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Local Brand, Pachamama, Donates More Than $37,000 Worth Of CBD

Over the past 10 months, Denver’s service industry has taken the biggest hit in the city’s history, quickly making the backbone of Denver’s social and cultural ecosystem one of its most vulnerable communities. For many residents who aren’t affiliated with the food and music industries, in particular, the hardships of those affected cannot be fully grasped--sympathy is in order. In truth, the reality of the industry’s losses isn’t fully understood until those realities hit close to home.

From the onset of the pandemic in March 2020 through July, the music industry suffered greatly. Forced to cancel in-person events, sales disappeared and 8,000 music industry jobs were lost. In regards to the food and service industry, 100+ neighborhood-favorite restaurants in the Denver metro area alone have permanently closed their doors; this includes one of the city’s most beloved jazz venues, El Chapultepec...We’ll never forget you, Pec!

With Denver’s service industry suffering, Pachamama is stepping in. Even though it is still a budding company, the team at Pachamama recognizes its responsibility to support local businesses and workers. Pachamama’s entire team is dedicated to being a restorative force throughout the Denver metro area.

That is why they’ve partnered with us at Westword, as a way to get in touch with those in the music and food industry who have been negatively impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Pachamama was founded by brothers Brandon and Ryan Stump, who have made it their mission to enhance the lives of whoever they come in contact with. This mission began after Co-Founder Brandon Stump overcame his personal battle with addiction and began to focus on holistic health by incorporating new healthy habits into his day-to-day routine. This pivot to intentionality and health-consciousness inspired the birth of the Pachamama brand. Pachamama crafts unique, innovative, and high-quality CBD products that you can use daily as a means to facilitate tangible changes in your own life. Today, Pachamama is grateful to be in the position to help others and is giving away thousands of its award-winning CBD tinctures as a way to ease the stress this pandemic has brought on the Denver community.

Are you a music or service industry worker who could use some free CBD?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.