Dylan Scholinski seeks donations in his mission to bring art to troubled kids with gender issues

Artist Dylan Scholinski has been on an unending mission to offer help through art to young people struggling with issues of sexuality and suicide; for close to 25 years, he says, he's done everything possible to keep the doors of his Sent(a)Mental Studios and Haven Youth Project open, offering whole bundle of open-studio programs serving -- and remembering -- troubled and suicidal youth.

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Scholinski is no stranger to the pain of the kids he's helping, or to fundraising -- art supplies and drawing tables and upkeep are costly to replenish as time goes by. And this year, he's launched a full-force Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in hopes of financing a full year. With a goal of $12,000, the 31-day campaign is now under way with 25 days to go, and offers everything from a high five for $10 donations to digital artwork and even a personal visit by Scholinski to a book group or gathering for the bigger ones.

If the $12,000 goal is reached before the deadline on March 11, everyone -- everyone -- will get a Haven Youth Project T-shirt as a special thank you for lending a hand. To learn more or to contribute, visit the project's Indiegogo page.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.