Stoney's Bar & Grill Opening New Music Venue

Stoney's South will open in early February.
Stoney's South will open in early February. Jon Solomon
Stoney’s Bar & Grill has long hosted live music on a huge stage in its main room, but come early February, there will be another music venue under the same roof, dubbed Stoney’s South.

The new room will boast a new stage, sound and lighting as well as a separate entrance.

“You’ll be able to move through the different rooms, depending on what kind of show there is,” says Stoney’s talent buyer Andrew Aranow. “It’s not going to be completely closed off. The goal is to try to have more frequent but smaller shows going over there, because the main room of Stoney’s is so big that you kind of have to have a huge band that would draw like 500 people just to make it a successful night. We’re trying to do a smaller, more low-key kind of venue in that smaller room, which probably has a cap of around 200.”

Aranow hopes Stoney’s South can be another place that local acts can count on playing on a regular basis. Stoney’s won't be changing the types of music the Bar & Grill hosts: Funk, blues, country, pop, rock and cover bands will still rule the roost.

The Stoney's team wants to cater to a more music-oriented crowd with Stoney’s South, a move away from the bar and grill's sports-bar style. “We’re trying to cater to more of the local scene kind of crowd for the south side,” Aranow says.

While shows at Stoney's South will take place primarily on the weekends, Aranow says there might be regular events on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and possibly an open jam every month. There are a few shows lined up at Stoney’s South in early February, and the grand opening will be on Saturday, February 17, with Top 40 variety band Party McFly.

Stoney's South grand opening with Party McFly, Saturday, February 17, Stoney's South, 1111 Lincoln Street, 303-830-6839.
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