Gorgeous kayaking vid in Colorado's Crystal Canyon

For my money, Kayakers seem to be doing some of the most interesting things with video of late. Witness this test footage from  Forge Motion Pictures using the RED and 5d mk2 cameras (ultra-pricey, ultra-high-definition snazzy-poo cameras). Here, they're shooting a sequence on Colorado's Crystal Gorge, and damn it if it doesn't look all classy and IMAX-beautiful (the classical music helps, of course):

Crystal Gorge HD Experiments from Fred Norquist on Vimeo.

After a successful test run, Forge hopes to use this technology for WildWater, a kayaking film set in the Grand Canyon, Colorado and Ecuador.

Now, what I really want to know is: How the hell are kayakers getting the budget to pull off HD film experiments? Before long, we'll be seeing naked blue cats pulling off 720s in the hole.

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Ted Alvarez