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Crazy Bulk Reviews: The Ultimate Review of the Brand

Mass Bulk Gainer for exercise (ca logistics 1)

Ever heard of Crazy Bulk? You might have, if you have more than a passing interest in getting fit. Crazy Bulk is known for providing one of the widest ranges of body-building and sculpting products on the market!. Gain extra muscle, sculpt your body the way you like, or just be a better version of yourself – that’s the Crazy Bulk guarantee.

And how do I know this? It’s because I tried it myself! That’s what I’m here to share with you today – I’m going to tell you exactly what the Crazy Bulk line of products can do for you. No fuss, nothing complicated, and no technical talk: just a good old review of one of the best body building products I’ve ever tried.

So let’s get to the good stuff! What is Crazy Bulk, and why should you care?

Crazy Bulk 101

Crazy Bulk has been in the business of getting people the body that they want for years. From fat loss to weight gain, their impressive line of products has something for everyone looking to get their best body, all without the side-effects that you’d expect from using products like steroids.

Because trust me: there’s a lot. Illegal steroids can cause a ton of problems – loss of libido, gaining weight, excessive mood swings, and all-around feeling of unease that doesn’t really go away. Sure, you can always get your desired body with any kind of steroid. But unless you want all your hair to fall out or feel REALLY shitty all the time, you’d be better off finding a product that doesn’t give you any side effects. And that’s where Crazy Bulk really shines.

Why Use Legal Steroids Alternatives Like Crazy Bulk?

Your first impression of steroids might not be overly positive. I mean, a quick search about doping athletes will give you pages and pages of warnings about the dangers of steroids and how illegal they are – and that’s true. Steroids in pro-level sports and other physical activities aren’t allowed: that’s just respecting the spirit of the game (and the competition.)

But for regular folks like you and me, steroids can actually do quite a lot for us. Doctors prescribe anabolic steroids to help those suffering from testosterone or hormonal deficiency, as it kick-starts your system to producing chemicals that help your body develop. With the right prescription and the proper diet and exercise, steroids can not only help build you a better body, but give you more confidence, more energy, and a more positive outlook on life!

There’s no shame in taking steroids if they can help you live a better life, which is what Crazy Bulk aims to help you achieve. While illegal steroids can help you get the results you want when it comes for a better body, it also comes with the dangers of side-effects that can far outweigh the benefits. Legal steroids like Crazy Bulk can give you the best of both worlds: the results you’re looking for WITHOUT the nasty side effects.

So let’s get to the good stuff: the products. What are they? And what can they do for you?

D-Bal – The Ultimate Performance Enhancer

If you’re looking for the last word in gaining muscle and getting rid of fat, look no further than D-Bal. It’s Crazy Bulk’s most popular product, and for good reason – it combines the best of what you’d expect from a body supplement. Increased strength, reduced fatigue, stripped fat, and enhanced testosterone in a product that naturally brings out the best in your body, what’s not to like?

Why use this:

Boost your body’s testosterone levels

Works faster than other products in the market

Allows better muscle recovery

Enhances your body’s strength, agility, and stamina

One of the key ingredients of D-Bal is extracted from the suma plant, a close relative of ginseng that allows your body to deal with stressors like toxins, bacteria, or even stress better. This can help you adapt to the changes that come with bulking up and losing fat, which is a problem faced by professional and amateur body builders alike.

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Testo-Max – Best for Strength

We’ve all heard about the benefits of more testosterone in the body: muscle gains, increased libido, and improved stamina. What Testo-Max does differently from other testosterone boosters is that instead of using artificial testosterone, it contains a carefully selected mix of compounds that can help boost the production of your body’s natural testosterone levels! All natural means no problems – and definitely something that your body prefers over artificial ingredients.

Why use this:

Top rated testosterone booster

100% all natural ingredients

See results within two weeks

Increase your body’s peak performance levels

The key behind this product is the inclusion of D-aspartic acid, an amino acid that boosts our luteinizing hormones into overdrive! Luteinizing hormones speed up the production of our body’s natural testosterone levels, slowly making us accustomed to higher levels of it in the body for maximum effect.

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Clenbutrol – Increase Your Lean Muscle

If you want to look hot, you sometimes have to be hot. That means increasing your body’s internal temperature in such a way that it causes your metabolism to rise and burn away fat. Clenbutrol does this by raising your Basal Metabolic Rate (or BMR) while you workout, making you burn away fat more efficiently.

Why use this:

Increases your muscle-to-fat ratio

Rapidly burns away fat without stripping muscle

Enhances stamina and endurance

Results in as fast as 30 days

Clenbutrol also works on your cardiovascular system, making your muscles more efficient at absorbing oxygen and removing waste for a shorter recovery time and better gains. It’s a good product for beginners that want to lose fat faster, since it cuts down on your fat without touching your muscle mass.

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HGH X2 – Best for Growth

HGH X2 is Crazy Bulk’s product of choice for HGH supplements. HGH (or Human Growth Hormone) grows muscle and reduces fat, and is essential to our body’s development. While our bodies produce this hormone naturally, HGH can help kick-start this process to make you produce more of it! It’s a natural way to help your body’s growth without disrupting it’s natural processes, which gives you better results.

Why use this:

One of the top-rated HGH boosters on the market

Usable by both men and women

Results in as short as 30 days

Increases your endurance and enhances your reflexes

HGH X2 contains a complex mix of amino acids that stimulates your pituitary gland, which is the part of your brain that produces HGH. These amino acids help make additional HGH, which your body then converts into energy towards building muscle and trimming excess fat!

DecaDuro – Best for Muscles and Endurance

Collagen is an essential protein that helps us develop the ligaments and tendons in our bodies and can help us avoid things like arthritis and joint pain. It’s also the protein responsible for keeping our bodies together while we subject it to the rigors of everyday life, whether that be working out or just going about our day. And this is one thing that DecaDuro has in spades!

Why use this:

Develops muscles and endurance

Shortens recovery time from muscle fatigue

Helps keep joints healthy

Assists in maintaining muscle mass

DecaDuro also enhances the rate your muscles can keep nitrogen, making you gain muscle and lose fat much faster than just doing it naturally! As a bonus, it also comes with natural ingredients like ginseng and wild yam to supplement the amino acids it already contains.

Anvarol – Cuts Down Excess Fat

Anvarol contains generous amounts of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is one compound that gives our bodies energy. We don’t just need energy for going about our day-to-day lives: ATP is also necessary for kick-starting the growth of our cells, which can ultimately help us gain more muscle and lose more fat.

Why use this:

Usable by both men and women

Improves Lean Muscle Mass

Cuts down on excess fat

Gives more muscle definition

Aside from giving our bodies a much-needed boost, Anvarol also helps keep fat away by increasing the production of phosphocreatine in our muscles, which maintain their density and regulates their mass. More energy means the longer you can work out, and the more you can work out, the more muscle you gain!

Anadrole – Best for Lean Muscle Growth

Your red blood cells are definitely one thing in your body that punches way above their weight class: they’re responsible for distributing oxygen to your entire body and carry carbon dioxide back to the lungs. Anadrole helps these hard workers by making your body produce more of them, making them to their job much better and much faster, allowing you to avoid fatigue and boost your natural energy levels.

Why use this:

Helps you gain more muscle

Allows you to work out for longer periods of time

Decreases your fatigue during physical activity

Stabilizes and regulates lean muscle growth

Anadrole also contains natural ingredients that complement its blood-boosting properties, like shilajit and bindii plant extract, which can help control blood sugar levels and boost libido. If you want to give that special someone in your life a REALLY good night, this can definitely help.

Winsol – Best for Cutting

It’s not enough to just build muscle, you also need to trim and lose excess fat. Winsol is one of the best products that can help you in this critical “cutting” phase, as it helps you keep the amount of muscle you have from getting turned into fat. Trusted by bodybuilders and other performers, it’s a powerful mix of natural and artificial ingredients that helps you shape your body to your liking!

Why use this:

Usable by both men and women

Allows you to keep lean muscle

Strips excess fat

Results within 30 days

Winsol contains compounds like acetyl carnitine and choline, which help regulate how our body processes fat. Combined with a regular workout regimen and the right diet, it’s a killer combo that’ll make you bid your body fat bye-bye.

Trenorol - For Fast Natural Muscle Gain

One of the biggest drawbacks to taking boosters is that your body can become dependent on the product instead of its natural production, so once you stop taking it, your natural processes are wrecked forever. That’s not the case with Trenorol. Its ingredients are specially formulated to help you sculpt your body via nitrogen retention and red blood cell production with none of the nasty side effects, and it’s particularly fast at being absorbed by the body!

Why use it:

Speeds up your body’s natural muscle gain processes

Improves the rate your body burns fat

Easily absorbed by the bloodstream for faster results

Increase muscle density and energy levels

The unique mix of natural extracts like nettle leaves and samento bark with ingredients like peptin and beta-sitosterol bring out the best in this product, allowing it to work fast, efficient, and with no adverse effects on your body.

So you know what their products are and what they do. The question is, why use THESE products in particular? What’s stopping you from getting other brands or other steroids?

Crazy Bulk Review: Effective, Fast-Acting, and Safe

All of Crazy Bulk’s products are legal alternatives to illegal steroids, which means you can avoid the very nasty side effects that occur whenever you take these illegal drugs. Since they’re made with certified ingredients and a balanced mixture of artificial and natural formulas, you get a guarantee that taking Crazy Bulk products can help you get your dream bod without wrecking yourself along the way.

Because Crazy Bulk’s products work naturally with the body’s internal processes, it also something that your body can easily take while you cope with the rigors of gaining weight and losing fat. Any major changes to your body can exhaust it, or in the worst-case scenario, gives you the results earlier than your body is ready for. While Crazy Bulk works fast, it doesn’t strain your body with how it works – rather, it works WITH your body to make sure that it can handle the changes without becoming too overloaded.

Steroids can definitely help you out in a lot of ways, but it’s important to understand that getting the right steroid is important. The reason I went with Crazy Bulk’s products was because I wanted a safe way to bulk up without the side effects – which is something I couldn’t have done with illegal steroids.

Would I have had the same results if I took the illegal steroids? Probably. But could I have gotten it without serious damage to my body and my health overall? Definitely not. And that’s why I recommend Crazy Bulk.

What’s the Best Way to Take Crazy Bulk Legal Steroid Alternatives?

With Crazy Bulk products, it’s always more the merrier. While you can use each of their products on their own and still get the results you want, stacking multiple products together can help you get to where you want your body to be quicker and more efficiently.

You can stack Crazy Bulk products in three ways, depending on what kind of body routine you’re looking for:

If You Want a Bit of Everything: The Ultimate Stack








This is the stack I’d personally recommend if you’re already well underway to getting your dream bod, as it supplements training and diet really well. With a good mixture of cutting and bulking ingredients, it can give your progress a boost and results within weeks! Definitely a good investment for anyone looking to get serious about bodybuilding.

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If You Want to Put More Muscle: The Bulking Stack






The Bulking Stack is great for users that want more lean muscle over losing weight. It’s perfect for people that are naturally thin and want to gain more mass instead of losing it, because it gives you more muscle and stimulates growth.

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If You Want to Lose Weight: The Cutting Stack






The Cutting Stack is perfect for people who want to trim down fat and convert it to muscle. If you find that you’re gaining too much weight and a little slow converting it into muscle, this combination of products can help kick-start the fat conversion process without draining your energy.

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Each of these stacks come with their own guide and resources that you can consult for the best way to take these products. If you want to take your body to the next level (and save a buck or two while you’re at it) I recommend trying out a stack that suits your needs.

How Fast Does Crazy Bulk Work?

The Crazy Bulk line of products are powerful, but they’re not an overnight miracle. The good news is that you can see results within 4 to 6 weeks of regular use – maybe even shorter if your physical routine matches with the products you will use!

A lot of things can affect this timeline though. For example, the frequency of which you take Crazy Bulk will definitely play a role in how fast you’ll get your results. Consistent, regular intake can help you get the body that you want to see much quicker, and in better condition. Diet and exercise are also factors: the more you take care of your body, the better these products can work. Since they naturally change your body’s processes and kick-start areas that are lagging, it only takes a few weeks for your body to get used to it.

Crazy Bulk’s products work, but give them time. If you do it right, you won’t have to wait for very long.

Two Important Things to Note

First, it’s important to remember that Crazy Bulk isn’t a magical product that can instantly help you lose weight or gain muscle. Just taking these products won’t help you get your ideal body. You must put in the time, thought, and effort towards reaching your goals.

That means aside from taking Crazy Bulk, you need to hit the gym, watch what you eat, and lead a more active lifestyle. The ingredients in Crazy Bulk are effective, but they work by naturally stimulating your body to help it get more fit. It won’t change your body for you – that’s something that you have to kick-start yourself. Even the smallest changes towards getting more physically active can help!

Second, ALWAYS consult a physician before taking supplements or steroids like Crazy Bulk. This is especially important if you have a pre-existing medical condition that can cause a bad interaction between you and the ingredients found in Crazy Bulk products. While they’ve been specifically made to avoid side-effects, they can’t account for medical conditions like blood pressure or hormonal imbalance.

If you’re taking maintenance medications, check with your doctor before taking Crazy Bulk. If you’re allergic to certain compounds, check the full ingredients list before buying. Doing a little bit of research can save you a lot of time and trouble, and can even help you match to the exact Crazy Bulk product that you need.

Where Can I Buy Crazy Bulk Products?

Always buy straight from the source, like the Crazy Bulk website or an official reseller. Not only does this guarantee you’ll be getting the real deal for your order, but it also means that you can skip out on the high premiums that third-parties often tack on to Crazy Bulk products. You can even get perks like waived shipping and discounts if you’re lucky enough to catch them!


Working out isn’t always a guarantee that you’ll get the body that you want. Sometimes, you’ll need a little help to get it going – and products like Crazy Bulk are specifically made to help you achieve your goals. With the right kind of routine, consistent intake, and regular trips to the gym, you’ll find yourself well on the way to being a fitter person.

After 6 weeks on Crazy Bulk, I can say with certainty that it’s one of the best products that you can get to help you attain your dream body. It works fast, it’s easy to take, and it comes with no side effects when used properly – and you can use it for as long as you like! If you’re looking for a good investment towards a better body, try Crazy Bulk.

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