Odd Molly Sets Up Shop in Denver's Blue Ruby Boutique

Blue Ruby, a boutique located at 1428 Larimer Street, has carried the Swedish-based fashion brand Odd Molly for eight years, and now Odd Molly has an official shop within the shop. "I look for different stuff that is not being sold in other places," explains Blue Ruby owner Julie Watson. "I hunt for smaller brands and special pieces. I love stuff that makes girls feel feminine, sophisticated and chic.

"The great thing about style is that you can be whoever you want to be," she continues. "Fashion and style are the first impression that people get of you, and it matters. My own personal style changes all the time. Lately I've been into the trousers and loafers. I wore six-inch heels every day for years, and recently I started wearing flats. I wear Odd Molly and bohemian-type stuff. I don't feel like I can be tied down when it comes to my style. I get bored fast with clothes, and I change in phases."

"I love Odd Molly fashions,” Watson continues. “The clothing suits the Colorado weather and lifestyle so perfectly." She stocks more than 250 Odd Molly items, including dresses, cardigans, tunics, jackets and other fashionable knitwear; it's the largest selection of Odd Molly clothing in the United States, and the first shop-within-a-shop in America.
The new shop was built in Sweden, and all 833 pounds of display and visual material were shipped to Colorado, along with ten cases of clothing. Watson, her Blue Ruby colleagues and some Odd Molly representatives worked together to bring the Odd Molly vision to Denver, and it now captures your attention at the front of Blue Ruby. 
Odd Molly opened its first stores in Stockholm in 2012, and soon started doing shop-in-shops. "On a visit to Blue Ruby, the owners of Odd Molly fell in love with the store's space, the sparkling lights, the magic and the people on Larimer Street. Days later, we were planning it out," explains Watson.

Another Odd Molly outpost will open this summer in Vail. Odd Molly boutiques and shop-in-shops are built in order to "show the collection as a whole in an environment that breathes their core values," explains Odd Molly's website. 

Watson opened Blue Ruby eight years ago in Littleton. "I traveled a lot and shopped a lot," she recalls. "I would buy all of these brands and ask local boutique owners, 'Do you carry this line?' I could never find any of the international lines I wanted. So I thought of the idea to open up a boutique of my own." 

She moved her store after four years in Littleton to Larimer Square, in a lofty space adorned with art from the Aspen Fine Art Gallery.  "The space of the store is vital to Blue Ruby. My primary focus was to make the store comfortable and inviting for the customer. I don't want my store to feel intimidating," explains Watson, a firm believer in retail therapy.
She recalls a recent customer, "a woman who came in and felt frumpy, and we put her in something new and modern. Her face just lit up, and you can tell she felt better about herself.

"I love how you can change how someone feels about themselves," Watson continues. "Clothes can change and impact someone's day. Clothing can change one's perception, and that can give someone confidence. That is the thing I love most about my job."

Blue Ruby is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.; for more information, call 720-259-0031.

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