Everybody Must Get Stoned

Four days a week, 52 weeks a year, Satchel’s Market is a small, quiet, relatively “upscale-casual” restaurant tucked into the Park Hill neighborhood. Now and again, however, owner Andrew Casalini likes to “push the envelope of what people expect” from him, he says, and unleash “Satchel’s alter ego.”

That ego named today’s 4/20 celebration the Get Stoned at Satchel’s Spring Party, gave it a 4:20 p.m. start time and convinced California’s Stone Brewing Co. to bring “two big boy kegs” of its best brew. The ego — er, Casalini — is hoping that upwards of 150 people show up, “to drain them, for sure.”

“When I say ‘Get stoned at Satchel’s,’” Casalini admits, “I’m challenging people a little bit. But I have families and good people that come down, and the neighborhood knows that Satchel’s is good with the community and that we’re just about having a good time.”

Also on tap at the Spring Party is an intimate performance from Town Mountain — a bluegrass-meets-outlaw country-meets-mountain-music band from North Carolina — and a “funky type of bluegrass barbecue” served in takeout containers, says Casalini.

Satchel’s Market is at 5021 East 28th Avenue. Admission is $5, and the party lasts until midnight. Get more information at www.satchelsmarket.com or by calling 303-355-2137.
Tue., April 20, 4:20 p.m.-midnight, 2010

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Drew Bixby