• @byronfg
    8 October, 2015

    For a vocation that requires no physical danger whatsoever, comedy has a tragically high casualty toll. #RIP

  • @byronfg
    4 October, 2015

    Just watched evil genius @nickvatterott completely deconstruct & rebuild comedy at @BeastVillage comedy festival!

  • @byronfg
    30 September, 2015


  • @byronfg
    23 September, 2015

    Lucious Lyon is my fashion inspiration #Empire

  • @byronfg
    16 September, 2015

    The best thing about @DarthVaderploeg's peanut allergy is surreptitiously buying unsharable snacks. #DeadliestPretzel http://t.co/qPEimjvafN


Byron Graham

Byron Graham

Byron Graham is a journeyman standup, freelance writer and gentleman of leisure. A Colorado native, Graham has told jokes on a staggering variety of stages all across the country, from traditional clubs and theaters to nursing homes and riverboats. Since 2013, he's chronicled rising tides of Denver's comedy scene for Westword, interviewing personal heroes like Brian Regan and George Saunders in the process. He opposes any patriarchies or hegemonies and disapproves of cargo shorts. Follow Byron Graham on Twitter for more mildly amusing sequences of words.

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