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Psychic Near Me: Best Free Psychic Reading Services In 2021

Psychic Near Me (I&G Digital)

Psychic readings near me can lend a lot of clarity to one’s life and help make better decisions on the whole. These four sites provide the best online psychic reading services on the internet.

With the second wave of the pandemic wreaking havoc over many countries, the world has been thrown into yet another year of what seems like disaster after another. But this unease and instability that the Covid-19 virus has brought will very likely stay on, with the terrifying rates of unemployment and the incalculable effects of trauma that those living through the past two years have had to face. It is specifically at times like these that we feel like we have lost our way, that we lack an aim in life, and a desperate yearning to connect with one’s spiritual self. And there’s nothing better for that than the practice of consulting online psychics.

It was much to the surprise of the clairvoyant community that the practice of psychic online reading and manifesting to the universe grew in popularity over the past few years. With more people beginning to believing in the powers of astrology and clairvoyance again, psychics have been able to help many lost souls across the globe find their way - many of these advice-seekers prefer the company of those who specialize in psychic reading online, individuals who have a keen sense of empathy, easily able to understand the energies and aura surrounding a person.

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Of course, one has no choice but to haplessly search up ‘psychic reading near me’, or ‘psychic near me‘ because in modern society, clairvoyant and psychic reading services are not exactly listed in the phonebook. But those ‘Psychic reading near me’ searches may yield some excellent results that show websites that offer psychic readings by phone or chat. These websites have decades of experience serving those who require advice, connecting those who have the special ability to do love psychic reading with those who desperately need the help to connect with their inner selves.

These are the top four sites in 2021 that offer online psychic reading on the internet which provides an excellent alternative for visiting a psychic near me in the local shop, especially during the pandemic cruises.

Best Online Psychics For Accurate Readings:

The following websites were found to offer authentic, accurate and reliable psychic reading services along with free reading options, special deals and offers. Here is a brief overview:

Kasamba: Great for love psychic reading, for those who are having trouble with relationships. Done by experienced readers, every love psychic reading in Kasamba feels like the real deal. New members can get three free minutes on registration, and an additional 70% off afterwards. Kasamba does readings over phone calls and live chat.

California Psychics: Psychic reading to tell the secrets in the present, future and past. Ideal for those looking for fortune telling and medium psychic readings. California Psychics have very low rates at just one dollar a minute. Additionally, new users can access the promo code ‘ADD5’ for an extra free five minutes. California Psychics do their readings via phone call and live chat.

Keen: Excellent for answering life's important questions, financial outlook and career advice. The cheapest online Psychic reading portal that charges just $1.99 for ten minutes with expert Psychic readers. Get a premium reader at the same price as one would pay for an inexperienced Psychic reader with smart matching. Readings are completed via phone call and live chat.

Psychic Source: Best for tarot card readings, Specialists in cartomancy, more specifically, in angel card readings. These extremely rare services are done at just $0.66 per minute. One can also get three free minutes in addition to these low costs from this site that prioritizes the privacy of the customers. Psychic Source does its readings over live video, phone call or online chat, ideal for those who are socially anxious.

Let’s look into each of these websites that offer psychic reading a little closer:


User-certified love psychic reading
Three free minutes on registration
70% off for first time customers
The best introductory offers in the industry
Over 150 psychic readers available.

The team behind Kasamba has over two decades of experience in the world of online psychics. Founded in 1999, Kasamba has evolved with the times to become one of the leading psychic reading online portals on the internet. Moving on intelligently from the traditional face to face method of conducting psychic reading, Kasamba has adapted with the times diligently, coming out with a cross platform app - the app is available on both iOs and Android, helping many psychics access their clients far easier. The cross-platform application is also useful for those who are on the go and need their psychic reading right before an important decision.

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Kasamba has a repertoire of around hundreds of live psychics and counting, which offers the advice-seekers a large range of chat psychics each with their own specializations to choose from. One specialization that Kasamba is particularly famous for is its love psychic reading. The group of specialists who conduct the love Psychic readings focus on relationships and love of all kinds - platonic, romantic, fraternal etc. Using their trained skills of empathy and energy-reading, they can tell exactly where from the negative energies that surround an advice-seeker is coming from and how to improve/remove relationships as necessary. Such seekers offer a great deal of reassurance to those who are trying to sift through broken relationships during the lockdown period.

Kasamba also has some of the best introductory offers in the industry. With three free minutes on registration, Kasamba draws in many doubtful customers who are unsure of trying the psychic phone readings for the first time - the introductory offers convince them that this is worth trying since it is cheap enough, but one would be surprised to find that most of them stay past their three free minutes because they find comfort in the spiritual environment that the online Psychic reading specialists simulate. Aside from the three free minutes, Kasamba also offers new members an additional 70% off for the rest of their call - this means that a new customer can get a complete online psychic reading session done without spending more than a few dollars and have an idea of exactly how each session proceeds.

Kasamba also offers specialists in other categories within cartomancy, including angel card reading. The rest of the portal also has a significant number of psychics and tarot readings specialists that one would want to check out.

They also take great pride in their customer support which is available around the clock. The reliability of it comes from the fact that the reputation of the site depends on its credibility - any customer who comes forward with a complaint regarding one of their seers or free psychics taken very seriously and due investigations are carried out. If there is any case of dissatisfaction from the customer’s side, Kasamba immediately offers a complete refund for their session.

The same team is also in charge of what Kasamba calls a best match guarantee, so that each new customer is paired up with a reliable psychic who has experience handling those who are new to the practice of Psychics reading.

Kasamba has consistently changed the game when it comes to psychic reading online, and will continue to do so with its stellar services.


Cheap rates that the average person can afford.
Three free minutes offered to new customers upon registration
Introductory offer of 70% off.
Best match guarantee
Round the clock customer service
Cross platform app available.
Large number of Psychic readers available on the site.

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California Psychics

Ideal for those who are interested in fortune-telling
Just one dollar a minute
Promo code available: ADD5 for an extra five minutes.
Readings done via phone, live chat and video call.

California Psychics has twenty-five years of offering their services to the world. Their numerous years in the world of psychic arts has allowed them to accumulate a great number of phone psychics who specialize in Psychic readings. Their consistent dedication to serving the needs of the clairvoyant community has earned them respect and clout in the field. The Psychic readings offered by California Psychics have been praised for its accuracy and comfort. Customers who leave such compliments on the psychics’ profiles are usually featured on the website for the public to see, which is why new users are encouraged to go through them, so they can understand how and in what way each session is completed.

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The fact that they offer their services at the very affordable rate of just a dollar a minute has earned them considerable appeal. Many customers are hesitant to sign up for online psychic reading websites because they are afraid of fraudulent readers, but California Psychics takes care of this issue in two ways - first, by making the introductory rates low, offering free five minutes and by providing discounts like ADD5. Secondly, they assure quality of service by carefully screening each psychic reader and verifying their talents.

Only psychic readers who pass through several rigorous tests can qualify and get featured on California Psychics. Their team is dedicated to destroying the idea that the world of psychic reading is full of frauds, which is why they put in effort to ensure that California Psychics only has intelligent, qualified and helpful psychic readers.

This is why most of the user testimonials that one will find online for California Psychics are overwhelmingly positive. California Psychics takes great pride in the detailed, positive reviews left behind by their customers, who can speak for the quality of service that their numerous psychic readers have given them. This also helps people figure out each psychic’s specializations.

To know more about the psychic readers, people can check their details out on the seer profiles that California Psychics puts up for every service provider on their platform. This bio contains information about their skills, tools they use to assist their psychic abilities, areas of specialty, techniques and approach to spirituality and a little introduction that is written by the psychic itself. Much like finding a therapist, finding the right psychic reader is a rather complicated process, where one needs to feel very comfortable with them to divulge all of one’s personal information and feelings, which is why these psychic reader bios help the advice-seekers settle on a person that is best suited to their temperament.

California Psychics specializes in psychic readers who can help customers with reading the past and present to predict the future. This particular branch of Psychic reading has been respected and sought after for many centuries now - who wouldn’t want their fortunes told? Over time, people started using this unique talent to predict the future to make better decisions. Entrepreneurs who believed in the psychic arts used its powers to make better investments and to sell at the right time. Government leaders and members of the aristocracy would make battle plans based on the predictions that their cartomancers gave them. Today, these Psychic readers have to consider a lot more variables that do not involve just human beings. They have to factor in elements other than just human nature to make predictions - and this is exactly what the readers at California Psychics specializes in. With years of practice, these psychic readers have successfully revived the lost art of fortune telling - if there is a big life decision to be made and one is unsure of which direction to go forward in, use California Psychics to get an accurate Psychic reading online.

Premium fortune tellers and psychic readers on California Psychics charge up to $9 a minute - these are seers who have consistently only received positive reviews. The pleasant thing about California Psychics’ best matching guarantee is that they will pair a new customer up with one of the premium psychic readers in the first five minutes without charging the same amount. Sometimes, for really expensive readers, California Psychics may charge an extra four dollars, but this will still be a steal, and will result in a premium reading in every sense of the word.

Because of the rare talents that Psychic readings specialists on California Psychics exhibit, the company has become a reputable name in the world of clairvoyants to both customers and psychics.


Many readers who specialize in fortune telling through Psychic reading.
Each reader is qualified and screened by the team behind California Psychics.
Best match guarantee that may match one up with a premium psychic for lesser price.
Detailed biodata of each reader so that advice-seekers know what they are getting to.
Promo Code ADD 5 for extra five minutes, in addition to super affordable rates starting at $1/minute.

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Keen Psychic

The most affordable Psychic reading portal
Charges just $1.99 for ten minutes
Readings done by expert, qualified psychic readers.
Readings done by phone call and live chat
Places great importance in security and privacy of the customers.

Keen Psychics have swiftly become one of the most trusted psychic networks on the planet, with their Psychic readers being praised across the reviews that are found online. The fact that they have found a way to transcend time zones to offer their users round-the-clock spiritual advice by expert psychic advisors. This is because they onboard talented psychic readers and advisors from all over the world, enabling them to offer Psychic readings in a large variety of languages. This helps non-English speakers easily access the beautiful practice without feeling bad about the language barrier.

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Keen Psychics is also the most affordable online psychic reading portal today, with ten minutes being offered at just $1.99. This is also great for customers outside of the United States, especially in countries where the exchange rate is not high for the American dollar. User reviews from across the world inform us that the guidance from Keen Psychics has made them realize more about themselves and helped them get through rough times in their lives. These stellar reviews as well as the slightly negative ones are featured on each psychics’ and psychic readers’ bios so that they can get an idea of how each seer on Keen Psychics works. This transparency, combined with attractive prices, has made Keen Psychics the first choice for many customers.

Keen Psychics also prioritizes the customer’s privacy above all else. The team understands that in today’s age of data breaches and privacy leaks, each netizen has understandable qualms about being on the internet and sharing their private information with strangers online. This is why every bit of personal information that is input into the website, whether it is to a psychic reader or for information/registration purposes, is encrypted and stored in a secure cloud-based environment. All the payment details that are entered are also similarly encrypted and stored, retrieved only when the customer requires it for payment. All personal information that is divulged to the psychic readers and psychics is understood to be confidential, much like when one seeks psychiatric therapy.

With over 1700 psychics on the website, Keen Psychics has significant range when it comes to offering psychic reading online free - they have a number of psychic readers who can help on topics related to the LGBTQIA+ community. Members who speak different languages and come from different cultures can find readers from their own backgrounds to make communication easier.

Additionally, they also offer several free videos on their website which teases the newbies how to go about using their portal. These videos are uploaded so that new customers can understand how a psychic reader goes about a session. It also has helpful videos on topics like ‘What to do After a Reading’, ‘the Do’s and Don’ts of psychic reading’ and ‘When to ask Specific Questions’. For those who are completely new to the world of Psychic reading online, these videos act as guides.

Keen also offers their customers a full refund if they are dissatisfied with the service. The 24/7 support team available to the customers will examine their claim in detail. This is the only point where they will review a session themselves to see if and how their readers misbehaved/misspoke. Accordingly, customers will be offered full or partial refunds which will be credited to their wallets.

Keen Psychics is a beautiful place to get started with the psychic arts and online Psychic reading.


Very affordable rates - just around two dollars for ten minutes
Easy to use website with helpful videos that are guides.
Round-the-clock customer service to generate refunds and to address queries.
Readings done via phone call, live chat and video calls.
Has completed thirty million sessions over the span of two decades.
One of the most experienced psychic portals in the industry.

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Psychic Source

The best for online tarot readings, cartomancy, specifically angel card readings.
Charges just $0.66 per minute
Offers the first three minutes for free for new users.
Readings done via live video, phone or online chats.
Website has great UI/UX

Psychic Source has been in the business for around three decades, giving them an impressive track record of keeping up with the times. But what sets it apart from other psychic portals is the subversive cartomancy readings that it provides, especially angel card readings.

Cartomancy is the practice of readings, and when referred to as just ‘cartomancy’, implies the practice of reading a regular deck of playing cards. But even an ordinary pack fifty-two cards can open windows into the soul and the future if the reader knows what they are doing. Instead of using specialized cards meant for divination, cartomancy can advise an individual based on what card they pick off the deck.

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Angel Card Reading on the other hand, is a highly specialized deck of cards that involve gentle and reassuring messages from archangels and other cosmic beings who occupy the heavens. By channeling the universe’s energy through these stunning cards, angel card readers can give reassurance and advice to the most complex of life’s questions. Angel card readings are meant for those who desperately need love and reassurance that life is worth living, unlike Psychic readings, where there is a possibility of a card revealing what one is dreading the most. Angel card reading involves no negativity, but is an extremely difficult talent to find. Psychic Source has around forty such specialized cartomancers on their websites, which is quite a feat considering how rare such specialists have become in the recent years.

Psychic Source aims at democratizing the practice of the psychic arts and psychic reading by making it available to global citizens at the cheapest rates possible. This is why they charge just $0.66 a minute even for some of the premium psychics and readers, and offer the first three minutes for completely free. This vision of theirs is passed on to every psychic reader and psychic on the website - their dedication has resulted in them having stellar reviews throughout the website.

The firm also has an easy to use user interface which has been lauded by many customers. For those who are not techno-savvy, operating the internet and figuring their way through websites is still a complicated thing to do. For those people, Psychic Source’s optimized UI/UX offers a seamless user experience.

They also offer promo codes to first time clients that can get one up to 75% off on their first session, along with an extra three free minutes with any psychic or card reader of their choice. Many people are scared of the three free minutes offer that is put forward by many companies, primarily because they are worried about hidden auto-debit mechanisms. Thankfully, Psychic Source has enabled an online wallet system that mitigates this possibility completely - once the wallet is topped up with a specific amount, only that will get debited. If there is not enough balance in the account, they will simply be informed of the same and the call is cut, or will be charged later and can be paid at any time they want.

Psychic Source has a well-developed app that is available on both iPhones and on Android devices. In times like these where no one sensible is brave enough to venture out in case they catch the formidable virus, an easy-to-use website and mobile app goes a long way in ensuring people stay loyal to the psychic arts. Just a few taps on one’s phone can bring you to a Psychic reading session, where all uncertainties and worries can be soothed away and the mind reset.

Psychic Source’s professionalism and reliability has made it popular among both advice-seekers and clairvoyants across the world.


Offers subversive cartomancy and angel card reading
Privacy is prioritized
Has a cross platform app
Just $0.66 per minute
Three free minutes on registration
Promo codes that go up to 75% off.

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How does psychic read work?

Even though Psychic reading technically comes under the field of clairvoyance, it has risen in popularity in recent years far more than any other fortune reading technique. With internet users being attracted to the ideas of energy reading, manifestation and horoscopes, psychic reading has also become considerably popular among young netizens. But long before this, in the 17th century, Psychic readers were considered to be highly talented and important advisers of the metaphysical arts to queens, kings and other rulers. These aristocrats often relied on psychic reading and angel card reading to predict their fortunes in an attempt to make better decisions in legislature and battle.

A good Psychic reading session depends entirely on how well both parties know the process. The four websites recommended above only employ psychics and card readers who know what they are talking about, so it is up to the advice-seeker to be informed about how exactly a free psychic reading sitting proceeds.

How does tarot card readings work?

To begin with, each tarot deck consists of seventy-eight cards that fall under either the major arcana cards, which details major mysteries in life, or the minor arcana cards, which focuses on the smaller mysteries that are easily solved.

The twenty-two major arcana cards deal with large life events and overarching progressions in life, such as relationships, employment or familial relationships, while the remaining fifty-six minor arcana cards usually focus on day-to-day events and smaller incidents that may trigger larger themes in the future. The minor arcana cards deck is divided into four suits - cups, wands, swords and pentacles, and determine the immediate forces of energy that are present in a person’s life.

The Four Minor Arcana Card Decks

The Suit of Wands - represents passion, motivation, creativity and spirits that form a person’s drive in life, their aspirations and hopes in the future.

The Suit of Pentacles (also known as the Suit of Coins) - for career-related advice and financial situations. Overt attachment to material positions is not something that the spiritual community usually recommends, but some people cannot help being distraught by the unfair means of society - for these people, the suit of pentacles can go a long way in easing pain and suffering.

The Suit of Cups - used most often for love Psychic readings, this suit specializes in emotions like love, passion and anger. Any creative pursuits and non-romantic passions are also dealt with using this suit, as is the overarching theme of relationships.

The Suit of Swords - deals with actions that have direct consequences in one’s life, important decisions that seem small but later have larger consequences. Dealing with logic, knowledge and intuition, the Suit of Swords gives the reader advice on how to effectively communicate with those around us.

The major arcana cards are not used often - the readers only whip it out when the customer has an issue that is large and significant enough to merit the use of a major arcana card.

Now that the way a Psychic deck works has been explained, the user can make sure that they know exactly what kind of reading they want from the website of their choice. People who specialize in free psychic reading will also help customers walk through their first reading easily.

If someone is thinking of purchasing a pack of Psychics for themselves, they should not think twice about it - doing one’s own psychic readings can help reveal a lot about oneself through introspection, reflection and meditation. It is recommended that people who wish to purchase Psychics go to a shop that offers metaphysical items and tokens and pick out a deck based on how it feels and looks to them. What appears attractive and reasonable to the user is the ideal deck of cards for that individual.

Psychic Readings Can Change One’s Life - This is How

The advent of the new century has brought about several changes in perception and formulation of one’s identity. It is extremely difficult to ascertain exactly who we are because of the rapid compartmentalization of every facet of a person’s identity. Psychic reading is one way of lending clarity to the mind in situations where there seems to be no straight answer.

When the psychic reader asks users to pick out their cards, they should take some time to focus on each laid faced down and how much it attracted them before making their choice. The idea is that one is naturally drawn to the kind of cards that have meanings connected to what is going on in their life at the moment.

An online psychic reading session does have its cons in the sense that one is not able to physically touch and feel attracted to the instruments same like when getting a "psychic reading near me" on the local shop, but the idea of being drawn to a card or a crystal ball is not limited to how it physically feels. The idea is that at the end of the session, one feels reassured and has spent some time thinking about one’s deepest desires, wants and ambitions, without one’s subconscious or ego covering those up with superficial thoughts. This is why many people describe psychic reading as an introspective exercise that borders on meditation.

It is the psychic reader who is responsible for providing the advice-seeker with the right kind of guidance and wisdom, but it also depends on the kind of questions put forward by the client. Before starting a session, make sure that there is a list of questions that absolutely need to be answered and keep in mind the reason behind approaching a psychic reader for the same. Practicing tarot card readings and Psychic reading in the right manner can cure an individual of any existential crises and provoke life-changing lines of thought.

Final Thoughts

The four websites mentioned in this article, namely Kasamba, California Psychics, Keen and Psychic Source are the most reliable portals where one can find online psychic reading services which are a great alternative for visiting a psychic near me on the local shop. Attending a psychic reading online can help an individual find out more about one’s own life, ambitions and desires

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