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The best way to determine the effectiveness of a workout is usually how you feel the day after -- and judging by my sore triceps and hamstrings, the opening of 5280 Fitness was a success. A recent addition to the ever-growing Broadway strip, 5280 opened in the garage next to Thrifty Stick this weekend, and I took the gym up on its free Kick Fit class offer.

Kit Fit is a circuit that incorporates kick-boxing, spin, free-weights and yoga into a 45-minute full-body workout. (For a more detailed explanation of the workout and its origins, check out our interview with 5280 Fitness instructor Angie Arrington) Each station is no longer than three minutes, so if you're someone who hates working out or is easily bored by exercise, this is the place for you.

We started out trudging through some warm-up riding and climbing on the bikes. I ride my bike fairly regularly, so spinning presents a mental challenge: You're not going anywhere on the bike, making it automatically feel like work. However, Arrington kept us pumped through the whole three-minute station, and it was over in no time.

Next, we headed to the mats for a combination of core and upper- and lower-body weight training. Going against my intuition, I complied with Arrington's instruction to swing barbell weights between my legs and up into the air -- the whole time, all I was thinking about was what would happen if I let go of the 15-pound rocket. But I held on like a mature adult, and did not end up hurting anyone.

The next portion of the class presented the biggest challenge to me -- as a left-handed boxer, I found the one-size-fits-all kick-boxing positioning confusing and irritating. But the work out was good, and again, the stations presented a good challenge in the short amount of time spent at each.

We went through the circuit again and finished up with some yoga. I wouldn't call it yoga so much as stretching, but it was definitely needed. Yoga poses are some of the best post-work out ways to make sure your muscles aren't too sore, though a little soreness usually means you actually pushed yourself. I was mildly sore the following day, for sure, so by all means, 5280 Fitness' Kick Fit class was a success.

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