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From Our Editor

We started Westword almost five decades ago as a very vigorous exercise in freedom of the press. Not only did we believe that our writers should be free to cover, and uncover, what was really going on in Denver, but we wanted to share their work freely with the city, by making sure that the publication itself was absolutely free. Long before the rise of the internet, we worked hard to prove that a free media outlet could have value. It was a tough battle, but today no one questions the worth of free publications. They do question how long those publications will be around, and with good reason.

Patricia Calhoun

Editor In Chief

Who We Are

Westword is an independent local newspaper and website whose small but scrappy staff of journalists have covered Denver news since 1977. Our standard in framing and reporting stories is intellectual honesty. Westword also believes in celebrating Denver culture –– covering our city's music, arts, dining and marijuana scenes with the same attention to detail that we devote to our news stories.

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Since the day we were founded, Westword has been free to our readers. With both advertiser and reader support, our print papers remain free and we've never put up an online paywall. We remain dedicated to providing our reported local journalism to everyone at no charge, regardless of their financial status.

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