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10 Best High CBD-Low THC Bud Strains of 2021

In 2018, the federal government took a huge step forward in legal development with the legalization of hemp flowers. In case you do not know what hemp flower is, CBD is a hemp flower dried down from the buds of the cannabis plant.

After the legalization of the hemp flower, hemp flower sales have rocketed throughout the market. The increase in market demand for CBD was observed because consumers were more aware of the benefits of the smoking of CBD. CBD hemp flower has a unique taste, which is available in many flavors and provides the consumer with a one-of-a-kind experience.

The market for CBD has expanded quite a lot. With the introduction of more flavors in the market, consumers find themselves confused about the flavor they want to purchase, which they would enjoy.

To help you make the best choice for yourself and avoid confusion on which CBD you should be purchasing. We have compiled an article that explains the top, most demanded, and most flavorful CBD that you might find in the market.

We have compiled a list with a diverse mixture of CBD strains based on their percentage concentration to help you find the best CBD strain for yourself.

Top 10 High CBD Strains:

1. Cookies - Strongest Overall & Editor’s Pick | Total CBD: 18.005%

2. Sour Space Candy - Best for Calm | Total CBD: 20.66%

3. Suzy Q - Best for Mood Swings | Total CBD: 17.38%

4. Special Sauce - Best for Cognition | Total CBD: 17.85%

5. Sour Diesel - Best Potency | Total CBD: 20.165%

6. Bubba Kush - Best for Sleep | Total CBD: 12.951%

7. Sour Lifter - Best for Non-Drowsy Calm | Total CBD: 10.94%

8. Purple Gas - Best for Daytime or Evening | Total CBD: 18.686%

9. Skywalker OG - Best for Relaxation | Total CBD: 20.94%

10. Tangie - Best for Alertness & Serenity | Total CBD: 11.19%

Our Selection Process:

The selection process is done carefully; information is gathered extensively, and research is done on the best hemp flower potency and the best hemp flower strains. Flavor, consumer behavior, and customers' consumption patterns based on their preferences and prices are considered. The selection process is done by experienced and well-read farmers who do their research before declaring the best for you.

Hemp flower farming and growth is not an easy task. It requires a depth of knowledge and extensive research based on both the different types of CBD flower strains available in the market and their consumers. The selection process is delicate. Every process and step has to be executed flawlessly and, in a way, to achieve the best possible results. The primary motive that we have in mind is that you get the best version of hemp flower, full of cannabinoids and terpenes that are beneficial when you consume them.

The curing and the healing stage determine which farmers will choose strain as the best for you. A CBD product we can categorize as among the best is one where the process from the soil to the plant's actual body is perfect, and the plant can retain the benefits it is known for best. According to your needs, the selection process for the best hemp flower strains is based on the following qualities.

The cleanliness of the plant: CBD plants should preferably be grown on organic lands with organic farming methods. You must ensure that the soil is free of pesticides and other harmful elements that can benefit the plants redundant.

Checking the strain's strained content: You have to ensure that the strain's moisture content is monitored. The moisture content of a strain can help us determine if the strain is cured enough to be used. The moisture content has to be very carefully balanced. The moisture content should not be too high or too dry. Finding the perfect balance between excessive moisture and excessively dried hemp flowers is essential. The perfect balance is preferred and makes the hemp flower perfect, flavor and quality-wise. Farmers keep a strict eye on your plant's moisture level to make sure that you get the highest quality of CBD.

Getting the perfect flavor for you: Flavors are essential. We can infer the importance of flavors from the consumer pattern studied among different competitors in the market. Flavors are essential in the consumer market. Consumers like a diverse range of flavors they can choose from to satisfy their needs. Hence, we work hard on bringing the best flavors available in the market to satisfy your smoking needs.

How do I find out the percentage of cannabinoids present? We have made it easier for you to track the percentage you are consuming while you smoke CBD. We ensure that the percentage comparison of CBD and cannabinoids is researched and is adequately balanced to get the best out there for you. The comparison is backed up by research from a certified lab.

Choosing the suitable leaves: Choosing the right leaves is a hard job. The amount of care and observance that goes into picking leaves can be easily justified with the quality of CBD we provide to our customers.

The effect of the strain on you: The strain is studied carefully, keeping all benefits and elements in check. The study is done because the effect of the strain on the way people work around matters varies from person to person. We try to find a variety of perfectly balanced strains that can cater to your needs. We try to find what works best for you to make your smoking journey relatively easy.

10 Best High CBD Buds [Full Reviews]

We have compiled the best CBD flower strains for you in this article, along with their highlights and a complete description to help you find the best flavor for yourself.

#1. Cookies - Strongest Overall & Editor’s Pick

Brand Overview

A high content of CBD present.

Distinct flavor and aroma.

Sourced from Oregon.

It is sold in the form of a flower.

Total CBD: 18.005%

Cookies have been prevalent and a demanded strain among all the available strains. This strain is commonly known for giving the flavor, benefits, aroma, and kick you need while smoking without feeling high and the feeling of a hangover later. This strain is very relaxing and is excellent for calming your nerves and body down. This strain has a very distinctive aroma with tunes of nutty baked sweet treats and wafts of sweet fuel.

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#2. Sour Space Candy - Best for Calm

Brand Overview

A high content of CBD

This strain can be used during the day and night both.

Distinct and pronounced flavors.

This strain is sold in the form of a flower.

The farmers themselves trim the strain

Total CBD: 20.66%

The Sour Space Candy strain is undoubtedly one of the most popular and demanded strains in the market. The rise in demand is attached to its unique flavor and intense aroma. The hemp flower for this strain is regarded as a mind booster; it has some cherry tunes and hints of sweet blossom that give the strain a unique flavor and aroma. It provides the consumer with an uplifting and liberating feeling. This strain is sourced locally in the United States from Oregon. The hemp flower is dense due to the resins present on the buds in a large amount.

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#3. Suzy Q - Best for Mood

Brand Overview

The CBD content is present in a medium quantity.

This strain is usually referred to as an evening strain.

Extremely relaxing

This strain is sold as a flower.

Distinct flavor and aroma profile

Total CBD: 17.38%

The Suzy Q hemp flower is one of the most potent medium-level strains. The hemp flower has a strong piney flavor that accompanies the herbal and peppery aroma to compliment the flavor. Suzy Q has dense and sticky buds, which means that buds have many resins attached to their top. The dense buds are used to provide the consumer with a liberating, relaxed, and focused mindset. This strain does not accentuate the feeling of high. The consumer feels uplifted and joyful, but there are no signs of a feeling of high observed.

=> Visit the Official Website of Suzy Q for the Best Discount

#4. Special Sauce - Best for Cognition

Brand Overview

Medium CBD Strain

Naturally grown.

Farmers trim it without machinery.

No pesticides are found in the strain.

Unique flavor and aroma

It is sold in the form of flowers.

You can use it during the day and at night.

Total CBD: 17.85%

The special sauce strain, again, is one of the most sold strains in the market. The bud for this strain is relatively tiny, but the flavor and the aroma are pretty robust. The buds for this particular strain are slightly sticky and have a medium density. The Hemp flower for special sauce is regarded as one of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing strains. The bud has reddish orangish fuzz on top of the bud along with quite distinct purple tones. This bud is locally sourced from Oregon.

=> Visit the Official Website of Special Sauce for the Best Discount

#5. Sour Diesel - Best Potency

Brand Overview

Sold in the form of a flower.

A high amount of CBD content is present.

They are naturally grown.

Hand trimmed by farmers.

Sativa dominant strain

Pungent scents

Exotic flavors

Total CBD: 20.165%

The Sour Diesel strain has a high amount of CBD content present in it. Sour diesel is not the most colorful or the most aesthetic flower available, but it has pretty exotic flavors and an intense aroma that can make up for the appearance. The hemp flower is known for providing energy and encourages creativity when it is consumed. Sour diesel is included in hemp flowers that have the highest content of cannabinoids present in them. The hemp flower is fast-acting. It should be used by people who have built up a high level of tolerance.

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#6. Bubba Kush - Best for Sleep

Brand Overview

Low-Medium CBD content

This strain is used at night only.

High notes of flavor.

They are retailed as flowers as well as pre-rolls.

Strong and a sweet scent

Total CBD: 12.951%

The Bubba Kush hemp flower is a classic and is highly demanded in the market due to its classical flavor and popularity. It is a fast-acting strain that will numb down your brain. Hence, this strain is used at night only after all your work is done. The Bubba Kush provides its consumers with a relaxing feeling that calms the consumer's mood and numbs their thinking capabilities because they are rapid-acting.

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#7. Sour Lifter - Best for Non-Drowsy Calm

Brand Overview

Shallow CBD content

Flavorful notes

Best for beginners

Trimmed manually by farmers.

They are sold as flowers and in the form of pre-rolls.

They are locally sourced from the state of Oregon.

You can consume it during the day and night

Total CBD: 10.94%

The Sour Lifter is a prevalent strain. It is pretty popular because it gives the consumer a relaxing feeling without the extreme feeling of high. It has a soothing sensation attached to it. The sour lifter has fruity tones of aroma along with the hint of a diesel odor. The hemp flower has light buds, which are very mildly coated in frosty trichomes. It can be regarded as aesthetic because of the deep purple and fiery orange hints on the bud's top. The sour lifter is preferred because it does not make the consumer.

=> Visit the Official Website of Sour Lifter for the Best Discount

#8. Purple Gas - Best for Evening

Brand Overview

Low content of CBD present in this strain.

Hybrid Cross

Earthy flavor profile

Dense buds

You can consume it during the day and the night.

They are locally sourced from the state of Oregon.

Total CBD: 18.686%

Purple Gas is another popular flavor among consumers. The purple gas is a hybrid cross between two elements, namely, BaOx and the element of therapy. The hemp flower has a piney and earthy flavor, which includes a hint of citrus notes. It has a therapeutic aroma and makes a person clear-headed, and relaxes the consumer’s brain. The purple gas is perfect to be used during the daytime and the nighttime; because of the low content of CBD present in it.

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#9. Skywalker OG - Best for Relaxation

Brand Overview

Medium to a high content of CBD present in the Skywalker strain.

Delta-9 THC: 0.13%

Hand trimmed.

They are grown on organic farms.

Hybrid cross

High dominant notes of flavor

Therapeutic aroma

Total CBD: 20.94%

The Skywalker OG is a hemp flower that is a hybrid cross between the OG and the skywalker strains. It is a medium to high dominant strain with high profile flavors that are highly liked by consumers and a therapeutic mixture of aromas. The mixture includes fruity, spicy, and piney wafts along with notes of citrus. The aroma and the exotic flavor make it one of the most demanded strains in the market. The Skywalker OG can only be consumed during the night because of the drowsy effect on consumers. It is locally sourced for you from the state of Oregon.

=> Visit the Official Website of Skywalker OG for the Best Discount

#10. Tangie - Best for Alertness & Serenity

Brand Overview

Delta-9 THC is less than 0.3 percent.

Organically grown.

Hand trimmed by our farmers.

You can consume it during the day and the night.

Addictive flavor and exotic aroma.

Aesthetic appearance

Total CBD: 11.19%

The Tangie strain of a hemp flower is a hybrid cross that is perfect for people who like to consume hemp flowers during the morning. The tangie strain is popular because of its ability to calm the human brain down and influence relaxing feelings. The tangie strain calms down the brain and is regarded as therapeutic. It has a citrus taste and a citrus aroma blend. The citrus notes are the reason why it is known as a bowl of citrus fruit salad.

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Buying Guide on CBD Strains for Beginners:

CBDs are available in many forms and many types. Some CBDs are available in the form of a pre-roll. At the same time, some are available in bottles in the form of flowers. There are countless strains with varying CBD content. If you are a beginner, you will be confused and lost to see all the information set in front of you. But do not worry; we have all the tips, tricks, and facts you need to know to purchase the best for you.

Should I be investing in pre-rolls or flowers?

Pre-rolls are considered the best option for beginners. They are available in different sizes in packs of two, five, or seven. They are perfectly rolled out for you, so you do not have to worry about learning the rolling process and making mistakes while rolling your CBD hemp flower strain. Pre-rolls are crafted perfectly to ensure that the joint is lit evenly and does not burn off excessively. The pre-rolls are handy and convenient. They can be lit up on the go, whenever you want, wherever you want.

Flowers, on the other hand, are sold in bottles. The lowest amount of flower content or the most miniature jar has approximately 4 grams of flowers. Flowers are advised for experienced smokers that can effectively roll their joints by themselves without any hassle. Flowers give you the freedom to choose the amount of flower you want in your joint. It can also help you in controlling the way you smoke your joints. Flowers can be smoked through joints, pipes, or a bong; this gives you the freedom to choose how you want to smoke your flower.

What content of CBD is perfect for me?

Beginners should start with a small amount and a small percentage of CBD content. It is advised to start with CBD strains that have a low percentage of CBD present. Such strains are also available easily in pre-rolls and can be used easily by beginners. Gradually, shift to a higher percentage after your body has built a tolerance to a certain percentage of CBD.

FAQs About High CBD Strains:

Question 1: Are CBD strains legal?

CBD strains are legal in the USA. Hemp flower was legalized in 2018 by the federal government of the United States under the 2018 Farm Bill. The delta-9 THC is to be kept under 0.3 percent. Anything more than 0.3 percent will be considered illegal.

Question 2: Are CBD strains detected in drug tests?

The testers will detect the CBD hemp flower in the drug test due to the ingredient content. CBD strains will make your drug test come out as positive. CBD flowers can come out as a positive for cannabis, which is why you might fail the test. Some individuals say that their drug test did not come out positive after they had consumed CBD, but the chances of you failing the test are meager.

Question 3: Can CBD strains trigger a high?

CBD cannot trigger a high; this is because it does not have a high level of delta-9 THC to make the person consuming it high. The CBD strain can make you feel liberated and make your brain feel as if it is at peace. The tingle and liberating feeling can always be confused for a high when CBD is initially consumed.

Question 4: Side Effects of consuming CBD:

Dry mouth

Red eyes


Upset stomach.


Everyone’s body chemistry is different, and every person would have a different reaction to consuming CBD. The side effects depend on the body's chemistry and the tolerance your body has built towards CBD hemp flowers.

In Conclusion: Which High CBD Strain Should You Go For?

The amount of research and evidence states that CBD is very effective in treating anxiety, seizures, pain, inflammation. Before buying CBD strains, you should always do a little research on the manufacturer from where you are about to buy your products. Cheef Botanicals is the best brand that offers high-quality CBD products to its users.

All the products from Cheef Botanicals have the potential health advantages and give you a relaxing feeling without the extreme feeling of high. After extensive research, we have concluded that Cookies and Sour Space Candy are the best strains that have the most promising results in treating anxiety, pain, inflammation, etc.

However, if you are taking any other kind of medication, it is important to take it in prescribed quantities and under the guidance or supervision of a medical expert.

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