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Bring The Big Lebowski to Red Rocks -- and help the Denver Film Society buy new projectors

When Film on the Rocks announced its 2013 summer line-up and The Big Lebowski was nowhere to be found for the second year in a row, fans were upset. But the Denver Film Society has saved the best for last: The non-profit announced last night at the season opener of FOTR that for a $25 donation to the DFS Kickstarter, you can get a ticket to an exclusive "backers only" screening of The Big Lebowski on July 31 -- if the $150,000 goal is made.

Watch the Big Lebowski-inspired Kickstarter video -- starring FOTR Program Director Britta Erickson as "The Jesus" and local comic Chuck Roy as Walter -- below the jump.

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The organization's campaign is designed to fund the purchase of four DCP projectors -- Digital Cinema Presentation projectors -- that are imperative to the Denver Film Society's livelihood.

"Right now, we only show 35mm at Film on the Rocks -- that's it. We actually build a print in Denver and drive it up to Red Rocks and play it on a platter. It's not a DVD or a Blu-Ray, it's actual 35mm film," says Karla Rodriguez, audience development and social media manager for FOTR. "The titles we'll play at Film on the Rocks, a year from now, none of them will be available on film. So we're launching a huge initiative to fundraise money for the DCP (project) this summer.

"The problem that we're facing right now is that major motion-picture studios -- Hollywood, in essence -- are only putting out films that are on this format. We want to emphasize that yes, Film on the Rocks is part of it -- it's a big part of it. But what's going to happen during our film festival or year-round, when we can't show these movies anymore because we don't have the format?" asks Rodriguez.

The DFS looked to Kickstarter because of the size of the financial endeavor. "We are a non-profit organization and we charge for these events just to pay for the cost of them -- it's part of our mission as the Denver Film Society," she explains. "We want to throw huge film events for the Denver community, and we need to keep that going."

While the chance to see The Big Lebowski at Red Rocks is the main driver for the fundraiser, the Denver Film Society is also offering other great film-friendly incentives, including a VIP pre-party and party bus transportation to the screening, dinner and a behind-the-scenes tour of Red Rocks. For $2,500, a contributor can get a private screening of a film of their choice for forty of their closest friends and a catered dinner and reception at the Sie Film Center.

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The Denver Film Society's Kickstarter campaign runs now through June 28. For more information on the Denver Film Society's mission and it's year-round programming, visit the non-profit's website.

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