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Online Fortune Telling: 5 Best Fortune Teller Sites of 2021

Online Fortune Telling (Norcal 16)

Are you lost and looking for guidance? Is your love life or career path not going as planned?

If this sounds like you, you might stand to benefit from one of the many fortune telling websites available today. These sites feature expert psychic advisors who can guide you through major decisions and answer all of life’s questions by phone or chat.

However, because there are so many fortune telling sites to choose from, choosing the best one can be difficult. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you, combing through all the online fortune tellers on the market to find the very best.

We looked at everything from the reputation and length of time in business to prices and customer reviews to bring you this extensive guide to the best online psychic readings available.

Whether you’re seeking money and career advice, a past life reading, or some insight into your love life, the experts on the sites listed here can help. Most online fortune tellers offer phone, email, chat, or video readings, so you can choose what you’re most comfortable with.

Without further ado, here are the best psychic reading sites for fortune telling.

Best Online Fortune Telling Services of 2021

Psychic Source: Best for love readings (3 free minutes + low rates)

Keen Psychics: Best for guidance on big life decisions (10 minutes for just $1.99)

Kasamba: Best site for career and money questions (3 free minutes + 70% off)

Asknow: Best for questions about life, family, and destiny (15 minutes for just $10)

#1 Psychic Source: Best for Accurate Love Readings

Psychic Source is our favorite fortune telling website for love readings. The company has been in business since 1989, giving them over three decades of experience. In that time, they’ve built a stellar reputation for accurate phone readings, graduating to online fortune telling as technology allowed.

An online psychic reading might be just the thing you need to approach a troubled relationship differently or learn to attract love into your life. Psychic Source advisors have been helping people with questions such as these for decades, and we highly recommend them for matters of the heart.

Psychic Source offers psychic readings by phone, chat, or video. You can also download the Psychic Source app so that you have a team of psychic experts in your pocket no matter where you go.

The online fortune tellers at Psychic Source offer many types of love readings, including:

Tarot card readings

Aura readings

Crystal readings

Psychic Source’s psychic readers offer something for everyone, so no matter your reading preference, they can accommodate it. Many clients get the most out of combining multiple methods, such as a past life reading with tarot cards.

Psychic Source offers new clients free psychic readings for the first three minutes of their first reading session, with rates as low as $0.66 per minute after that. The company is so confident that you’ll love your online psychic reading that Psychic Source offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Whether your love life is in shambles or you’re simply looking to invite more romance into your life, Psychic Source is the best fortune telling website to help you do just that.

Accurate readings via phone, psychic chat, or video

Experienced online psychics with a variety of different specialties

Every psychic advisor is screened and tested for authenticity

Find answers to questions about love, career, relationships, and family

3 free psychic minutes + 75% off for new users

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#2 Keen: Online Psychic Readings via Phone or Chat

Maybe you need online fortune telling readings but money is tight right now. Even people with financial restrictions sometimes need guidance, which is why we made a point of including Keen. Keen’s psychics offer expert readings at lower rates, making this option ideal for people on a budget.

Keen Psychics has been in business since 1999. They offer online fortune teller readings of all kinds, helping people through major life events such as career and relationship changes. You can access these readings via phone, online chat, or through Keen’s mobile app.

When you’re trying to save money, you don’t want to hop from one online fortune teller to another. All Keen psychics get rated by the community, so you can get a clear idea of how people feel about a fortune teller before choosing them. This can help ensure you find the right fit and get the most out of your reading.

With over 1,700 online fortune tellers to choose from, Keen Psychics has something for everyone. The website makes it easy to narrow down your choices using filters that help you find the psychics that specialize in the areas you’re most interested in.

Keen’s online fortune telling team is happy to answer any life question you have, using whichever methods you’re comfortable with. They can do everything from tarot card readings to contacting spirit guides, so make sure to be clear on what you’re looking for when you begin your search.

If you’re ready to get your questions answered so you can finally start living the life you’ve always dreamed of, try Keen’s 10-minute psychic readings for just $1.99.

Over 1,700 gifted psychic experts to choose from

Get a psychic reading online via phone call, chat, or email

No video call specialties offered

Some of the best fortune tellers in the psychic reading industry

New users get a 10 minute online session for just $1.99

Click Here to Get 10 Minutes for Just $1.99 With Keen

#3 Kasamba: Best for Online Tarot Readings

Kasamba is our number one pick for financial and career advice. Whether you’re a high-level executive wondering what the next step on the career ladder is or a new member of the workforce looking for some direction, Kasamba has you covered.

Kasamba has been in business since 1999 and has a stellar reputation among online fortune teller sites. Kasamba offers a wide range of services to choose from that can help you with financial matters, big and small.

Among other things, Kasamba’s psychic services include:



Fortune reading

Tarot readings

Clairvoyant readings

Past life readings

Spiritual readings

Love psychics

Dream analysis

Pet psychics

Kasamba psychics have years of experience advising people on financial and job-related matters, so they have the power to help you find your way to a stable, rewarding career. Kasamba’s experts have all the answers to life’s most pressing questions, meaning you no longer have to make life decisions on your own.

You can reach Kasamba psychics via phone, email, or live chat sessions using a desktop computer or the Kasamba app.

Finding the perfect reader on Kasamba is easy, thanks to the individual profile pages that detail each fortune teller. These pages go over the psychic’s approach to online fortune telling, the methods they use, and the amount of experience they have. There is also a customer review section to give you an idea of what other people think of the advisor.

Kasamba offers price ranges to fit any budget and the first three minutes of every session are free. If you need one more nudge before making up your mind, new members get a generous 75% off.

Large variety of online psychics and specialties to choose from

Every psychic advisor has their own profile page

Best for getting an online tarot reading

Get 3 free minutes with every psychic reading

New members get 70% off first future reading

Click Here to Get 3 Free Minutes + 70% Off With Kasamba

#4 AskNow: Best for Phone Readings

Are you seeking answers about a life-changing decision? AskNow is one of the best fortune telling websites around when it comes to big decisions, so their fortune tellers are the ones to ask.

AskNow hasn’t been around as long as the other online fortune telling options on this list, but the company has racked up an impressive reputation since starting in 2004.

AskNow online psychic advisors offer readings by phone or chat in both English and Spanish. The company’s fortune tellers can guide you through a wide variety of life events and areas, including:




Life purpose

Dream Interpretation

Energy Healing

Spiritual readings

Each of AskNow’s online and phone psychics specializes in different online fortune telling methods so that you can find a fortune teller perfectly suited to your needs. Whether you’re looking for an online psychic reading centered around clairvoyance alone or using divination tools such as tarot cards and crystal balls, AskNow’s fortune tellers have what you’re looking for.

The website allows you to sort fortune tellers by:

Advisor type



This sorting ability makes it especially easy to find a psychic who feels like the best fit for your needs. Finding a fortune teller you feel connected with is a large part of arriving at the answers you seek, whether during a one-time reading or as an ongoing psychic journey.

If you’re unsure about getting started with AskNow, the website offers a first-time customer discount of 15 minutes for just $10, so you can chat with any fortune teller you’d like and get a sense of whether the service is right for you.

Psychic experts available in English or Spanish

Get a psychic reading online via phone or chat

All fortune tellers are screened for accuracy

Get 15 minutes for just $10 + 5 free minutes

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What Tools Do Psychics Use for Fortune Telling?

Some of the best online psychics use little else other than their gift of extrasensory perception to detect energy, predict the future, and advise clients. Others prefer to use special divination tools that can help them interpret and share what the spirit world is telling them.

The list of divination tools is endless, but the following are some of the most common in the Western world.

Tarot Cards

Tarot card readers use a pack of 78 cards specially designed to assist in psychic readings. These cards serve a variety of purposes:

Future prediction

Decision making

Insight into your current situation

Past, present, and future intuition

A tarot reading can be as general or as specific as you’d like, depending on the questions you ask and the spread the reader uses.

Crystal Ball

Crystal ball readings have been used for centuries to help clairvoyants “see” messages from the other side through a process called scrying or crystal gazing. While a crystal reader can use virtually any reflective surface for scrying, crystal, glass, and water are the most commonly used materials.

A fortune teller can provide insight into your past, present, or future during crystal readings.


Dreams can be powerful tools when analyzed by the right person. Psychics who interpret dreams can help you understand your current situation and any underlying feelings about it that you may have hidden from yourself.

The more clearly you understand what’s happening internally and externally, the better able you’ll be to make wise decisions about the situation.

Palm Reading

Palm readings use the lines in a person’s palm to determine their future or fate. While this method of divination has been popular for centuries, it’s less common in online readings due to the physical nature of the practice.

However, now that video calls and high-resolution photographs are increasingly common, it is possible to find online palm readings if you look for them.

Lost Object Readings

Object readings are another medium that tends to work better in person than in online readings. However, if a client holds on to an item during a reading or places it in front of a camera during a video call, the psychic may be able to read its energy.

These readings use the energy of an important personal possession to clue the fortune teller in on the person’s situation.

Things to Know Before Talking to a Fortune Teller Online

Whether you’ve been using fortune tellers and tarot card readers for years or you’re just venturing into the world of psychics, there are a few things worth knowing before talking to an online psychic.

Experienced psychic readers can tell you everything you need to know about past lives or future paths, but you can’t leave all of the work up to the reader. To get the best possible results from your psychic or tarot reading, take note of the following.

A Psychic Reading Require Openness

Fortune tellers possess more sensitivity to things like auras and the spirit world than many of us do. Still, during a reading, your energy is the largest source for them to pull from. The more open you are about the process, the more the psychic will be able to “read” about you, resulting in a more accurate reading.

For example, if you go into a tarot reading refusing to give the psychic any information about your situation, it will be more difficult for the reader to determine what the tarot cards are trying to say, given that they can be interpreted in many ways.

Fortune Telling Isn’t an Exact Science

Psychics use their gifts of extrasensory perception to gather information about the world and people around them, much in the same way we use our five senses. And just like our five senses can give us the wrong information sometimes (like mishearing what someone says or mistaking a stick in our path for a snake), the extrasensory perception that psychics possess sometimes needs interpretation.

Therefore, future predictions, tarot readings, and other psychic readings are more similar to fine art than an exact science. Keep this in mind as you speak with your fortune teller rather than expecting a cut-and-dried answer right away.

Every Psychic Site Is Different

Fortune teller websites range from well-known sites that others in the industry respect greatly to charlatans that are only out to take unsuspecting clients’ money and everything in between.

Psychic websites might offer tarot readings, future predictions, love advice, and more, or they might focus on a narrower area of expertise. Likewise, a site may have set prices or different rates depending on the services and psychic you choose.

Look for a psychic website that has what you need and offers an easy-to-navigate user interface. That way, you spend less time navigating the site and more time learning what your future holds.

Every Fortune Teller Is Different

Psychics vary even more than fortune telling sites do. Each reader is a unique human being with a particular skill set, personality, and experience level. It’s vital to choose a reader who matches your personality while offering the services that are most important to you.

If you like the vibes of a fortune telling website but aren’t crazy about the first psychic you chat with, don’t let that scare you off. Simply look for another fortune teller who seems to be a better fit. Sometimes, finding the right psychic or tarot reader can feel a lot like finding a soulmate—it takes some work but is more than worth it in the end.

How to Choose the Best Fortune Teller

Whether you’re looking for a psychic who can predict the future or a tarot card reader who can guide you through a difficult experience, it’s crucial to take the time to find the right fortune teller for the job. A skilled psychic can be a great source of comfort and assurance, but trusting just any fortune telling site would be a mistake.

Below are the most important things to remember when seeking online psychic readings. Follow these four suggestions, and you’re far more likely to have a positive experience with your first psychic reading.

Do Your Research

The biggest mistake new psychic clients can make is settling for the first fortune telling site they stumble across. The last thing you want to do is give your credit card information to the first fortune teller you see in the back of a newspaper.

Before contacting a company for a psychic reading, take the time to research the website and make sure they’ve got a positive reputation. Make sure that any fortune selling site you contact is an upstanding company with no history of overcharging clients or hitting them with hidden fees.

You also want to be certain that the fortune tellers and tarot readers are experienced in the art of fortune telling and predicting the future.

Read Reviews

The best way to verify a fortune telling site and the specific psychic you’re interested in is by reading customer reviews.

Most fortune telling sites offer psychic profiles that include client reviews, so it’s easy to find them. Take some time to read through them to get an idea of what most people who have gotten a reading think.

Reviews can clue you in on the psychic’s general manner (friendly and open or hurried and going through the motions) as well as places where they shine, such as with future-telling or tarot card reading.

Look for Specialties

There is an endless option of fortune telling specialties out there, each with its benefits and drawbacks. Some of the more common specialties include:

Contact with the spirit world

Future predictions

Tarot card reading

Love matters

Career decisions

Depending on what your needs are, you can find psychics who specialize in the areas you’re interested in or use the divination tools that you’re most familiar with.

Some psychic reading sites focus on one particular area, while others offer a variety. It’s worth keeping in mind when you’re looking, especially if there’s something specific you’re hoping the free psychic calling can help you with.

How Can Fortune Tellers Predict the Future?

Fortune tellers give clients the gift of insight into their past, present, or future lives. How do they do this? Each psychic works differently depending on his or her powers, experience level, and preferred divination tools.

However, most psychics possess some type of extrasensory perception, which is the ability to detect things using what people often call a “sixth sense.” In other words, fortune tellers can know things without learning about them through one of the five “ordinary” senses.

Some psychics experience this extrasensory perception in the form of visions, called clairvoyance, or auditory clues, called clairaudience, from the spirit world.

A fortune teller online may use these extraordinary senses during a phone call, online chat, or video call reading or they may use some of the tools mentioned above, like tarot card reading, to help them interpret what the spirit world is telling them.

How Much Does a Fortune Telling Service Cost?

If you’re looking for a fortune teller online, trying to understand how the rates on each website compare can be challenging. Of course, each site will be a little different, and the individual fortune tellers on the site may charge different rates from each other.

The best thing to do is to compare a few different websites and find a handful of psychics on each site that you like. Then, you can compare prices against each other to give you a clear idea of what you’ll be spending. Do remember that paying for online psychic readings is an investment in your future, so it’s worth paying a bit extra to conduct a live chat with experts.

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a completely free psychic reading site. However, there are plenty of sites that offer discounted fortune telling sessions for new clients.

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