeat this step at least once more to ensure all of the toxins are extracted. Once you finish, simply pop in six (that’s right, six) breath mints of your choice, and you are ready to handle any swab.

The effectiveness of these claims might sound hard to believe. Still, the manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee, and the reviews on the site seem to be primarily positive. It might sound like a lot of work, but if it helps you to pass the test, then it is entirely worth it in the long run.

If You Don’t Have the Time for a THC Detox

If you are short on time, there are many options for you to try to pass that THC test still. No method is guaranteed success, but pushing any of these ideas is better than going in with no plan. So if you are looking for a last-ditch effort, try one of these methods out:

You Can Use Synthetic Urine If You Have Less Than 3 Days Left.

Yes, that’s right. This should be used as an absolute last resort because it is the riskiest option. However, if you will lose your job over a test anyway, it might be your only option. There are plenty of different companies on the market that offer synthetic urine kits, and many will pass the test.

The best advice is not to buy cheap synthetic urine. If you are going this route, you must really value your job, so go with the best. High-quality synthetic urine will pass as the real thing, and no one will be able to tell it’s not human urine.

That only leaves the task of smuggling in it. Here you can get as creative as you want, but the worst thing to do is leave it in your pocket. Many companies will also sell a belt that you can use to strap the urine to your leg or navel and a hose that makes it sound like you are peeing.

The last problem with synthetic urine is the matter of heat. If the urine is not a specific temperature, they will surely know that it is not an actual sample. You can solve this by using various methods such as hand warmers or warming the vial up under your armpits. However, remember that you do not have much time.

This method is not recommended, but it is better than being without a job if you find yourself in a jam.

FAQs About THC Detox

Now that you know everything there is to know about THC and drug testing, you probably have a few questions. Below are the most common questions we receive when people are looking for the best THC detox:

Q. Is there a “best drink” for detoxing from THC?

There is no 100% surefire way to pass a THC test when it comes down to it. That being said, there are so many detox drink, as well as natural remedies, that it’s impossible to say which ones will work best for you.

Really, your options are to try an over-the-counter detox drink or dilute your urine enough for the test not to pick up trace THC.

No matter which route you take, it is utterly critical that you stop consuming THC/Marijuana as far before the test as possible. Also, if you must take a test, drink as many natural diuretics as possible to flush your system of toxins. Sports drinks are also necessary to replenish the electrolytes that you will inevitably pee out.

Q. What is the best method to detox from THC?

Again, this is a complicated question to answer because some methods tend to work better for others. There is no 100% effective method, so it is best to take a mixed approach or test various ways beforehand to know which one works best for you.

The main goal is to flush the toxins, so begin consuming as much water as you possibly can. Being physically active is also a great way to get the THC moving. Hit the gym and sweat as much as you can. Flushing and rehydrating is the best way to move it out of your system.

Some more extreme detox products are very potent. Some others will do well to mask the dilution in your pee. Again, the best method is to do a test run in your free time to understand which way your body prefers.

Q. How is THC stored in the body?

THC is a compound that is highly soluble in our body’s fat. Any chemical remains from the THC will be stored in your fat cells until they can be broken down and passed through the bloodstream.

This should explain when many overweight or high BMI people have a more difficult time passing THC through their system.

Additionally, suppose you aren’t very active and tend not to stimulate your system. In that case, it may stay in your body for longer than average as well.

Q. How does THC exit the body?

As mentioned above, the remaining THC/Marijuana in the body is stored in the fat. It waits to be metabolized into the bloodstream. Once it is metabolized, it is transported to the excretory organs such as the bowels and kidneys, where it exits the body. Most of the THC leaves the body in the form of poop.

About 60% leave the body via the bowel, 30% leaves as urine, and around 20% leave the body in the form of sweat.

Again, these timeframes will differ from one person to the next; however, they are pretty standard for the average healthy individual. Just as the THC will leave an individual body at a different rate, it will also leave different ways at different ratios. That’s another reason it is so important to do a dry run to make sure you know your body and how it functions.

Q. What factors affect how quickly THC leaves the body?

The rate at which THC is absorbed into the body and then excreted depends on several factors. Here are some of the factors that determine how quickly THC will leave your system after ingested or smoked:

The Concentration of THC Absorbed

One of the most significant factors as to how quickly THC is processed in your system is the concentration of the THC absorbed. There are many different strains and varieties of marijuana, each with an extra THC potency and concentration.

It goes without saying that the higher the THC concentration in the strain, the longer it will take for the body to metabolize and excrete the toxin. If you are a heavy smoker, who likes high concentrations of THC, it will take much longer for your body to process and rid itself of THC.

How Often You Smoke or Consume

If you smoke or ingest THC every day, it will hang around your system for much longer. THC builds over time in the system, so heavy and chronic use means that it will be more difficult to rid the body of the toxins.

If you are a light to moderate consumption, it will be much easier for your body to process and rid itself of the THC stored in your body’s fat. The only sure way to pass a drug test is to stop well enough in advance for your body to process the THC completely and rid itself.

Lifestyle & Exercise

Lastly, your lifestyle and how often you exercise play a role in how quickly your body can process THC.

Even heavy smokers who work out or exercise consistently will be able to rid their bodies of the toxin at a quicker rate. Exercise is known to increase your body’s natural metabolism, and ridding itself of THC or marijuana effects is no different. The more active you are, the easier it is.

Additionally, if you are a healthy eater, your body will have an easier time processing the cannabinoids from your system. The opposite is true too. If you eat a lot of junk food or have a generally poor diet, it will take ages for your sluggish metabolism to rid all THC.

In general, it is best to put down the munchies and hit the gym!

Conclusion: Which THC Detox Method Works The Best?

In conclusion, if you want to rid your body of THC and pass that test, it is wise to give your body adequate time to pass it independently. If you don’t have the time, there are several methods you can try to detox your body. Remember, something that works for one person might not work for you. Give yourself enough time to try the methods before, so you are not caught off guard if a test should pop up. Good luck and happy detoxing!

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