Indie Wearable Craft: A harmonic convergence of personal style

Over the weekend, I visited the first Indie Wearable Craft urban market, a three-day pop-up bazaar hosted by a select group of local designers, including Jil Cappuccio, Kirsten Coplans of Pearl Clothing and Christina Patzman of Darling Ruth, among others. Their collective bag is cross-merchandising, and they've made an art of it, putting together one-of-a-kind outfits by combining each others' unique fashion elements into one ensemble. The result is a sweet and serendipitous fashion mélange that's molded to fit an individual, not a mannequin. Here are some suggestions from the ladies of Indie Wearable Craft on how to dress YOU, through and through. Christina Patzman shows off a Pearl Clothing upstyled sweater over a Darling Ruth dress. A smart topper and bags by Jil Cappuccio, shown with Jil's beloved favorite accessory: Vintage Frye boots. This rose-print skirt with an embroidered apron front would look sweet with those vintage cowgirl boots and black leather bag. Jil demonstrates one of her clever market bags:The big fabric bag folds up into a tiny one that you can store in your handbag until you need it. The fabrics are culled from Jil's bottomless store of vintage cloth. Pearl over Cappuccio... Jil also makes awesome retro-styled men's shirts. Here's one over a t-shirt by Vital Industries. A case of handsome (and local!) 'Swear Jar jewelry. The line's clean shapes and subtle colors would light up any of these outfits. Becky Waring's squirrel slip, overlaid with a delicate Pearl Clothing sweater. Or how about one of these utilitarian handbags? The artist transfers her own photographs onto the fabric for a contemporary look.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.