Best Eye Candy in a Ladies' Room Line (2010)

Cactus Jack's Saloon

In 1938, Frank Sinatra was 23 years old — and much better-looking than you might imagine, judging from the mug shot snapped in Bergen County, New Jersey, where he'd seduced "a single woman of good repute...under the promise of marriage," according to the arrest report. Back then, that kind of hanky-panky could get you thrown in jail — but Sinatra was quickly released when it was determined that the woman in question was already married, and not to him. But first the cops captured this photo, in which Sinatra is staring intently — but also a tad insouciantly — into the camera, a lock of black hair falling over his left eye. He looks good enough to eat. Particularly in the huge blow-up hanging outside the ladies' room of Cactus Jack's, which has only one toilet. It's nice to have something pretty to look at while you wait...and wonder exactly what doing it his way entails.

Location Details

4651 Highway 73
Evergreen CO 80439


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