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Testogen Reviews — Effective Testosterone Booster To Increase T-Levels

Testogen Reviews (subodh jain 12)

Testosterone is an essential hormone for men. It is responsible for muscle building, healthy facial hair growth, and also sex drive. Aging decreases testosterone levels in the body. However, these days, young men are facing the problem of lower testosterone levels. It is highly impacting their lives, decreasing their self-esteem and confidence. Due to a busy and stressful life, people cannot focus on their health and have a proper diet.

Testogen is introduced in the market to help people facing issues with their testosterone levels. Various clinical studies have backed this supplement. It contains 100 percent natural ingredients and increases T-levels in the body and concentration level of the user.

About Testogen

Testogen is a unique blend of minerals, vitamins, and various other natural ingredients that are medically tested and proven to help the body naturally produce testosterone. Thus it helps in enhancing the vitality, energy, and overall health of the body.

The recipe of the supplement is very transparent and reveals the exact amount of ingredients used. There are no proprietary blends and secret ingredients. It is made under a GMP-certified and FDA-approved facility. It ensures the safety of consumption of the supplement as it is prepared under the highest hygiene and manufacturing standards in the world.

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  • Increases energy levels and reduces fatigue - Testogen boosts the energy levels of the body for the day. It will enhance productivity and provide sound and healthy sleep.
  • Improves sexual performance and libido - The increased testosterone levels provide more pleasure in sexual activities. Using this supplement provides better orgasm and long-lasting sessions.
  • Burns excess calories - This supplement enhances the impact of regular workouts on the body. The workout results are quick and more visible. It helps in losing excess fat.
  • Boosts immunity and stamina - The antioxidants in the supplement enhance the immunity of the body. It also improves blood quality and stamina.
  • Improves body strength and metabolism - The supplement tends to increase body strength on regular consumption. The increased testosterone levels boost the metabolic process of the body.
  • Reduces anxiety - The supplement improves the mood of the user. It helps in reducing anxiety and relaxes the user.
  • Improves quality of bones, hair, and skin - The supplement consists of K1, B6, and Vitamin D, which improves bones, hair, and skin health.


Testogen comes in the form of capsules packed in a bottle. A person needs to take four capsules every day in the morning, half an hour before breakfast, to improve the testosterone levels in the body. If a person wants to enhance or quicken the results of using Testogen, one can use Testogen drops with Testogen capsules. One can use this drop 1 to 3 times a day or as per requirement.

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How does it work?

Triggers the production of testosterone in the body

This supplement enhances the production of luteinizing hormone, which increases the testosterone levels in the body. The pituitary gland produces a luteinizing hormone, vitalizing the Leydig cells in the testes. It also improves testosterone levels.

D-aspartic acid is one of the prime ingredients of Testogen. It is clinically proven that this ingredient has boosted the production of luteinizing hormone by 33% and testosterone levels by 42% in less than 14 days of usage.

This formula also constitutes various antioxidants like Vitamin D, K, and zinc, preventing oxidative damage to Leydig cells. Leydig cells are sensitive. Once they are damaged, they won’t be able to produce testosterone as effectively as before.

Testogen ensures the healthy secretion of luteinizing hormone and maintains the health of Leydig cells thus, helps the body in producing the requisite amount of testosterone.

Boosts free testosterone levels

As much as 98% of the testosterone in the body is not usable, as most of it binds to molecules and proteins in the blood. Once it is bound, it becomes unusable. Hence the body needs to have free testosterone.

A protein called sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) uses almost 65% of the testosterone in the body. Hence this protein has to be in limited amounts in the body. This protein increases with age, thus reducing T-levels in the body.

It is clinically proven that the Testogen tends to decrease the production of SHBG in the body, thus increasing free testosterone levels in the body. Moreover, a clinical study has shown that Testogen improves free testosterone levels in the body.

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Restricts testosterone to convert into estrogen

Aging causes the frequent conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Hence testosterone levels decrease with aging. Testogen restricts the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, thus maintaining an optimal level of testosterone in the body.


Testogen consists of only natural ingredients. The ingredients are clinically tested and proven to aid in boosting testosterone levels in the body. Moreover, the manufacturers have revealed the exact amount of all the ingredients used in producing this supplement.

Following are the natural ingredients used in making this product-

D-Aspartic Acid, Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Fenugreek Extract, Vitamin K1, Korean Red Ginseng Extract, Vitamin B6, Nettle Leaf Extract, Zinc, Boron, Bioperine.

Quantities of each ingredient are also revealed with the supplement formula making it more authentic and trustworthy.

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Testogen Purchase and Price

Every bottle of the supplement is a month’s dosage. On ordering this product, the user also gets three gifts on each order. It is always recommended to purchase three bottles or two bottles as the user gets 2 and 1 free bottle, respectively. Moreover, these packages don’t include any shipping costs. Following is the pricing of the supplement as mentioned on their official website-

1 bottle (1 month supply) - $59.99 + $7.95 shipping fee + 3 gifts

2 bottles + 1 free bottle (3 months supply) - $119.99 + free shipping + 3 gifts

3 bottles + 2 free bottles (5 months supply) - $179.99 + free shipping + 3 gifts

Testogen Combos

For more effective and quick results, one can purchase the combo packs of the supplement that provides efficient Testogen drops along with the Testogen bottles. Each combo contains one bottle and one drop. One gets the 3 gifts on each order. Below is the pricing of the combos available on the official website

1 combo pack (1 month supply) - $89.99 + free shipping + 3 gifts

2 combo packs + 1 combo pack ( 3 months supply) - $189.97 + free shipping + 3 gifts

3 combo packs + 2 combo packs ( 5 months supply) - $284.96 + free shipping + 3 gifts

Testogen Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The manufacturers are very confident about their formula and the clinically proven ingredients used in it. Hence they provide a 100 days money-back guarantee on the purchase of the supplement. If the user is not satisfied with the supplement, one can claim a refund for the product.

To claim the refund, the user needs to mail the manufacturers about it within 100 days of receiving the supplement. The money will be refunded, excluding $15 for admin and shipping costs.

It is also important to note that the money-back guarantee is only applicable to 3 and 5 months supply. One can get a refund by contacting the company on their official site.


  • Improves energy levels
  • Provides enhanced sexual performance and libido
  • Burns excess calories
  • Boosts stamina and immunity
  • Improves concentration power
  • It provides better quality bones, hair, and skin
  • Enhances metabolic process and physical strength
  • Increases erection size


  • One must strictly follow the recommended dosage for the best results
  • The supplement might take some time to be effective as it consists of only natural ingredients
  • It is only available Official website online.


Is Testogen safe?

Testogen supplement is very safe to use. So far, there are no reported side effects of the supplement. It contains only natural ingredients that are clinically proven to be effective and safe. Moreover, it is manufactured under an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility.

If the user is allergic to any product, he can check the ingredients list and use the product accordingly.

What diet changes are required to take Testogen?

One doesn’t need to change their current diet and follow some specific diet to witness the results of the supplement. It works fine with any diet. However, to see more effective and quick results, using a healthy balanced diet is recommended.

Is Testogen steroid?

Testogen can be a great alternative to steroids. Unlike steroids, it contains natural compounds found in herbs, plants, and other natural resources. It boosts testosterone levels in the body, thus helping build muscles naturally. It provides anabolic results without any side effects that are usually caused by using steroids.

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Testogen not only improves testosterone levels but also improves the energy levels and concentration of the user. The product formula consists of 11 natural ingredients that are very well-researched for their effects and safety.

The manufacturers have revealed the exact composition of the supplement, which makes it more transparent and safe to use. Moreover, it is backed by a 100 days refund policy, enabling the user to try the product once.

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