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Blast Auxiliary AC Reviews (2021) Scam Risks or Blast Desktop AC Ultra Really Works?

Auxiliary AC

Blast Auxiliary AC (also called Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra) is a desktop air cooler to help users survive the heat without spending too much money on utility bills. According to the official website - getblastauxiliary.com, Blast Auxiliary AC is a must-have personal cooling unit that is easy to use and maintain and a smart investment overall.

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The dry and hot winds of the summer weather leave your body wet with sweat. You have no other option than to either sit in an air-conditioned room or take a quick shower every few hours. But unfortunately, not everyone can afford an AC. For all such people Blast Auxiliary AC can be a great replacement for a regular, standard-sized AC unit.

Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra is basically a fan that uses evaporation technology to blow out cool air. The device is compact and portable which means that you can move it from one room to another as per your requirement. It doesn't use a lot of electricity which is how it can keep its contribution to your bill low.

If you want to know more about this portable cooling unit, dive into the Blast Auxiliary review below that will discuss everything you need to know about it. This Blast Auxiliary AC review includes all the details regarding benefits, characteristics, working, and where to buy Blast AC at the best price online. Let's hop right in.

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Blast Auxiliary AC Review

The common man has become extremely fed up with ever-increasing electricity bills, and every year, summer comes with extra costs as you have to spend a higher amount on utility bills if you turn on the AC for even a few hours. Central cooling systems are not something that everyone can afford either. This brings us to a better solution – an air cooler.

The typical air cooler is large in size and makes a lot of noise when it works. This means that when you keep it in your room, it becomes prominent and looks bad. What's worse is that it doesn't let you sleep because of the loud noise it produces. However, nowadays you can easily fetch a compact and more portable version of an air cooler.

Blast Auxiliary AC is a desktop air cooler designed to be used by a single person. Just place this device on any flat surface and pour some water into its tank so that it can convert the warm air in your room into cool air, saving you from the hot breeze of the summer months. According to the official Blast Auxiliary website, this cooling unit is affordable and may not be a very costly investment as it is not likely to use up too much energy.

Therefore, Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra can be considered as a great alternative and way better than dehydrating yourself when the days get hotter. Interestingly, there are several other ways this desktop AC by Blast can work. You see, this air cooler functions as a fan, a night light, and as an air cleaner too. More on these features below.

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The Different Uses Of Blast Auxiliary AC

Continuing from what we discussed above, let’s take a look at the four ways you can use the Blast Auxiliary AC, as mentioned on getblastauxiliary.com:

- As a fan
If the weather is better and you don’t think you need Blast Auxiliary transportable AC to blow out cool air, simply use it as just a fan. This can be quite important during the rainy days of the summer months when the winds blowing are cool as it is.

- As a night light
The device reads the setting on its LED screen which also doubles up as a night light, preventing your room from being pitch dark. This is a great feature for those who find it troublesome to sleep in the dark, want a mood light, or need a little light in the room to help them see clearly and prevent tripping.

- As an air cleaner
Last but not the least, the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra can also function as an air cleaner. Basically, it helps clean the air that it takes in before cooling it and blowing it out into the room. This ensures that the germs and bacterial particles from the air circulating in the room can be wiped out.

Therefore, in these simple ways, not only can the Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop AC keep you cool in the summer months, but it also makes the atmosphere of your room cozier and better. However, it is to be kept in mind that the exact benefits of this desktop cooling unit can vary from one person to another.

How Does Blast Auxiliary AC Work?

The manufacturers believe that even if you've never dealt with an air conditioner in your life, using the Blast Auxiliary AC can be a pretty simple task. In fact, if you still find yourself confused you can always take a look at the instructions manual that accompanies. Below are the main details that you need to know about using the Blast Auxiliary AC:

- Three different fan settings
Firstly, there are three different fan settings that you can pick from. The compact size of Blast Auxiliary AC makes it easier to find these buttons. You can either keep the fan setting as low, moderate, or high depending on the weather. Some people prefer moderate cooling while others cannot tolerate the heat at all and set the fan to high.

- Pouring in water
Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra works on modern evaporation technology which is how it is also able to save electricity. However, for it to work you have to follow one simple step. You must open the lid of its reservoir and pour in cold water. Make sure that the water you add to the tank is chilled otherwise, the device may not be able to cool the air in your room just the way you want it to. Once you have filled the tank, you can readjust the water curtain.

- Chilling the air with ice
Apart from the water tank where you pour in water and a filter to clean the air, the Blast Auxiliary AC also has an ice tray. You can add ice to the tray for an amazing output. However, this step is optional. If you don't need air that is too cold, you don't need to add any ice.

- Appliance maintenance
In the winter months, you may decide to pack up the appliance and keep it in a corner. However, when you start reusing it, you may need to clean it a bit. In fact, in the period in which you are using it, you have to keep it maintained. This is not difficult to do as all that is required is cleaning the device with a clean cloth. Additionally, the air filter as well as the water curtain may also require replacement every few months.

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Specifications Of The Blast Auxiliary AC - Is It Legit?

According to several Blast Auxiliary reviews online and on the official website, there are many traits of this amazing air cooler that put it forward as a great choice for anyone looking for a cooling solution. Take a look below to learn the best characteristics of the Blast Auxiliary AC:

- The compact and neat design fits well in any space.
The Blast AC is a modern technology that comes in a compact and sleek design which can make it a great addition to your room. You're just supposed to place it on a flat surface directly in front of you to be able to enjoy the cool air it blows out. Since Blast Auxiliary AC is not a huge appliance that requires a lot of space in your room, it also does not look weird. It comes in white color and a minimalistic design.

- Portability enables you to use the same device in different rooms.
Another quality of Blast Auxiliary AC that may make it a better investment than bigger air coolers is that it can easily be transported from one room to another. You can simply carry it as the weight is not too much without having to drag the air cooler with difficulty. So, if you are studying in one room and sleeping in another, you don't have to buy a separate unit for each space.

- Easily maintainable at home.
In the case of wall-mounted air conditioners, you need the help of a technician for installation. Then you need the help of a professional for its frequent cleaning and maintenance too. On the flip side, Blast Auxiliary can be cleaned at home without any complication. You just have to wipe off the dust from its parts and change the curtain every few months.

- Noiseless technology gives you peace of mind.
Other air coolers are very noisy which makes them disturb your peace when you're trying to work or sleep. This air cooler can be placed in front of you and it can run completely noiselessly which will allow you to do whatever you're doing in peace.

- Amply spacious water tank.
The capacity of the water reservoir of this machine is 300 ml. This ensures that the size of the device is not too big and yet the tank is big enough. This means that you may not have to refill it over and over again which can be inconvenient for most people. In fact, the water is expected to last in the machine for a good number of hours after which you can refill it with clean and chilled water.

- An affordable solution for the summer months.
Lastly, Blast Auxiliary AC is a budget-friendly device. If you compare it to an air conditioner, it can help you save several bucks, not only on purchase and installation but also on maintenance. What's more, since it is a rechargeable device, it doesn't consume electricity every time you switch it on, helping you keep your bills low.

- Comes fully assembled for your ease.
You don't have to worry that the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC may reach you in disassembled parts. This is because it comes fully assembled and you just have to follow a few simple steps to get it running. In case you face any difficulty, there is a users’ manual that comes along with instructions on how you can handle this cooler.

- Cools the air in the room swiftly.
The Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC can cool the air in your room swiftly. As soon as you start the appliance, it needs just 30 seconds to blow out cool air. Within a short time, you can expect to get rid of the sweat sticking to you and cool yourself up.

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Where to Buy Blast Auxiliary AC? Discount Price and Shipping Information

If you're looking for a less costly solution for summers to keep yourself cool, Blast Auxiliary AC can prove to be a worthwhile investment. For order placement, visit getblastauxiliary.com today.

If you have decided in favor of buying it, you have three different packages to choose from. These are:

- One unit of Blast Auxiliary AC is available for $89.99
- You can get two units of Blast AC for $202.48
- Three units are available for $179.98
- Lastly, a deal of four units is priced at $247.47

In case you want to buy Blast Auxiliary AC, don't delay it since it is currently being offered for a discounted price. The original price of a single unit is $138.45.

We recommend that you buy a single unit of Blast Desktop Ultra AC and see how it performs. However, it would be more economical for you to purchase the bigger deals if you want to get more units for your family or friends. After all, the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra is for a single person's use. Two people cannot expect to get ample cool air from one device. Moreover, this device is for smaller spaces and you’ve to directly place it in front of you. It is not designed to cool a large room or a large number of people so you may require additional units.

Make sure to avoid buying Blast Desktop AC from third-party retailers as what they are offering might be a Blast Auxiliary scam.

Also read what Blast Auxiliary AC customer reviews and user testimonials are saying. Does it really work as advertised? Find Out More Here!

Blast Auxiliary AC Refund Policy

A solid money-back guarantee of 30 days makes the purchase of the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC risk-free. Otherwise, it can be very risky to place an order for an appliance online. After all, there is no physical store where you can check out the quality of this product or buy this air cooler from. In fact, it is only available on its own official website and you will not be able to find it at any other online retail store or even Amazon.

The ironclad refund policy makes it very easy for you to invest in the Blast Auxiliary as you have the option to return it if it doesn't do its job as promised. This shows that the manufacturer cares about the investment of its customers and is confident about the functionality of this appliance.

If you want to return the product, you will have to get in touch with the customer support team. On approval of your request, you will be given an address where you are supposed to return the appliance. After this, the amount that you have paid for your purchased units will be returned to you. Just know that any shipping charges are not refundable. In fact, for returning your Blast Desktop AC, a small shipping fee will be applicable. You also have the option to opt for a replacement of your device rather than going for a refund, too.

Blast Auxiliary AC Reviews - Summing Up

Blast Auxiliary AC works as an air cooler, a fan, a night illuminator as well as an air cleaner since it has a filter installed. The appliance seems to be a promising purchase because it has strong, compact and neat built. The design is minimal and sleek which makes the air cooler look great in your room.

The biggest pro of this purchase is that it may help keep your bills low and doesn't require you to spend any money on installation or maintenance. Compared to a wall-mounted air conditioner, Blast Desktop AC can be a very cheap investment. However, Blast Auxiliary is only for a single person’s use and it is not designed to cool the air in a large room. You're just supposed to place it in front of you to beat the summer heat.

To place your order for the Blast Auxiliary AC, visit the official website here.

Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions

- How well does the Blast Auxiliary AC chill up the room?
It is unrealistic to expect this small device to chill up an entire room just like a huge air conditioner. However, as per the manufacturers, Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra blows out cold air when you place it directly in front of you. This means that the air circulating in the room can become pleasant enough.

- How can you place your order?
To place your order, you will have to go to the Blast Auxiliary AC official website and pick your choice of package. You can either buy a single unit or multiple units of this product. After selecting your deal, you will be shown a form to which you're supposed to add your basic details such as your name, email, and delivery address. Once done, add your payment details and you’re done.

- How can you make your payment?
To make your payment, you can use any major credit or debit cards such as MasterCard or Amex. Additionally, you can make your payment through PayPal which is the safest mode of transferring money online.

- How to contact the customer support team?
If you have any questions or queries, you can contact the customer support team of Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra at this email address: support@getblastauxiliary.com.

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