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Reader: LoHi Has Plenty of Seats for Brunchers, Not Enough Spots for Cars

Another sunny Sunday in Denver, which means that brunchers will be packing patios across Denver — especially at spots in LoHi that still have their views of downtown. Avanti Food & Beverage is a good bet, as are eateries along Central Street — Masterpiece Deli, Central Bar & Bistro, Ale House at Amato's — since they front I-25. And they're about to be joined by another restaurant: The Bindery, which is taking a space in the new complex going up at Central and 18th streets. In response to that news, Shannon said this:
Now if we can just get the peeps to give up their cars.
Joy sees the problem:
LoHi has plenty of restaurants — but the parking situation is bad, and getting worse. I may have to find a new brunch spot.
Can you think of a Denver dining destination where it's tougher to park than in LoHi? When you want to eat in that neighborhood, how do you get there?
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