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Best Tarot Card Reading Online 2021

In the unpredictability of life, seeking the comfort of future predictions through tarot card readings is a common practice for most people. The certainty through tarot predictions helps numerous people across the world get a hold of their life. It helps people deal with the uncertainties of life and keep calm in the face of chaos.

The spiritual practice of tarot reading helps people get a better understanding of the chaos around them. Tarot card reading experts have also guided millions of people to a path of serenity. Tarot card reading is also a great study for those who are looking for answers to the meaning of life. It creates a sense of self-awareness and contentment, that helps them understand the energies of the universe in a better way.

Finding an accurate tarot card reading expert can be difficult, however, once found, people experience phenomenal changes in the way they perceive and experience life. Earlier people used to travel to distant places to find an accurate tarot card reader, to get predictions about their future. However, with the shift towards online platforms for most things, people have access to so many tarot card readers from across the world.

Online tarot card reading websites have made it possible for even people living in remote areas to have access to expert tarot card readers and get valuable insights into their future. Finding a professional tarot reading expert from around your place is at your fingertips. Simply search for “tarot card reading near me” and get connected with hundreds of tarot card readers to discuss your issues online.

On one hand, the online tarot reading has opened up the scope of getting accurate tarot readings from the comfort of our homes, it has also opened up a space for frauds to scam people through fake accounts and reviews to get their financial details or charge extravagant fees without any service. Thus, it is essential to only work with trustworthy websites instead of blindly joining any platform that you see online.

The Best Tarot Card Reading Websites 2021:

Several people have come up with building combined platforms for clients to connect with Tarot experts from across the world. Among the several hundred websites with one or many tarot cards reading experts, there are only a few that can be trusted. According to the list for the best tarot reading online platforms, the following four websites, own the stage:

Kasamba: a well-known for its most accurate predictions about love through tarot card reading. They also offer a few minutes of free services, followed by affordable rates and numerous discounts for first-timers. The experts on the website can share their predictions via live chat or phone calls.

Keen Psychics:  Among the many features that Keen Psychics is popular for being the website that offers accurate predictions on live chat at the cheapest rates tops the list. It also offers the services through phone calls, so that even people who aren’t well-versed with the internet and chat feature can get accurate readings.

California Psychics: If someone is looking for insights into their future, then California Psychics is the website for them. The experts at California Psychics are great at predicting the future and also uncovering the past to help clients get a better understanding of the series of events in their present and future. Their readings are done via phone calls and live chats at affordable rates and several discounts.

Psychic Source:  Psychic Source is one of the oldest and most trusted service providers that ensure quality services at the rate of $0.66 per minute.

Kasamba – Best For Accurate Love Predictions

Kasamba offers a huge choice of tarot readers to their users. Users can read about various psychics and understand their experience levels before making any decisions about the one they would connect with. They also ensure customer satisfaction such that if a user was not satisfied with their tarot reading predictions or didn’t connect well with their initial expert, they can easily switch to a different expert and get assured refunds of their last sessions. Highest rated in most psychic reading services, Kasamba is one of the few websites that provide email readings. It provides the readers with a free trial of three minutes along with an attractive 50% off.

Kasamba also protects your identity by not allowing the video calling tarot readings online for new users. This ensures that your predictions are entirely based on your tarot cards instead of your body language or any other aspect. It also protects the privacy of new users who may not be comfortable at coming face to face with a reader on an online platform.

With all these quirks, Kasamba is one of the most trustworthy websites for users seeking accurate predictions about their relationships and love life. It also ensures that the privacy of customers and their satisfaction through customer support and excellent services.

Key Features

Kasamba hosts tarot card readers that have the experience of working in their respective field for more than two decades.

Through rigorous verification and selection process, the website ensures that it provides the services of only the most trusted readers.

It has a clear-cut payment method that is kept transparent for the benefit and knowledge of the users.

The users can access the ratings left by previous users on the profile of the reader. They can also find detailed reviews to ensure that they select the best reader for their tarot card reading session.

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Keen Psychics – Most Accurate Tarot Readers

As one of the most preferred website for tarot card enthusiasts across the world, Keen Psychics is well known for the following perks:

Their customer support team is available 24X7 so that people from any part of the world can reach out to them at any time and get their queries sorted.

The easy UX/UI of their website is pretty easy to navigate. Even the elderly and technologically challenged people can easily use the website and schedule a tarot card reading session for themselves.

The spiritual art of psychics goes beyond the deck of tarot cards or crystal balls. It is about the spiritual enlightenment of the tarot readers that enables them to accurately predict the future and past events of a person’s life and understand what lies ahead. This is exactly what makes the tarot reading experts at Keen Psychics stand out among the thousands of tarot readers available online.

Since its establishment in 1999, Keen Psychics has been a platform of spiritual connection of users for over two decades now. Among the several services that Keen Psychics offers its users, the most widely used ones are tarot reading, psychic readings, spiritual advice, and financial outlook.

The website also has detailed instruction videos for first-time users. These videos cover topics like “what to do after the reading”, “when to ask a specific question”, and “do’s & don’ts of psychic readings” etc. this key feature of the website, sets it apart from the other similar ones and also makes it one of the best ones out on the web. In addition to the informative video content, Keen Psychics also has several other key features, that include:

Keen Psychics is well-established as a pioneer website for accurate predictions related to love life and relationships through tarot card reading sessions. The experts at Keen Psychic are a perfect choice for new users who are looking for relationships or need advice to better their relationship with their partners. The experts at Keen Psychics provide excellent spiritual guidance in matters of love and relationships to both singles and couples.

Unlike the sites which over promise and not deliver, keen psychics charges their clients exactly for what they deliver. Users can get accurate psychic predictions for as low as $1.99 for 10 minutes. Apart from this, new users also have access to several introductory offers including several free tarot card reading minutes and coupon codes for additional free minutes as well.

The website also takes care of your privacy concerns and only asks the most basic personal details that are essential for making predictions. The website also does not send in any updates or frequent reminders to take another reading session.

Key Features

Provides the cheapest tarot card reading services. One of the only websites that provides a reading at the rate of $1.99 for 10 minutes.

For the gravest and toughest questions, the users can head to the tarot card readers available at Keen.

It ensures that all the users are verified before adding them to the database of the website.

Special care is taken to ensure the safety and security of sensitive data of the users.

The tarot card readers are available for chat reading, phone reading, and online video call.

It offers its services at an affordable rate so that people who are trying the services for the first time can get an authentic experience without investing a large amount of money.

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California Psychics – Best Future Telling Tarot Readers

The website also offers excellent customer service to users. The customer care executives are available on the website 24*7 and users can consult them about the kind of reading they should opt for or if they are having any troubles in navigating the website. Their friendly customer care executives provide immediate assistance via live chat. Considered the hotspot for all services under tarot online card reading, California Psychics provide their services at the minimal rate of $1 per minute.

The site does not have the same price of all services. Instead of setting a fixed rate for all services, the basic services are priced at lower rates as compared to the more intricate services so that users pay for the services they opt for. Their discount coupons and offers are also limited to first time users. While this does put off a few clients who cannot afford the more intricate service, it also serves as a filter for non-serious clients who just joined the website for fun.

Their easy-to-use website is perfect for people of age group. Apart from the paid psychic consults, the website also has several informative blogs related to the spiritual art of psychics and tarot reading. First-time users who have no idea about psychics and the working of the spiritual energies can gain valuable insights about what they are getting into by reading these blogs.

Key Features

California Psychics offer its services over online chat and through phone tarot reading.

You can use the ADD5 promo code to get the first five minutes of the session absolutely free.

The rates at which different tarot card readers are available to depend upon the expertise of the readers. One can find readers available for a session at a rate of $1, $2, and $3. One can choose a reader as per their budget and speciality that they are searching for.

Those who need answers to financial questions and career-based advice can head to California Psychics.

It holds the trust of millions of users since its establishment 25 years ago.

California Psychics: Accurate predictions, $1/min - Click Here To start

Psychic Source – Best Tarot Readers For Financial Outlook

Cartomancy and angel card readings are the expertise of tarot readers at psychic source. They charge less than a dollar for every minute and also offer a few free minutes before the beginning of the sessions. Apart from the common readings over live chat and phone calls, Psychic Source also allows the feature of live video chats for a tarot reading.

The website also understands that people can be skeptical about the quality of work offered and the accuracy of the predictions. Thus, they also offer the first 3 minutes of reading for free and along with that, have several introductory offer discounts for new sign-ups.

Users from across the world are active on the website around the clock to get accurate predictions for their future. Over the years, Psychic Source have established their mark as the most loved website for new and old users alike. Although most new users join the website because of the heavy discounts on the introductory offers, it is also true that most of them stay hooked to the website due to the accurate predictions shared by the readers.

Tarot card reading is based on the understanding of spiritual energies, for accurate predictions, it is essential that the client's trust the tarot reading experts and is comfortable with them. In case users do not find such a connection with their psychic expert, they can switch to someone else and also get an assured refund for the services of the previous psychic.

Key Features

The users can avail of the free trial as well as the discount code to get a reading at very low rates.
The readers are available for chat, phone call, video chat, and other such means.
One can access the well-designed website and use the filters to quickly find the best tarot card reader for their needs.
It provides special services in the field of tarot card reading.

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What is Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot card reading has always been wrongly considered as a process that can help one predict the future. Tarot cards are not the way you can connect to the future or guess what lies in the oncoming time. What it really tells you is the energies that you are dealing with at the moment.

All kinds of psychic readings and techniques are based on the cosmic energies that surround us. They cover us, like our aura, and change depending upon our mood and the situation with which we are dealing. When you are stressed, the effect will be directly shown through the energies. When you are feeling lighter and happier, the energies will radiate that feeling.

These feelings need to be interpreted minutely to judge one’s current mental state. It also helps in drawing conclusions regarding the root of the problem that has been troubling them. Tarot cards are a great way to interact and interpret the meanings of these energies. Each tarot card has its own energy. You select the card that calls to you. It works on the principle of like calls to like. The card that matches your energy will attract you towards it, making you pick it.

Once you pick it, the reader will interpret the meaning of the card and its relation to your current state. Each card in each deck has a different story to tell. The illustrations of the tarot cards are based on ancient stories that have secrets and lessons hidden in them. Only the most experienced and talented psychic and tarot card readers can comprehend the exact meaning behind these cards and relay the meaning to you in a comprehensible way. You should be able to act on the results of the reading.

Tarot card reading thus does not predict your future. It helps you analyze your current situation. Based on the energies that surround you at the moment, they can help you put light on the path that is best for you and the people you care about. The path will lead you towards success and the aim that you have been searching for.

Tarot Card Decks: Working and types

Tarot cards have been prevalent in society for ages. These cards have become an integral part of psychic reading and cartomancy. Every deck is special and holds a unique meaning that can be understood by the reader who has spent hours and hours practicing and engaging with it. Generally, a tarot deck has 78 cards. The number of cards may vary, depending upon the choice of the deck and the choice of the reader.

These 78 cards are divided into classes. The first is called Major Arcana. It consists of 22 cards. These cards are responsible for matters related to personal growth and development, questions surrounding life, and concepts that can alter one’s views about one life. Major Arcana is only used in the most serious conditions when the advice seeker needs to find direction in their life. It is rarely used for questions that are not related to the wide web of life.

Most readers avoid using Major Arcana unless the advice seeker especially asks a question that needs life-altering advice or a direction towards a new beginning of life. Trivial matters like love, job, money, etc., do not fall in the expertise of the Major Arcana cards.

The rest of the 56 cards are called Minor Arcana. These are the cards that are more commonly used by most practitioners to answer the questions and doubts kept forward by most advice seekers. These cards are further divided into four decks.

The Suit of Wands: The Suit of Wands deals with the person’s creative temperament. It can answer questions that are related to the ambition of a person. People who need advice regarding their passion and motivation in the field of art and creation are provided answers with the help of the Suit of Wands.

The Suit of Pentacles: Pentacles represent coins, that is, money. The Suit’s specialty is matters of money, finance, job, etc. People who need to seek out career advice through tarot reading are dealt with the Suit of Pentacles.

The Suit of Cups: This Suit deals with the emotional state of mind. Relationship advice, love, family, and other such emotional attachment fall under the expertise of the Suit of Cups.

The Suit of Swords: The swords are a symbol of immediate and direct action. The Suit is used when one needs advice for taking a decision or needs to put light on a better path or option. It deals with logic, analysis, and knowledge.

Each Suit has 14 cards. The first ten cards are numbered from one to ten, the rest are Court Cards. The Court Cards include illustrations of figures of Court, that is, King, Queen, Page, and Knight.

Depending upon the question that one has in mind, the reader will draw the related deck or Suit. It is, therefore, necessary to understand one’s issue deeply and with clarity so that one gets answers from the correct Suits. If you have a question that needs grave thinking and consideration, then it is better to choose Major Arcana cards for the reading.

There are various kinds of decks available. They include different illustrations and are made for different services. Some of the most popular decks that are used by readers around the world are listed below.

Rider-Waite Tarot Deck
The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck
Modern Witch Tarot Deck
Mystic Mondays Tarot Deck
Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot Deck
Forest of Enchantment Tarot Deck
Santa Muerte Tarot
Everyday Witch Tarot
The Fountain Tarot Card Deck
Golden Tarot of Marseille

What is Love Tarot?

Love tarot is a sub-branch of tarot card reading that exclusively deals with the matter of love. A multitude of people around the world have been facing issues when it comes to love. Either they cannot find happiness with their current partner or they are in search of a partner. Some people want a significant other that can be with them for life while some are looking just to satiate their curiosity.

All such people are in search of love in their own way, on their own conditions. Through love tarot reading, these people can get help to understand which is the best path to choose so that they can reach the love that was meant for them.

Everyone wants to experience star-crossed love in their life. However, it is not always possible to find the right person at the right time in life. Here is where a love tarot reading can help people. Not only the readers can help you find the love of your life, but they can also help you improve and maintain your love life. The readers are usually experienced in the specific field of love tarot and can relate to and understand the situation that the advice seeker is going through.

There are different ways a love tarot card reading can take place. One of them includes a three-card spread. In this method, the user will need to select three cards from the Suit. These three cards will represent the love that you experienced in your life till now, the love that you have in your life at the moment, and the love that is on the way. Another method includes a six-card spread. It can provide further details regarding your love life as well as advice regarding how you can enhance the experience.

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How to prepare for a tarot card reading?

Once you have booked a tarot card reading session, you should begin preparing for it beforehand. Thorough preparation can help you ensure that you can get the maximum benefit from the reading and can enhance the experience of the reading. Here are some of the points to note while preparing for a tarot card reading.

Analyze the issue that you are facing. You should have a clear idea regarding the problem that you are facing. You should not have any doubts or uncertainty when it comes to the problem that you are facing. If it is regarding your career, then decide upon a definite question. Do not go into the session and just begin with that you need career advice. Narrow the question so that the reader can understand what exactly is your issue. For example, you can ask if there is any scope of promotion in my current company.

Prepare a list of questions. Now that you have understood exactly what issue you are facing, the next step is to prepare some questions that can help you break the ice and get on with the reading. Do not feel shy or conserved when it comes to asking questions. Ask the question that has been worrying you. Avoid beating around the bush. Search through the net and read some of the sample questions that you can the reader. It will ensure that you are better prepared for the reading and know exactly what you want from the complete process.

Understand and accept the fact that not all tarot card readings can provide you with the answer you were expecting. You will get the answer that is true and aligns with the energy that has been surrounding you. If you get into a session while expecting a certain answer from the reader, then you will hamper the reader’s flow and thinking process. They will not be able to draw any solid and relevant reading and you will be left with no appropriate answers or solutions for your question.

Online Reading vs In-Person Reading: Pros and Cons

When it comes to having an online session for a tarot reading, most people are a sceptic. After all, tarot card reading is such a personal experience. You select the cards that attract you with their energy. However, in an online session, you will not be able to actively and physically touch and interact with the cards.

Also, if the reader is not available near you, then they will not be able to comprehend your aura and draw better conclusions. These doubts are common among people who are trying online tarot reading for the first time.

Most sites offer trained readers that are equipped to provide you with the best experience even over a phone call or text. The readers can interact with you and understand your issue with the help of the words that you use to communicate with them. Also, the selection of the cards has little to do with distance and is largely dependent on your energies. You will be attracted to the one that matches you even over a video call.

Online tarot reading offers a solution to people who have a busy schedule and can never find the time to get offline in-person reading. These people are busy with their household and jobs and can never find the time to match the working hours of the readers that are present around them. Some people can also not have any good reader available near them and find it impossible to travel long distances with their schedules.

Online readings are available at any time of the day and can be accessed from anywhere. You can have a quick session during the break at your work and solve a pressing issue immediately. Some websites offer their services in different languages other than English to ensure that all clients feel inclusive and can find the solution in a language that they understand the best.

With in-person readings, some people may have to worry about their security. Some readers are located in areas that cannot be travelled into alone. Also, there is the issue of sharing personal information with the reader. Sharing such sensitive information may get unavoidable when contacting a reader for an in-person reading.

Online readings solve the issue as well by providing you with the option to remain completely anonymous. You can even choose to have the session over email so that none of your information is shared with the tarot card reader.

Is tarot card reading helpful?

It is natural to doubt a service that you have never used before. However, by searching and reading about the process and working of tarot card reading, one can appreciate the ancient art. It can help you interact with your inner self, understand how you are dealing with the situations that occur around you, and let you have a peak in the future.

Through a tarot reading, you can understand your true desires and how you can overcome your fears. It also helps you guide towards the path of absolute happiness and peace. With the advice that you gain from a tarot card reading, you will understand how you can better deal with life, manage your relationships in a way that they are comforting and profitable, and grow in every path and field.

Can free tarot card readings be trusted?

Nothing in life is indeed free. If a site claims that they will provide you with something valuable and expensive for free, it is natural to worry and doubt if the offer is even true or just a hoax.

Some various websites and apps currently offer tarot card readings for free. These websites and apps are classified into the following types to help you better understand their working. Based on their work and the principle that rules them, one can deduce if these services can be trusted or not.

Automated apps

There are various apps you will find on the store that claim to provide a free tarot reading. Most of these apps just host some ads on their interface and provide all the offered services for free. However, the services that they offer are automated. The readings that these apps offer have been programmed into the code of the app. It studies your behavior and based on the way you interacted with the app, it develops a reading through artificial intelligence.

Most of these apps offer generalized reading that lacks personality and any connection with a specific user. These apps are usually used for fun and entertainment purposes instead of a serious tarot card reading.

Free Services

Some apps and websites also offer services without any cost. They claim to provide a personalized experience but fail to reach the expectations. One can use such services if they are new to tarot card reading and only want to test how the process works.

Free Trials

There are also websites that host paid services and offer them for free under a definite trial period. These services and websites can be trusted the most as they provide the free trial with the aim that the new users can interact with the services provided on the website without spending any money. Free trials are offered under a marketing strategy so that more users can be attracted. One can try the free trial and then decide if they want to invest in the services provided by the website.

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Things to keep in mind during an online tarot card reading session

You are prepared for the reading and have extensively researched so that you can make sure that the experience you get is satisfactory and worth the time and money that you have spent. You should also ensure that you take care of some points during the session. These points are necessary so that the reader can understand the problem that you are facing and provide a relevant solution as soon as possible. Here are the points that you should be mindful of during the tarot card reading session.

Ask open-ended questions. Make sure that the questions that you pose do not end on a dead end. Avoid questions that have yes or no answers. These questions can never provide you with any clarity and are just to fill space and satisfy momentary curiosity. It is better to ask questions that allow the reader to indulge actively while answering.

Treat the session as a discussion instead of a question-and-answer round. Discussing your problems, solutions that can help you, and plausible answers to your doubts will help you more along the way. The discussion and the advice imparted by the reader will lead you in life long after the session is over.

Communicate. Make sure that you tell the reader if you are uncomfortable and cannot share a piece of information. A qualified reader will understand your situation and will try to help you even without the information. Make sure that you communicate with them. If they ask you, answer the question to the best of your ability.

Final word

Expert tarot card readers can be available to provide you with their services and help you achieve better in your life. You do not have to pull strings or travel long distances to meet them, with the help of sites that provide an online tarot card reading can ensure that you reach these experienced readers in a matter of minutes. With a few clicks, you can get the answers to the questions that have been plaguing you for a long time. These websites make it easier for you to find the reader that you connect with and have the best experience with.

Book a tarot cards reading session as per your schedule now and make sure that you progress with the journey of life with peace and satisfaction in mind.

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