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Latest Stories From The Hub

Award-Winning Photographer Greg Piper Is Exploring the World and Oceans to Capture One-of-a-Kind Masterpieces

Life is full of uncertainties, and no one is 100% sure what tomorrow holds; living and getting to experience each moment to the fullest is essential. The beauty of photography is that it freezes moments in time and takes us back to specific moments in our lives. Memories fade, even those moments that we hold dear to our hearts start...

Actor and Social Media Star Tayson Madkour Shares the Challenges and Wisdom He Gained On His Journey to Success

The journey from auditions to an award-winning top-rated actor is a long and challenging one. Actor and social media star Tayson Madkour is headed there. This young actor is known for his roles in the mini-series “Rooney’s Last Roll” (2020), the web series “Chicken Girls” (2017), and the film Sissy Sheridan: Who Me? (2020). Tayson is currently focusing on acting...

Isabella Garofanelli Empowers Travel Lovers to Make Careers From Their Passion

Almost everyone has what they consider a “dream job,” something that would allow them to enjoy what they do each day, finding fulfillment while also earning a living. It can be hard to earn this, especially within a competitive job market. That’s why it’s such an inspiration when you find someone who has achieved their dream career. Isabella Garofanelli, a...

Modern-Day Explorer Dakota Wint Shares His Stories From Unknown Corners of the Earth

The earth is full of untold stories and unseen experiences. Unfortunately, not all people are able to travel and explore for various reasons. Dakota Wint is a young explorer sharing untold stories and unseen experiences with the rest of the world as he continues to tour different communities. Still in his twenties, Dakota is a passionate explorer who has dedicated...