A Bag of Hammers is this week's most ridiculous trailer

If there's anything we can learn from A Bag of Hammers, it's that you can't judge a movie by its title -- because if you could, the trailer for A Bag of Hammers would be about twenty times badasser. As it is, though, it's yet another low-key-indie-humor Buddy Comedy not by Judd Apatow, which means it's pretty much Judd Apatow but with fewer weed jokes and neither Jason Segel nor Craig Robinson to be hilarious. Instead, we get Jason Ritter and Jake Sandvig, whose head looks like somebody drew hipster hair on a Popsicle stick, starring as a couple of hetero-life-mate ne'er-do-well-but-big-hearted car thieves who learn some lessons about life, about love, and about friendship.

Hey, A Bag of Hammers, Clerks called. It wants its black screens with pithy sayings back. But where Kevin Smith at least knew not to layer on the schlock too thick (he lost that ability sometime around Chasing Amy), the trailer for A Bag of Hammers takes a sharp turn toward the saccharine at about 0:52, which it suddenly becomes apparent that the action is about to get all 3 Men and a Baby and shit, except for instead of three men there's only two, and instead of a baby -- because we're watching an indie flick and everything -- there's a damaged kid who's never been loved all his life. Also, that kid has the same haircut as Jake Sandvig.

The trailer harbors few surprises after that, but it's probably worth watching at least until 1:42, when the nonsensical metaphor of the title gets nonsensically explained. Because a bag of hammers is what makes you, you know, a man. Or something.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.